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Why turbos arent used in 2 wheelers?

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    many sports/super cars have turbos or twin turbos on them, in fact all expensive cars have a turbo in them, but the thing with turbos is that they have got some limitations like turbo lag and other stuffs, can anybody tell me what the other problems are? And why turbos arent used in 2 wheelers?!
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    iirc there are motorcycles with turbochargers fitted.
    [edit] off bike-forum discussions: many people fit turbochargers to existing bikes, but factories tend not to because the action when the turbo kicks in makes the bike harder to control. But there were some over the 80's i.e. Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo

    Do you know how the turbocharger works to start with? What it does?
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    This is one of the smallest turbochargers in the market (turbine wheel diameter of 31mm)

    http://www.vespalabs.org/User:Internetscooter/Shelved/IHI_RB31_Turbo_Charger [Broken]
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