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Job Skills Write academic resume

  1. Jul 4, 2009 #1
    Hi people,

    I'm dealing with the inglorious task of writing my resume in order to apply to an academic position (the lowest one: PhD student). I'm working now as research fellow (yea, it's a good career move :surprised).
    Now the question: in the head of my CV, where I should put my private details, should I put also my work details (office number, office address, work email, work telephone number?). There is some ethics involved? I mean: working with companies, it's not a good thing having your work address in your personal details (they usually think: "are you job seeking while working, huh? stealing time and money to your company?"). But in academic word (as far I've understood) it's not like that (maybe because no money to steal? :rofl:) anyhow, what your opinion on that?
    Also, are you aware of any *good* CV template for academic purposes?

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    Andy Resnick

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    At the top of your CV, you need to provide sufficient information to be contacted by- 'personal' or 'work' email address is (AFAIK) immaterial. Ditto phone number and mailing address.

    Now, you need to be comfortable with whatever info you provide: for example, let's say someone from the search committee calls you at work. Can you speak freely on the phone?
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