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B Why isn't the Heat generated = Voltage*Charge carried?

  1. Jul 21, 2017 #1
    I found out that Power of an electrical circuit will be equal to the work done divided by the time T for which the power by the cell or battery is exerting to keep a potential difference V in the circuit for a charge Q.

    Hence, Power= Voltage*Charge/time

    Which then can be written as: Power= Voltage*Current

    Now, when we want to calculate the heat dissipated, the formula is: Heat dissipated= Voltage*Current*time
    But the value of current is already: Current= Charge Carried/ time
    So, my problem is, why isn't Heat dissipated= Voltage*Charge carried/time*time = Voltage*Charge carried

    Please help me.
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    It is. That is just a different way to express the same thing.
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    +1 What mfb said.

    It's also lot easier to measure current than it is to measure charge.
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