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Writing pseudo-code

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    I have just started computer programming in this running semester. So, I'm not experienced in writing pseudo-code. I have one thing to ask. Look at the following c++ statements:

    if (x>10)
    cout<<"x is greater than 10"<<endl;

    Can I replace these c++ statements by the following pseudo-code?

    If x>10 (Look, i used relational operator in pseudo-code. Is it valid?)
    print "x is greater than 10"
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    Sure, it's fine. Pseudocode doesn't have any hard-and-fast rules by its nature, but using < and > along with other basic operators like + is just fine.
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    I imagine your example is very theoretical is is just used to illustrate the idea of pseudo code for a class or something?

    Because nobody in their right mind would write pseudo code that detailed, it is 6 chars short of the real code! Imagine writing a code outline for a chess game with that much detail. You might as well just write the game itself.

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