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Homework Help: Z scale for Tempresure

  1. Nov 26, 2008 #1
    A demented scientist creates a new temperature scale, the "Z scale." He decides to call the boiling point of nitrogen 0 Z and the melting point of steel 1000 Z.

    What is the boiling point of water on the Z scale?
    Convert 200 Z to the Celsius scale.
    Convert 200Z to the Kelvin scale.

    Attempt solution

    Boiling point of nitrogen -190 C
    Melting point of Steel 1540 C

    1540- (-190) = 1728 C
    1728 C = 1000 Z

    1.728 C = 1 Z
    1 C = 0.5787 Z

    Boiling point of water 100C = 57.9 Z
    200Z = 345.6 C
    200Z = 618.75 K

    Mastering physics doesn't like my answer :(
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    The first part is correct.
    But for the second part you have to take into account the offset between Z and C.
    What would 0c be in Z?
    It's just the same idea as converting deg F to deg C.
  4. Nov 26, 2008 #3
    I actually didn't quite understand the converting between F and C,
    0C in Z Maybe 190C/1728C = X/1000Z therefore 109Z?
    Then should 100C in Z be 290/1728 = Z/1000 therefore 167.82?

    I think MasPhys liked my answer this time.
    Thanks a lot :)
    Have a good Thanksgiving.
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    0Z is -190C
    1 C = 0.5787 Z
    so 0C is 190*0.5787 Z = 109.9 Z
    so Z is = 109.9 + C*0.5787
    therefore 100 degC = 109.9 + 57.87 = 167.82 degZ
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