Your favorite foods and drinks

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Hey post your favorite foods, drinks, candy etc... you know how it works
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I like apples, cashews, and carrots. (I am also rather fond of Brussel sprouts; they are so much fun!) Oh, yeah, and chocolate, of course.
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artichokes best green thing next to uh green sugar
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Too many to mention, as long as it tastes good, then i'll like it.

But i do especially love hawaiian pizza(without the pineapple), french fries, fried chicken wings, hokkien mee, roti prata, sushi, chicken chop, etc, etc.

Fer drinks, i like cold lemon barley, iced lemon tea, coke, etc.

Candy? Fruitips! i can finish 3 sticks in 1 go. That stuff is absolutely addictive.
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i like the italian (pizza, spacity,...)
and i like the eastern sweets .. you can order some here
it will reach you in 3 days where ever you were !

and the best thing is potato chips it is always avaliable in my home and i can't live without it
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Pizza? Donuts? Pizza? Donuts?


Well, maybe not. A large, deepdish, bavarian cream filled, pepperoni pizzadonut might not be that great.

I once got a letter from the local pizza place saying what a good customer I was. They gave me a coupon for a free pizza, and told me I could have a free one on my birthday each year. I loved that pizza (Armand's Chicago Style Pizza). I moved out of their delivery range though. :frown:

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I love dizzy, a Persian stew. Kefta kebob, hummus, and Thai curries are also faves.

Drinks? Margueritas and cosmopolitans.
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Favorite foods:
Stuffed-Crust Extra-cheese Pizza Hut pizza.
My mom's Puerto Rican Rice, with pieces of Turkey Ham.

Favorite Drink:
White Mocha

Favorite Snack:
Macadamia Nut Cookies
Warm Blueberry Muffins
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Cheese, toast, and Pepsi. All those tastes given an element of continuity via the lingering aftertaste of a cigarette.

That's my favourite, and my weekend, and right it happens.
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one word, rockmelon
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Most types of steaks, hummus with Turkish salad,
fried shrimps, most types of meat, NO fish ! ,
bananas, chocalate, more bananas, "fat" and well
baked pizzas with lots of vegetables and meat and
no fish or onions, "fat" chips and fried
potatoes in general, many types of Chinese food,
lots of stuff with cofee flavour, pancakes, cofee,
some more bananas, a good fat pork steak, whiskey,
coke a load of other drinks it is difficult to
mention here, tea (Earl Grey ussualy), spare ribs,
fresh cucumbers and tomatos, spaghetti(with meat),
er... did I mention bananas ?
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My favorite candy is Chocolate and well Starburst are REALLY great too.
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I AM A CHOCOLATE QUEEN! I love anything chocolate. Even then, I make sure the fat & cholesterol level is low.
My favorite candy: Twix, and Alomond Joy.
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I enjoy eating vegan ethnic foods.
Two of my favorite dishes include samosas and burritos -- not Taco Bell burritos either. I like the ones made by legitimate Mexicans.

I am addicted to caffeine. The happiest part of my day is walking into the student union before class and smelling the freshly brewed coffee. Before I even taste it, there is literally something chemical that goes on at that point. I find myself feeling a great sense of relief and satisfaction.

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I don't like hamburgers and pizza. I like good meals with potatoes and gravy, lots of vegetables and/or salad. Rice is fine if there are no potatoes. Pasta is a third choice for carbohydrates.

I like lamb best of all, followed by chicken and beef. Pork is ok, as is goat, zebra, griaffe, alligator, horse and rabbit. I don't like fish.

I don't like candy, though I do like salty licorice, which you can get in Holland and Scandinavia. Aniseed licorice is ok too. I never eat chcocolate.

I like good tea (I get mine from my parents' in law's tea farm in Kenya). Strong, dark roast coffee is good. McDonalds makes the worst coffee in the world; it's colored water.

Wine and beer are fine. I don't drink spirits and I don't like soda, too much sugar and I can't stand the taste of diet drinks. I like fresh orange juice, grape juice and grapefruit juice.

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