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A X-ray tube flux and my experimental test setup

  1. Mar 7, 2017 #1
    Hi everyone!

    I'm starting to work with a mini X-ray tube provided by Amptek. I want to use it to calculate the efficiency of a detector i'm going to use latter, so knowing the total flux the tube emmits and measuring the flux the detector receives, that should be enough (both data normalized to the detector sensitive area, of course).In the datasheet specifications (http://amptek.com/products/mini-x-ray-tube), they give me the following data about the flux: Ag: 106 counts per second/mm2 on the axis at a distance of 30 cm (50 keV/1 µA). How can I know, from this value, know the total flux at any energy?

    I hope I have expressed myself, my english shoulb have been better. And I'm waiting for your responses, as well.

    Thank you!!

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    Energy of what? Of the x-rays? The numbers are integrated over all energies. You cannot get the flux at a specific energy based on that number.

    It is probably a reasonable assumption that the intensity is linear with the current in the x-ray tube. The dependence on the voltage in it will be more complex.
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