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Will this work say you have 4 each 6 volt batteries and 2 each 12 volt

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    will this work say you have 4each 6 volt batteries and 2 each12 volt if you wire your 4 each 6 volts in a series- parallel so the 4each 6 volts are are now in princeable 2 12 volts wired parallel could we now add 2 12 volt batteries into the parallel giveing you a 4 12 volt battery bank
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    Simon Bridge

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    In theory - yes. Provided these are ideal batteries.

    However, different kinds of physical battery may have differences in other characteristics that may be important to the real-life operation.
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    @Simon Bridge gave you the correct answer. I only want to add that differing state of charge of batteries in parallel is critical as one of the other characteristics.
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