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Wind and rain sounds -- how to make from basic sources?

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    ok I have a FFT filter ( lowpass and highpass), white, brown, and pink noise generators.

    How do I use all these things to make wind ,rain, and ocean noise ?
    I am told there is a way.
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    You get creative.
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    You could have a look at the spectrum of the natural sources you want to mimic for some inspiration. Then as Baluncore suggested, get creative, experiment.
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    Some of these have time-varying characteristics, either in volume or spectral content, or both, so you won't produce anything realistic unless you can introduce the cyclic variations needed. The surf sound gets louder, then ebbs, with each roller. The storm's wind rises to a scream, then falls to a growl. Gentle rain is easy, it's constant.
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    I do ...
    I have it on a sin wave that drop down to 0.
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    two things
    I can't get my buffer to be 2^N size, it is because I am using NAudio class and is it just not designed like that. but I did get it to be 262136 size which is close to 2^18( 262144). And I test that and it works , but not as good at it did with 32768 sample.

    2) I am filter brown noise and I could not find anything online to help on how to do it, but it doe not sound like rain or wind.

    I tried both the low and high and I did like 10hz 100Hz 200Hz, but I am shooting in the dark here...
    any ideas ?
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    Pink noise into rain

    I am trying to filter pink noise into rain noise
    but it is not sound right

    right now I am trying to high pass filter and I have it set to 6000

    what should I use?
    Low pass or high pass or both ?

    and what should I set them to?
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    not knowing what equip you are using etc that is pretty unanswerable

    do lots of experimentation. you have the gear in front of you, we don't :wink:

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    For rain, you'd need a random impulse generator to start with.
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    I have that put

    I have the pink noise generator on a sinwave
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