Why do we calculate vertical electronic affinity?

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I find a expression to calculate vertical electronic affinity I wouled like to know the utility of the latter ?
what is the difference between adiabatic and vertical electronic affinity?
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The terms adiabatic and vertical electron affinity (https://old.iupac.org/reports/1999/7110minkin/e.html#electron_affinity) are also used with respect to the ionization potential or ionization energy (https://old.iupac.org/reports/1999/7110minkin/i.html#ionization_potential). As these are sometimes easier to imagine, the following websites might be of help as a start:

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thank you for help

1. Why is calculating vertical electronic affinity important?

Calculating vertical electronic affinity is important because it helps us understand the energy levels and properties of atoms and molecules. It also allows us to predict how these particles will interact with each other, which is crucial in fields such as chemistry, physics, and materials science.

2. How is vertical electronic affinity calculated?

Vertical electronic affinity is calculated by measuring the energy released when an electron is added to an atom or molecule in its ground state. This can be done experimentally or through computational methods such as quantum mechanics calculations.

3. What factors influence vertical electronic affinity?

The factors that influence vertical electronic affinity include the electron configuration of the atom or molecule, the atomic or molecular structure, and the distance between the added electron and the nucleus. Additionally, the type and number of atoms or molecules present in a system can also affect the vertical electronic affinity.

4. What is the difference between vertical and adiabatic electronic affinity?

The main difference between vertical and adiabatic electronic affinity is that vertical electronic affinity is measured in the ground state of an atom or molecule, while adiabatic electronic affinity is measured when the system is at equilibrium. Adiabatic electronic affinity takes into account the energy required to reach equilibrium, while vertical electronic affinity does not.

5. How does vertical electronic affinity impact chemical reactions?

Vertical electronic affinity plays an important role in chemical reactions as it determines the tendency of an atom or molecule to gain an electron. This can affect the stability and reactivity of particles, and can ultimately impact the overall outcome of a chemical reaction.

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