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Young's modulus of spaghetti

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    I am working on my extended essay in IB Physics and would like to have some experimental data. More specifically I need Young's modulus of spaghetti (Panzani -- if possible :). In case you've done a lab or some other research where you calculated this value, please send me a link (or just any other info you may have). thx
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    dry or wet?
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    :) good question.
    DRY, please!
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    .... came across this a while ago :

    G.V. Guinea et al, Brittle failure of dry spaghetti, Engineering Failure Analysis, 11, 2004, 705-714.

    .... in it for durum wheat semolina, base material for spaghetti, they among other stuff do tensile tests and arrive at an elastic modulus of 5 GPa. I first picked the article since was interested about pasta fracture morphology, perhaps to improve my cooking . :biggrin:
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    Phys. Rev. Lett. 95 095505

    This might be of interest to you.
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