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Why is the Lorentz force calculated in Ansys Maxwell so low?

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    Why is the Lorentz force calculated in Ansys so low? According to the formula F=B*I*l, it is supposed to be at least 1000 times higher. The model is really simple: a magnetically conductive plate in a static magnetic field inducts the magnetic field from the surrounding space, which makes its own magnetic field dozens of times stronger than in the surrounding vacuum (which is perfectly logical) - around 10 mT. A 10 A electric current runs perpendicular to this magnetic field in the plate. According to the formula, F=B*I*l=10-2*10*1=0.1 N, but the program produces results in the range of 10-4 N for the Lorentz force. I have tried both 3D and 2D models and the result is nearly identical. What am I missing?

    p.s. I can attach my project file if it helps
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    just in case the project archive

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    Hello, did you find the answer to this? I have the same problem...
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