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Why in MOSFETs Halo doping is done near source and drain junction only?

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    Somewhere I read that the reason of halo doping in the MOSFETs is to increase the average doping of channel as the channel length is scaled to lower values. But I think there should be more about why is it done only at the source drain junction, and not somewhere else randomly like at the center.
    Awaiting for your thoughtful reply.
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    In the short channel MOSFET, there is a possibility for the space charge regions (SCR) associated with the source and the drain to come into close proximity/contact with each other. This gives rise to the so-called effect of punch through. By performing the halo implant, you suppress the width of the SCRs.

    Note that the halo is not only near the source/drain but it is also underneath the inversion channel. By doing this (as opposed to doing it "randomly like at the center"), the affect on threshold is minimal.
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    thank you for the very informative and wonderful reply.

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