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Will advanced technology lead to socialism?

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    In a truly technologically advanced society everything is available to all for little money. If such a thing does not happen then there is no technological progress.

    In 1983 the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X cell phone was 4k and as heavy as a brick. The battery only lasted a 1/2 hr. Nowadays many homeless have much more advanced no frills cell phones which are subsidized. The price of these no frills phones is less than 10 USD.

    In a few years a commodity only available to folks with means is now available to the most poor in society.

    The true wealthy people often reach a point where accumulating more wealth becomes redundant. These folks become philanthropists and by definition socialists as they give money away. This is mostly facilitated by technological development.

    We are not far away from a time where currency will be impractical.

    The end result of technological innovation is socialism.
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    No. My bills are getting larger, not smaller.
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    I totally agree. It doesn't mater if you can't afford food and housing as long you can have a really cheap cellphone.:rolleyes:
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    This is ridiculous, just look at past philanthropists, it had nothing to do with technology.
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