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Yet another Which Career/Major? thread.

  1. Sep 16, 2009 #1
    Yet another "Which Career/Major?" thread.

    Hi, recently I've realized that I really need to start exploring majors/careers soon. I figure everyone here would be knowledgeable in that. I'm not sure what kind of information is needed, but here's what I think is related. If you're too lazy too read, I'm pretty much a stereotypical ISTP.

    I'm a junior in high school. When I was younger, I was set on becoming a electrical engineer, but then I realized that I'm horrible at things I can't see. Same applies to chemistry and algebra, if I can't see it, I have trouble reasoning with it. So I instead decided on becoming a aerospace engineer, but my weakness in algebra (factoring just kills me) is starting to bring about doubts to me. The only thing I find interesting in algebra are the word problems, but the usual crunching numbers thing bores me. Also, I can't factor if my GPA depended on it. Geometry was a different story, it was easy, and actually a bit fun. When something involving problem solving came by, I became really focused, thinking through things like it was a game of chess. Another observation on my learning is that I have to do something. Hearing a lecture does little to me, I have to sit down and try it.

    Also, I'm pretty much the computer guru around where I live. My uncle is an electronics engineer, and for the first 5 years of my life, my family shared a house with my uncle's family. I spent much of my time as a child watching my uncle work. At this point, I can fix any computer easily, besting the IT techs are my school. Hardware's my strong point, but I haven't figured out command line heavy OS's like linux. I know some basic autohotkey and batch programming though, and it can follow it pretty logically.

    Also, I love finding weaknesses in something and "beating the system". Aka, reading people, picking locks (my own), hacking (script-kiddie-ing, again my own stuff), and generally finding workarounds. I guess it goes back to the problem solving skill.

    Also, I love playing music and filmmaking/photography, but I don't think that's going to get me any money.
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    Re: Yet another "Which Career/Major?" thread.

    Try, and you may develop!
    An education in Engineering or Computer Science or Programming will require problem solving using geometrical figures and Algebra/Arithmetic using variables. You can neutralize lesser talent with the self-discipline of hard work. So much with Math and Science can be understood using visual representations, so you can find ways to "see", as you want to be able to do. Eventually, some of what you will see can be in the form of symbols.
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