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Why does a cylinder of cooking gas feel heavier?

  1. Dec 11, 2015 #1
    We feel a gas cylinder of cooking gas to be heavier if we lift it. But when a kid of 14 kg is lifted it feels a lot easier to lift him than lifting a cylinder of cooking gas weighing 14 kg. Is it because the pressure is low because of larger surface area of the kid?
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    Is it related to this example? Example: In a circus a man lies down and a wooden plank is kept on him then an elephant climbs this plank and the performer is unhurt.
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    IS the 14kg the Net weight of just the gas? There would be the addition weight of the cylinder to lift.
    I suspect that many of the 'weight carrying' illusions involve extra supports, hidden in clothing or as part of the plank.. The plank is probably supported on either side of his body.
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