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Would wind tubine on moving automobile pomote inlet efficiency?

  1. Nov 16, 2013 #1
    Question as the title above !
    Could we use the wind turbine to compress the air into engine cylinder as the exhaust compression tubine does ?
    Thanks all for replying !
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    No, you couldn't. Wind turbines are not compressors.
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    I read the question as asking whether a wind turbine in the slipstream could be used to drive a compressor, in the same way that a turbocharger uses a turbine in the exhaust to drive a compressor. If so, the answer would be yes, but of course the efficiency would be pathetic and the drag-induced parasitic loss would be far worse than that of a belt-driven compressor.
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    Assuming the turbine drives a compressor, that would indeed compress the inlet air. However, ultimately the energy driving the turbine comes from the engine, and you could tap into that energy more directly, thus having greater efficiency overall. The latter is very frequently done and is known as supercharging.
  6. Mar 6, 2014 #5
    First Im new, and have deep interest of wind turbine.
    Second, pardon my broken English.
    What about compressed wind to drive tesla turbine. and as far as the drag issue, what about if the wind are taking from the front grill area only. This way it shouldn't add additional drag then it already have.
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    There is no free lunch. The energy has to come from the engine and it is more efficient to draw it directly than to use a Rube Goldberg contraption.
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    In this case, don't bother with the turbine and instead just use a ram air intake that feeds the slightly higher pressure air into the engine. This will allow the engine to produce a bit more power at high speeds, but it's unlikely to improve efficiency, since the effect of ram air is to get more air into the engine, and assuming air to fuel ratio remains the same, then more fuel is going into the engine as well, in order to produce more power.

    For efficiency, the goal should be looking for ways to reduce drag on a car, not to increase the air flow into the engine.
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