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Your suggestions as prereqs for Classical Mechanics

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    I'm taking Classical Mechanics this semester, I haven't had a physics course in 1.5 semesters; I need to know what all of you would say are the best things with which to be familiar to do the best in this class. I asked my professor, he seems to think it's a good background in Diff Eq, Newtonian Mechanics, and some E&M. I need to catch up on the background of this subject, as I'm struggling with the most basic of Mechanics topics (in terms of doing the homework; I understand the lecture and the reading). Thanks for any help.
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    It's very difficult for someone who isn't familiar with this specific course to answer the question, because you haven't given any idea of the level of the course or the topics that it covers. Is there a syllabus on line somewhere?
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    I am taking a course in analytical dynamics currently so if you have any specific questions would be glad to help.
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    prep material? pick up serwarys' text...
    read over motion equations, oscillatory & wave mechanics....and F=-kx.
    and yes you need to remember how to solve DiffQ. So any book on that will suffice even the first year stewart text. You really only need to solve a 2nd order equation.
    which is usually sin/cos or e solutions. Also understanding derivatives vs partial derivatives...and how to manipulate them.

    and some Moments' fo Inertia may be a good review...though you should learn it in the course....also the conservation laws(which should be in the motion equations)

    Hamiltonian/lagrange/rigid bodies/chaotic dynamics should be taught in the class.
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    Calculus will kill you from every way in that class. Good luck.
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