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Wow, scammers are getting lazy

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    I got this email in my inbox. God con-artists are getting LAZY these days.

    Wow.... I had to put more work into marking it as spam than they did making it!

    And yes, that was the WHOLE email.
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    Math Is Hard

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    You should ask Chin what that converts to in payments of krill. I'd like to know.
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    Actually - it caught your attention, so it wasn't that bad.
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    I object to being called lazy.:grumpy::biggrin:
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    Meanwhile, on the other end of the scale, Nigerian scammers have been a little busier;


    This is the 1st incident of it's kind in this country (Australia). Perhaps the world ?

    One house gone, and another of the same owners on the way !

    The article doesn't mention Nigeria I think, but more comprehensive reports elsewhere confirm that the scammer was emailing from Nigeria, instructing real estate agents and solicitors from there, and using a bank in China !
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