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You know you've been writing essays for too long when

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    Rather than waste precious time going to the shop, you endeavor to use up anything and everything left in your cupboards and fridge. (This week I have eaten mainly toast and raw carrots.)

    You actually have a hard time thinking how you will spend your days after work is completed. (I did actually catch myself thinking "What will i occupy myself with if not geophysics?")

    You stop to think "how's my word-count coming along?" when writing replies on internet forums. (No really, i did do this.)

    What strange habits/thought processes have you guys found yourself adopting when up to your necks in work for long periods?
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    Mostly, I try to be brief as much as possible. Then there is the worry that I have omitted a critical piece of information or salient point.

    I try to think of different ways to say the same thing - along the lines of The (behavior of the dependent variable(s)) in Figure ## shows/reveals/indicates . . . .

    Creative technical writing. :zzz:

    I prefer definitive statements to weasel words.
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    That's pretty cool...

    only three words. I must be slipping.

    Ah, there we go
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Whenever I finish a big job or project that buries me for weeks or months - this was true in college as well - and even though I am glad to be done, there is always a big let-down and about a day or two of depression.
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