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How to Charge a 4P 1S cylinder Lipo Pack

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    Hello, I have recently bought 4 cylindrical lithium ion batteries from hobby king to make a battery pack. To do this, I put all 4 of them in Parallel, so that the voltage would stay the same, but the capacity would increase. It says on Hobby king that they can charge at 5C, and since they are 1200 milliamp hours, they should each be charging at 6 amps. When I connected the Positive and Negitive End of my Pack to a 4.2 volt dc source, it only drew in total around 3 amps. Am I charging it wrong? is their some way that I can charge it at 5C that I am not doing? Can I just connect it to a 4.2 volt source? Shouldnt it be taking in 24 amps? Thank you all, your help is really appreciated.
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    What you are doing is potentially dangerous. Please do some reading before trying to make your own LiPo battery charger...

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