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Homework Help: Why does shadow bends?

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    good morning/evening/afternoon everyone. i always wanted to know why does shadow bends? if you hold any 2 objects togather and from distance, slowly bring them togather but never touch, at some poing the shadows start getting mixed up..

    for instance if you point your index fingers and bring them togather, this thing happens.

    i also noticed something while i was seating on my computer chair. if you have a sharp edge of something, and about 6<x more feet away is sorounding, if you cover one of your eye and look very carefully with the other one, and slowly move your head left to right, you will see the background image is getting streched. sorry for my english i have sketched a picture to make it more clarify

    thank you everyone

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    Light diffracts and reflects. If I put my hand up to a light and see a shadow, I notice that the shadow isn't completely dark, even if I only have 1 light source. This is because the light diffracts around the obstacle that is my hand, and it reflects off other surfaces. Add to that multiple light sources, and the definition of the shadow will tend to blur (sometimes making two shadows, or one dark one and a lighter outline, etc).
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