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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 159,866
Hello everyone! I am Duong (Dương), I am from Vietnam, 16 years old. So my English grammar isnot good, i am sorry!...
Mar23-14 06:00 AM
3 207
I am reading an article on wikipedia about ground state and it says - The ground state of a quantum mechanical...
Mar25-14 03:06 AM
1 207
how to calculate of heat combuation for sulfur
Mar11-14 05:25 PM
1 208
I have a transformer AC/AC which says that the ingoing effect is 27W and the outgoing effect is 20VA. Wich means...
Apr5-14 03:44 PM
2 208
hello, i am crowed and i need help, first of all i am thankful for every help, terms are : i have 2 clay pot 1...
Apr7-14 05:39 PM
1 208
In what directions are there non-zero components of the magnetic force exerted on electrons in the metal aircraft if...
Apr10-14 04:41 PM
2 208
like for example digital unit measurement for clear images in devices is ....pixel
Feb14-14 04:02 AM
1 210
Hi Guys, I have a sheave with 7 rollers spread evenly on 180 radius. There is an equal amount of force on each end...
Apr7-14 05:34 AM
1 210
bollard pull is the zero speed pulling capacity of a tug . it is measured using a load cell or dynamometer . so its...
Feb19-14 01:01 PM
1 211
Probably a stupid question...or possibly one with stupidly simple answer...Could this even work? I have this...
Mar29-14 10:52 PM
2 212
What happening with a Hg (or any other conduct metal atom) if it is compressed by an extremely strong magnetic fields...
Mar26-14 02:56 AM
1 212
When modelling exponential decay in class we did a water flow through a burette experiment. We were given the equation...
Apr9-14 05:14 PM
8 212
So K = kcm + kint Since kcm relates to the center of mass, am I correct in my understanding to state kcm =...
Apr10-14 12:30 PM
1 212
Hello everyone I am reading a lot about Stimulated Brillouin and Raman scattering I read the following difference...
Jan23-14 07:50 AM
0 213
Briefly, a solenoid valve utilizes a solenoid to move a soft iron core in such a way as to open/close an orifice to...
Feb22-14 06:00 PM
4 213
If a positive charge is pushed towards another positive charge then the potential energy of the system increases. ...
Feb25-14 10:07 PM
4 213
Hello again I seen in this forum about this problem but not in the special case when the point charge is at the...
Apr6-14 04:09 PM
5 214
Hi, I am posting here as I can't get a satisfactory answer from google. Could anyone explain to me why low...
Apr13-14 08:26 AM
4 214
Hi , I am interested to know how would the magnetic field lines be formed and what effect each one of them would have...
Feb22-14 10:10 PM
Simon Bridge
3 215
Hello. I have to do a project determining line strength depending on it's width and I can't find a formula for it...
Mar21-14 03:12 AM
1 215
I work in the IT department for a small mining company and recently discovered during some product research that one...
Mar17-14 08:34 AM
1 216
Hi Everyone, I am new to this forums. I am not sure where to post but general discussion is a good place. I am...
Mar20-14 07:20 AM
1 216
A comb run through dry hair attracts bits of paper. What happens if your hair is wet or it is a rainy day? I guessed...
Feb24-14 04:21 PM
1 217
What is the use of X-ray in Millikan's oil drop experiment? It ionises the oil but what does the ionisation help in?...
Apr6-14 11:52 AM
2 217
I'm currently doing a spectroscopy lab where you use a scintillator and Cs-137 to obtain a Cs-137 spectrum. I...
Feb5-14 05:26 PM
0 218
I was reading the Princeton Review AP Physics B book and i don't understand the concept of diffraction. Can someone...
Feb14-14 10:55 AM
1 218
I read in a science magazine that you would be able to generate more energy by collecting a mass of water and tipping...
Apr1-14 01:59 PM
2 219
I'm currently taking a course on mathematical methods for physics. (Like always I'm a bit confused about where...
Apr3-14 12:33 AM
3 220
An environmentalist friend of mine wants to cool a building on his property (something like a shed or workshop) not...
Jul30-12 12:19 PM
Sultan of Hel
0 221
I have : Cylinder : 958,000 lbs Motor 200 HP required RPM : 5 time : 60 seconds Torque: 18,757 lbs-ft What...
Jan23-14 01:16 PM
1 221
A friend of mine was on his third floor balcony and saw someone vandalizing a wall almost directly below on the...
Feb23-14 05:20 AM
4 221
Hello everyone I just want to ask why In a centrosymmetric media the media doe not change why going from r to -t r is...
Mar5-14 08:37 AM
1 221
Hello everyone I need to know why is it so important to use anomalous dispersion in FWM which four wave mixing and is...
Mar11-14 01:27 PM
2 221
What is the use of infinite-dimensional representation of lie group? Now, I know Hilbert space is ...
Mar22-14 11:58 PM
Simon Bridge
1 221
Consider a standard standing wave thermoacoustic setup with a stack at 1/4th from the end of one tube( the stack is a...
Feb2-14 06:58 AM
0 222
I have a 3DOF gryo with massless bearings and gimbals that is enclosed in case or cylinder. The cylinder will limit...
Feb4-14 09:42 AM
0 222
does it mean extract electrons from the out put of laser beem
Mar29-14 08:43 AM
2 222
A magnetic field of 0.0200 T (up) is created in a region a)find initial magnetic force on an electron initially...
Apr7-14 06:52 PM
1 222
Why are they the same notation? Sent from my iPhone using Physics Forums
Feb22-14 07:08 AM
2 223
Why do atoms just have a general vicinity of which they rest in a solid?
Apr3-14 12:48 AM
4 223

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