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Why cant I remember how to integraTE

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    [SOLVED] why cant I remember how to integraTE

    [tex]x^2lnxdx[/tex] ? I can't find a formula that matches up?
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    You want help to Integrate it or just saying why can't you remember the table formula and you want someone to give it to you?

    [tex]\int x^2\ln xdx[/tex]

    Integrate by Parts: [tex]I=uv-\int vdu[/tex]

    [tex]u=\ln x[/tex]

    [tex]V=\frac 1 3 x^3[/tex]
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    Are you answering my question, or just asking me to restate the original.
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    Smoking funny cigarets? Drinking too much? Misplaced capitals syndrome?
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    cigarets spelled like that must be funny! Anyway, by parts it is. Thanks B.
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