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- Action or process of writing computer programs. Computer algorithms, data structures, A.I., systems, databases, communications, security...
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Please post your C++ questions or comments here for Tutorial 1.
Apr14-14 11:40 PM
168 86,052
programming, resources Sticky Thread Pinned: Programming Resources ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I thought I'd start this thread about useful sites programmers could go to if they needed general help or information...
Mar23-14 12:51 PM
60 54,674
The general policy of Physics Forums is that requests for help with solving specific problems or exercises must be...
Sep1-09 02:45 PM
0 15,606
I recently noticed a substantial request for c++ information. Therefore it is my pleasure to announce the opening of...
Nov20-05 08:26 PM
8 94,820
Hi! Im trying to do some rather easy QM-calculations in Fortran. To do that i need a routine that calculates the...
Aug12-11 08:44 AM
2 1,707
I have a program I am trying to understand. According to the function definition(vdot), the function acccepts arrays...
Aug11-11 11:10 AM
4 1,777
I've tried a few methods of plotting histograms from unsorted data, but they're all extremely involved (ROOT) or look...
Aug10-11 11:47 PM
2 1,379
I have the chance to do an independent study on CS this semester, and I'm here for suggestions. Since it's only high...
Aug10-11 03:19 PM
8 1,894
I'm building a code for Molecular dynamics (in C). I'm employing Lennard Jones Potential, periodic border conditions...
Aug10-11 01:17 PM
0 899
Hi, Below is a fortran program to calculate the roots of an equation by newton's method. I compile the program...
Aug10-11 11:26 AM
Belgium 12
2 1,388
Two pieces of maths software that I have handle these floating point "special values" differently. One returns +inf...
Aug9-11 05:03 AM
5 1,529
I have written a computer program that uses binary search to find the root to f(x) = 0, where f is an arbitrary...
Aug9-11 01:19 AM
0 1,200
Hi, I have a bunch of text documents, each of which contains (among other information) the x- and y-positions of...
Aug8-11 06:23 PM
7 1,559
I bought a book for beginners and it said "On Windows Vista or Window XP, navigate through Start, Control Panel,...
Aug8-11 02:46 PM
17 3,395
Okay, so I realize Fortran is not so popular today, but an answer to my problem would be appreciated for Matlab or...
Aug8-11 01:16 PM
0 1,192
Hi everyone I've been doing maths for quite a while now, but have never done any programming until recently. What...
Aug8-11 12:17 PM
1 1,926
#define MAXVAL 50 #define COUNTER 11 main () { float value; int i, low, high; static group =...
Aug8-11 11:09 AM
3 1,029
Can you explain the working mechanism of extern keyword in C language? I have tried wiki and other sites but couldn't...
Aug7-11 04:46 PM
3 6,447
I finally got my GJK algorithm working and now i want to be able to find the depth of the intersection of the two...
Aug6-11 09:29 PM
0 1,364
When it comes to graphics (what I have learned) is that what you see on the screen is data placed in a memory (video...
Aug6-11 07:11 AM
6 1,693
I want to open any given program and look at it's coding, can anyone tell me how it can be done?
Aug5-11 01:20 PM
18 3,266
Hi All I have a problem in the work with Fortran90. I have a file that don't have any idea for read it. It consiste...
Aug5-11 07:37 AM
7 1,256
Hey, I'm trying to write my very first Fortran program. I'm a physics student and I don't know a lot about computer...
Aug4-11 08:24 PM
10 9,224
This question has been bugging me. I have a math degree, and my computer knowledge is limited to VERY BASIC...
Aug4-11 07:08 PM
7 2,818
I have a complex function (or matrix in fortran) f(x,y,t) (where x and y are spacial variables) which is solution of...
Aug4-11 05:00 PM
0 1,213
Hi I am trying to write the following into a file using visual studio 2005: REAL :: X =5 open(1, file =...
Aug4-11 03:09 PM
4 2,397
Hello all, I am trying to determine if my machine is 64 bit or 32 bit, according to this site: ...
Aug3-11 07:45 PM
4 1,515
I haven't touched fortran for about 100 years (and that's only a very slight exaggeration). Recently I had to write a...
Aug3-11 02:08 PM
7 47,517
What programming language is used when creating artificial intelligence.
Aug2-11 06:39 PM
7 2,056
Hello all. I am far from a programmer, but have found a lot of use out of a batch file that I found. The file is as...
Aug1-11 04:57 PM
4 1,790
I just came across another question while brushing up on my c++. If you have a base class that uses virtual...
Aug1-11 10:12 AM
14 2,143
Hello everyone, I'm trying since a few days to compile a f90 program with gfortran (on Ubuntu) with a makefile. The...
Aug1-11 05:38 AM
9 2,594
Old Pascal/Delphi programmer here with a question about c. I can kinda make my way around in c/c++ but I'm no expert....
Jul29-11 10:29 PM
5 2,072
Hi, I am trying to figure out how to pass arguments to a thread via a struct. It's not really working out for me....
Jul29-11 02:46 PM
6 2,243
I am working on a simple physics engine right now and when the object eventually comes to a rest, it starts...
Jul29-11 01:48 AM
3 1,522
Hi ,I want to generate a sudoku game in c sharp.First I will make 3*3 cells sudoku simple,then whole sudoku (9*9) . I...
Jul28-11 08:18 AM
1 2,056
This is my SQL in PHP SELECT * FROM ExamQuestions where exam_id not in(Select ans_exam_id from StudAns where...
Jul27-11 08:27 PM
2 699
Well, I want learn how the computer works and for understand all about computer I decided make one, I see this site:...
Jul26-11 02:28 AM
5 2,124
I'm doing an online "hacking" challenge and I'm trying to get to the next level. On the current level, we're given...
Jul25-11 08:05 PM
4 1,528
I have a table in access, it is linked to by jet oledb provider. I want to move all the records of this table...
Jul25-11 08:51 AM
4 1,059
Hello I am developing Instant messaging application using java, i want to know how status checker algorithms work?.....
Jul25-11 06:04 AM
3 956
Hello, Chitose wonder chick here again. No matter how advance cpu these day, It's still base on binary numeral...
Jul23-11 02:37 PM
6 2,172
Hi, How could I make a variable name with a variable in it in fortran? For example I want to use a loop to assign...
Jul23-11 08:40 AM
4 1,679
This is something that has had me stumped for quite a while. I'm working with a microchip microcontroller to control...
Jul23-11 03:46 AM
3 1,227

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