What is Inlet: Definition and 51 Discussions

An inlet is an indentation of a shoreline, usually long and narrow, such as a small bay or arm, that often leads to an enclosed body of salt water, such as a sound, bay, lagoon, or marsh.

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  1. G

    A The effect of perpendicular wind at channel inlet

    Hello I'm thinking of how to attack this problem. Outside a channel-inlet, wind is passing perpendicular to the opening with a wind speed of 9 m/s and a fan sucks in a certain amount of air into this channel so that the velocity in the channel is 3 m/s. When the outside air is 0 m/s I have no...
  2. U

    I Rocket thrust equation -- What is velocity V in mass flow rate formula?

    What is velocity V in mass flow rate formula, velocity of inlet ,outlet, velocity of rocket speed in relation to freestream?
  3. Benjies

    Subsonic airbreathing engines and inlet blade angle

    Hello! My background in propulsion is extremely lackluster with airbreathing engines, so any help is appreciated with the following questions. I understand blade pitch is highly variable for turbofans which operate near the speed of sound, to avoid any localities on the blades reaching the speed...
  4. F

    Calculating Inlet and Outlet Times: c=451.8, u=135.5

    The answers given are 6.3s for inlet and 3.4s for outlet, which I was able to obtain by dividing 2000/c-u and 2000/c+u c=451.8 i calculated and u=135.5...
  5. downeast

    Pick the Best Compressed Air Inlet for Loop Pipeline

    Which compressed air inlet to a ring (loop) pipeline would likely be best in terms of least turbulance and best flow (avoiding dead head)? Given: 1) The inlet has to be in the corner of the rectangular loop. 2) Air consumption will be constant and evenly distributed throughout the loop. 3)...
  6. P

    Investigating the Sound Reflector of a Gas Inlet Tube

    My theory is that the gas inlet end, which is supposed to act as a sound reflector may not be doing a great job because it is plastic and has a hole cut in the centre for the gas inlet port. But by that reasoning, the flames at the end most distant from it (the sound inlet end) should be the...
  7. V

    Inlet and outlet design for a cylindrical tank

    I am designing an inlet tube and a screened outlet for a cylindrical tank with a top opening hole (which determines the water level). I hope I could receive some suggestions and advice on the approach or some texts/equations I should check out. I am still in the process of learning fluid...
  8. J

    Power generated by the steam turbine

    Hello, I'm trying to solve a question, please help me.
  9. HumanistEngineer

    A 1D Convection Diffusion Equation - Inlet Mixing Effect

    I have a working Matlab code solving the 1D convection-diffusion equation to model sensible stratified storage tank by use of Crank-Nicolson scheme (without εeff in the below equation). As indicated by Zurigat et al; there is an additional mixing effect having a hyperbolic decaying form...
  10. M

    How to know the Net Inlet Pressure Required by the pump?

    Net Inlet Pressure Required (NIPR) is an individual pump characteristic, determined by test, of what pressure energy is needed to fill the pump inlet. How to generate the curve of NIPR or how to know NIPR of the pump if I am a pump manufacturer??
  11. MexChemE

    Modeling a multiple inlet piping system

    Hello, PF! I’m trying to model a real piping system, which has multiple inlets and one outlet, so I can’t use Bernoulli’s equation. Instead, I’m planning to use the generalized macroscopic energy balances as shown in BSL, which allow for any number of inlets and outlets. However, first I want...
  12. HethensEnd25

    Pressure change at the inlet of a steam turbine in a small electric power plant

    Homework Statement A steam turbine in a small electric power plant is designed to accept 4500 kg of steam at 60 bar and 500oC and exhaust the stem at 10 bar. Part C. In off-peak hours, the power output of the turbine in part a) (100% efficient) is decreased by adjusting a throttling valve...
  13. C

    Calculating Airflow Decrease of Backward Inclined Centrifugal Fan

    I'm trying to calculate the air flow decrease of a backward inclined centrifugal fan with inlet bell house with expanded metal installed. The air flow of the fan is 18,400 cfm, 2.6 total static pressure drop, 1540 RPM, 100 deg. air. Orig. equipment did not have this expanded metal on the inlet...
  14. F

    Explaining Water Flow: Inlet vs Outlet Pressure

    Homework Statement this is a pipe where the water flow from low to high. assuming no friction loss (volume rate are constant at both inlet and outlet) , is the pressure at inlet = pressure at outlet ? p/s : inlet and inlet diameter are same Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution my...
  15. N

    Stator inlet angle in turbomachine?

    Hello, I am wondering about the following action in a stator: If the inlet angle in a stator is B, and the outlet angle is -B, what exactly is happening? Axial vlocity should be constant, and so should the relative velocities except being mirrored and i am asuming infinitely thin blades.. Can...
  16. P

    Thermodynamics Control Volume evaluation 2 inlet

    Figure P6.95 provides steady-state test data for a control volume in which two entering streams of air mix to form a single exiting stream. Stray heat transfer and kinetic and potential energy effects are negligible. A hard-to-read photocopy of the data sheet indicates that the pressure of the...
  17. leafjerky

    Thermodynamics - Steady State Nozzle, find area of inlet/exit

    Homework Statement In a jet engine, a flow of air at 1000 K, 200 kPa, and 40 m/s enters a nozzle, where the air exits at 500 m/s and 90 kPa. What is the exit temperature, inlet area, and exit area, assuming no heat loss? Homework Equations min = mout = m where m = mass air flow dE/dt cv = Qcv...
  18. M

    Finding Turbine Inlet State - Thermodynamics

    Homework Statement max. Turbine work output rate: 6.0MW Turbine isentropic efficiency: 90% Turbine exit state (isentropic): 40KPa, x=92% Turbine and pump actual process are assumed adiabatic Find turbine inlet state: Pinlet, Tinlet, Sinlet Homework Equations W = ΔH h = hf + xhfg The Attempt...
  19. FriscoGary

    Water Pressure, small inlet vs. large outlet

    If there is a "sewer box" (2' x 2' x 2') with a 8" drainage inlet pipe into it and it has a 18" drainage outlet pipe to discharge water entering into the sewer box and the large 2' x 2' grate opening at the top...IF the entire sewer box is inundated with storm water, will the incoming water thru...
  20. A

    Calculating Pressure Difference w/ Bernoulli Law for Bay Inlet

    I have a container with one inlet and one outlet. I have the area of the inlet, Ai, velocity vi of the air coming in, and mass flow mi (assume a plane with an air inlet to a bay). I don't know anything about the outlet (just that there is one). What I need to do is calculate the size of an extra...
  21. Newb_Aero_Ninja

    Convergent Subsonic Ramjet Utilizing Shockwave Compression

    Hi, I am working on investigating an idea I proposed regarding a ramjet that operates in subsonic flow (of a fixed speed) with a convergent intake. That utilizes the pressure immediately behind a standing shock-wave for compression. I have posted a link to my initial report here and I now need...
  22. N

    Solving Mass Flow Inlet Issues with Direction Vector

    Hi every one, I am a fluent user, & I need help to illustrate something concerning the mass flow inlet. when I want to inject a gas ''for example" I want then to change the parameters from normal on the shape into leaded by a 'direction vector', so I choose direction vector instead of...
  23. S

    Ideas on keeping water from entering an air inlet valve

    Folks, I have an application that will require an air inlet port to occasionally be exposed to water (splashing mostly), a simple splash guard will likely not work. Are there any off-the-shelf or simple solutions that anyone can think of that can be used for keeping the water from entering...
  24. I

    Steam turbine performance witr reduction in inlet pressure

    Dear All, I am estimating a future problem while still in erection phase for 60 MW steam turbine. I may need your help to estimate a solution. Due to some reason my process heater is not able to generate steam at the desired pressure (other parameters including Temperature and Flow rate...
  25. A

    Calculation of inlet pressure of the pump

    hello guys, i wanted to calculate inlet pressure of the pump( vacuum pressure). pump operates at 400 bar. pump works by sucking the grease from the inlet port of dia 7mm and delivers it through outlet port of dia 2.8mm. pump used here is piston pump. the force acting on the piston is 400bar...
  26. M

    Water inlet valve diaphragm operation

    I am investigating the cause for malfunction of a solenoid water inlet valve (when de-energized, the valve fails to close and instead exhibits cyclic surging of water flow). 4 of the 6 bleed holes are blocked with debris, and I have concluded that this is what caused the valve to malfunction...
  27. K

    Would wind tubine on moving automobile pomote inlet efficiency?

    Question as the title above ! Could we use the wind turbine to compress the air into engine cylinder as the exhaust compression tubine does ? Thanks all for replying !
  28. S

    Exploring Inlet Vortices and Inlet Flow Distortion

    [b]1. Homework Statement [/ What is a inlet vortices and how does it form? Homework Equations I was actually going through the concept of inlet flow distortion. I would like to what is the concept of inlet flow distortion? The Attempt at a Solution According to me, i feel that inlet...
  29. P

    Calculating Energy of an inlet gas stream; 2 conflicting methods

    Homework Statement I want to calculate the energy of an inlet gas stream (I will add heat later but need to know the rate at which energy is coming into the system [J/s]). The fluid is air and I can decompose it into molar flow rates of the constituent gases. I now need to use lookups to...
  30. R

    Simulating Flow in Orifice-Distance from inlet and outlet

    Hi Guys I am trying to simulate flow in an orifice plate I want to know what should be the distance between orifice and the inlet and outlet. I have checked few ISO files , only problem is they have values for practical conditions , such as minimum distance between orifice and...
  31. S

    Calculating Mass Flow Rate: Inlet & Outlet

    Homework Statement Inlet Average Velocity at Inlet = 2.50 m/s Pressure Abs. = 100 Kpa Elev = 2.00 m Inlet tube diameter 12.0 cm Water density 997 kg/m^3 Outlet Average velocity at outlet = 8.00 m/s Elevation = 2.00m a.) Calculate mass flow rate through the pump b.) w/ an outlet pressure of...
  32. P

    Finding Density & Diameter at Inlet & Outlet

    I attached the file. I just wanted to clarify something. All i need to find is the density @ inlet&outlet and the diameter at the outlet. The heat loss they have shown has no impact on the values that were asked for right? density can be found by pressure/(RT) where R=gas constant...
  33. J

    CFM calculation with a known fan and different inlet and outlet areas

    Hello, Here are the known's of a chassis: Inlet open area = 17 inches^2 Outlet open area = 30 inches^2 Internal Fans = 270 cfm (3 fans @ 90 cfm each) What is the CFM through the system and what's the equations used to figure this out? I assume that if we had a very small inlet or...
  34. J

    Flow rate (CFM) in a different inlet are & outlet area

    Hello, Here are the knowns: Inlet open area = 17 inches^2 Outlet open area = 30 inches^2 Internal Fans = 270 cfm (3 fans @ 90 cfm each) What is the CFM through the system and what's the equations used to figure this out? Thanks a ton! John
  35. S

    Thermodynamics; Pressure and Temperature at the Nozzle inlet

    Homework Statement CO2 gas enters a nozzle with an isentropic efficiency of 83% with a low velocity. It exits the nozzle at 110 kpa and 59K and 246m/s. Determine the pressure at the nozzle inlet assuming: Homework Equations -Constant specific heats at room temperature -Variable specific...
  36. M

    Air flow in inlet manifold affecting engine performance

    i want to model air flow in the inlet manifold using CFD ,how do i predict how flow variations and other parameters affect engine performance ? i know how it affects but how do i show it virtually
  37. T

    Pipe Design - One Inlet, 3 Outlets

    Any tips for solving this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time and help The schematic of the problem is in the attached PDF PROBLEM INFORMATION I’m trying to determine the equations to solve for the conditions at 1, 2, and 3 when they are at a given length in their...
  38. B

    Flow rate depending on pressure with constant inlet rate.

    A 10 m high, 5 diameter cylindrical water tank has an inlet at the top and a drain at the bottom. The flow rate out of the tank depends on the pressure at the bottom of the tank via the following: dm/dt = (10^-4)*(P_bot) where P_bot is the absolute pressure in Pascal at the bottom of the tank...
  39. R

    Why does the J-58 engine inlet spike retract at high speeds on the SR-71?

    I've been reading about the SR-71 and the J58 engine and I'm confused about what I've read about the inlet spike. The spike would start out extended 3 feet but as speed (Mach) went up it would retract, up to 26 inches when at Mach3.2. This confuses me as I thought you'd always want the...
  40. R

    Ducted fan with bellmouth inlet

    I am working on a project where we are using ducted fans and just recently we were testing to effect of some bellmouth inlets we made for the ducts. At full throttle the thrust for the fans with no bellmouth inlet was approximately 8.8 lbs and with the inlet the thrust was approximately 10.5...
  41. J

    COMSOL: Periodic inlet flow rate in a pipe

    Hi all - I would like to add a periodic inlet flow rate (Q(t) over an entire period T) as a BC in COMSOL. Does anyone know how to do this in 2D axisymmetric Transient Navier Stokes through COMSOL? I'm aware of the periodic boundary condition option available, but really just don't know how to...
  42. P

    Thermodynamics: Open system: outlet but no inlet

    Hi There I'm wokring on a miniature steam car ~0.7kg. I've decided that I would like to investigate the feasibility of propelling the car with a steam jet. So I found a couple of equations that work on the velocity of the exhaust. Equation 1) De Laval nozzel equation for the velocity of the...
  43. P

    Jet Engine Inlet Distortion

    (This is a homework/lab assignment but thought it better suits in this category) Hi, This is a scaled model and I am given the pressure tap locations on each rakes. Also given is the pressure data. Inlet distortion formula is given by: Pdist = (Pmax - Pmin)/Pavg Question is to find...
  44. kach22i

    Interrupted air flow at fan inlet, resulting in fan stall

    I'm looking for an on-line paper/article/pdf about ducted fans; "Interrupted air flow at fan inlet (subsonic), resulting in fan stall" which I can print out and read. Centrifugal, axial and or mixed-flow fans included. I have not had much luck doing a Google search on my own, perhaps I'm...
  45. J

    Calculating Speed of Sound at Inlet

    suppose air is flowing throught the nozzle with the inlet conditions static pressure = .2 MPa static temperature = 350 K velocty of air at the inlet = 150 m/s speed of sound for ideal gas is given by c = sqrt (k * R * T) suppose if i want to calculate the speed of sound at the inlet...
  46. M

    How can the moment of inertia of a single inlet centrifugal fan be calculated?

    Hi, i need to know how to calculate the moment of inertia of a centrifugal fan. I searched the forum but didint find any formula... So please people help me
  47. D

    Can I Create a Vacuum with One Inlet and Two Outlets?

    Hello, I'd like to propose you one question. I tried to use my logic but it doesn't work. I have a chamber and i make the vacuum in the interior of it. I have one inlet pipe and two outlet pipes, there is one substance that is coming in, the reaction inside the chamber and the two exits...
  48. Q

    Whirlpool action in a tank created by inlet water

    I would like to determine what should be the size and number of pipes that are attached tangent to the cone of a tank. I will very much appreciate it that some one comment on how to approach and calculate it. I am trying to create a whirlpool action with an angular velocity of 1 rpm in a...
  49. P

    Understand Inlet Kinetic Head Loss for Venturi, Orifice & Rotameter

    I am working on a lab regarding the flow of water through various meters, i.e. Venturi, Orifice and Rotameter. One of the things we are calculating is the Inlet Kinetic Head loss of these meters. My problem is this, I have not taken any fluids courses yet, and have no concept of what this is...
  50. exequor

    Fixing a Broken Laptop Power Inlet

    my laptop fell on its power inlet with the charger plug in it and I think that something might have been broken. whatever is supposed to be at the back of the inlet, or at the end of the charger is what i think broke. My assumption is that it is the ground pin. how should I go about fixing this...