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Wourld's Poultry Science Journal 1996

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    Is there anyone around here who helps me?
    I need an article which is writen in
    Wourld's Poultry Science Journal 1996. Vol.52 page:309
    I send mail to its author but he(Kidd M.T.) didn't answer me. :cry:
    Could anyone send me its PDF/photo.
    thanks very much:smile:
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    The best thing to do is ask your librarian for help. If your library doesn't have the journal, you might still be able to get a copy of the article through inter-library loan, or find another nearby library with a copy you can read there. Bring ALL the information you have on the journal and the article, especially the ISSN number (the link taoist provided gives you this). It is helpful for them to ensure they get the right article for you.

    Did you write to the "corresponding" author on the article, or just the first author? The corresponding author is the one who you would contact with such a request. When you request an article, you should be very polite in asking for a reprint (very few people ask for these anymore though...so authors don't always order them to send out) and make sure you include your address for them to mail it to you. Sometimes they don't respond immediately either. In the days before electronic journal subscriptions, when it was much more routine to request reprints from the authors, nobody replied to the requests other than to pop a copy in the mail without any further note.
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    She already specified the article, and Taoist linked directly to it. But, if you don't have a subscription or have access to it through a library, it's pretty expensive to get. That's why I suggested inter-library loan, because sometimes libraries can share material with other libraries without having to charge their patrons.
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