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XM Radio / Sirrus, etc

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    Hello everyone

    I was curious if anyone was a user of satelite radio? If so, may you comment on it? I am curious what are the advantages of XM Radio vs Sirrus?
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    Sirius has always been commercial free, but XM has only recently become so.

    Sirius carries one set of sports coverage (hockey I think, or something), while XM carries another (NASCAR I think?)

    Sirius is generally believed to carry more eclectic and better music.

    Some people believe Sirius uses higher-quality compression, though I don't know that for sure.

    Some auto companies have chosen to support Sirius, while others have chosen to support XM.

    Some aftermarket stero manufacturers have chosen to support Sirius (like Kenwood), while others have chosen to support XM (like Alpine).

    - Warren
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