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Why do I need a processing code when I pair Arduino with bluetooth

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    Why do I need a "processing" code when I pair Arduino with bluetooth

    I have a need to connect my [Arduino+Bluetooth dongle JY-MCU V1.02] to my laptop in-built bluetooth device.Most forums suggest using a processing code to go ahead and do this http://www.instructables.com/id/Success-Using-the-JY-MCU-linvor-Bluetooth-Module/?ALLSTEPS.
    "Demonstration of a Processing client searching for and connecting to a service."
    Name of processing library: Bluetoothdesktop library by extrapixel.

    Now,I am a mechanical engineer with very little/no idea of how the processing code goes about in establishing the bluetooth device on my laptop as master. In simple words,it looks like the processing code controls the devices in-built in my laptop whereas the arduino code controls the signals to and from the arduino.Is that right?
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