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X and y components in force problem

  1. May 30, 2013 #1
    The problem is:
    A 10 kg sled is pulled at an angle of 35 o east of north by a force of 100 N and with a force of 150 N directed due east. A friction force of 50 N acts as well. What is the acceleration (both magnitude and direction of the sled.

    My question - could someone help me properly draw out the x and y components of the angled Force ? Thanks in advance
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    The Tension Force (Ft) is in the direction of the rope and you are told that the total Ft=100 N

    So you want to figure out the east and north components of this force. Draw a triangle with the hypotenuse as Ft=100 N

    To get the east component, you want to take cos(180-35) because cos(x)=adjacent(east)/hypotenuse , now solve for the adjacent(east) component. You can do the same to get the north component, but by using sin(x)=opposite(north)/hypotenuse
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