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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,443
Hi guys, my quesion is quite simple but I think I need to give some background... Let's suppose I have 3 qubits, so...
T 11:40 PM
king vitamin
3 149's_cat I don't understand, if the radioactive source is put in there...
T 10:33 PM
6 188
I want to discuss the theorem proved in the article "Quantum states and generalized observables: a simple proof of...
T 10:25 PM
48 4,176
When the two polarizers are set 60 degrees apart, for example, QM prediction is 25% correlation. It is already...
T 08:56 PM
65 1,018
Suppose you meet a layman who has not even had Freshman-level college physics, but who has HEARD of or read something...
T 07:15 PM
4 227
Everywhere I read about the angular momentum / spin of electrons and how a 1/2 spin particle has a unique...
T 04:44 PM
4 227
The hypothesis that a conscious observer collapses the wave function has been discarded, right? The real reason is...
T 12:51 PM
Ken G
85 1,408
If 4s orbital is in the 4th shell and 3d is in the 3rd shell and if the Principal Quantum Number is the direct...
T 10:36 AM
4 203
How do quantum fluctuations originate?
T 09:06 AM
9 283
I have only ever seen the wavefunction for a spin 1/2 particle written in the basis set |α> |β>. I was interested in...
T 08:46 AM
6 190
Hello, I'm a student which needs to setup a HBT experiment in the lab and I have some questions. I already read this...
T 08:13 AM
25 340
Dear members of this forum. My name is Roberto, I am a medical doctor who wants to study and focus on quantum...
T 06:29 AM
1 118
I just watched a video discussion on the modern interpretations of the wave function. In it I was introduced to...
Y 03:29 PM
50 713
Hello, in Schwartz's QFT-book it says that: "Classically, a box of size L supports standing electromagnetic waves...
Y 01:13 PM
7 328
Do you know if there are experiments on particles having interacted which illustrate the Neumark dilation theorem?
Y 10:57 AM
4 304
quite simply the above question. Why does quantum entanglement not allow for faster than light communication? Thanks
Y 10:28 AM
97 57,595
Hello, Schrödinger's Picture: Researchers Take An Image Without Ever Detecting Light which speaks about the ...
Y 04:47 AM
3 241
if a hydrogen atom has only 1 proton and 1 electron what is the reason that the electron does not collapse onto the...
Aug30-14 06:59 PM
15 357
Since Wilson work in the 70s, the renormalization technique in QFT is physically justified with the concept of scale...
Aug30-14 01:12 PM
5 253
No, it is not! Actually it is something to do with the scalar wave equation. Let us assume that a solution of the...
Aug30-14 11:29 AM
15 368
I have a question: can the mechanism behind Pauli's exclusion principle be considered a fundamental force, like...
Aug30-14 10:47 AM
Ken G
46 961
In particle physics we know that total angular momentum is conserved and its equal to orbital angular momentum plus...
Aug30-14 09:32 AM
2 223
Recently, the properties of nonequilibrium many-body quantum systems have aroused great curiosity of physicists....
Aug30-14 04:59 AM
Billy Yang
4 251
In Quantum Mechanics, why do the dynamical variables become operators? What is the justification or motivation, if any...
Aug29-14 10:33 PM
6 389
I just wanted a conformation of this sorry but I have bad ocd. If I could have some sci advisors help with this id...
Aug29-14 10:11 PM
8 251
Hi I am curios about something we know E2=(mc2)2+(pc)2 than Paul Dirac maid E2=(mc2)2 than we know he find antimatter ...
Aug29-14 01:41 PM
3 131
I have seen only two arguments for the fact that composite particles, like protons, nuclei, or even Helium-4 atoms,...
Aug29-14 12:24 PM
10 368
Why can we not be more precise when shooting stuff through the double slit, so that we know if it goes in the...
Aug29-14 05:16 AM
43 666
I know that the positron and electron have the same mass, which allows them to annihilate, and I know how solve the 2...
Aug29-14 01:32 AM
4 197
hi, What is the difference between radial polarization and optical vortex? thx ...
Aug28-14 04:48 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 265
Do gauge fields work the same way as the Higgs field? Are gauge fields all encompassing too, like the Higgs field?...
Aug28-14 04:26 PM
J'onn J'onzz
2 148
There is an old controversy in quantum mechanics, with arguments on the borderline between science and philosophy, on...
Aug28-14 12:44 PM
69 1,761
Quantum theory is called "quantum" because it is supposed to be about quanta - discrete spectrum of certain quantities...
Aug28-14 12:03 PM
36 843
Here I criticize the whole concept of weak measurements and weak values in quantum mechanics, first proposed by...
Aug28-14 09:33 AM
0 173
Here is a simple analogy that helps to understand the basic idea of the Bohmian interpretation of quantum mechanics. ...
Aug28-14 09:32 AM
9 859
Hi Guys, I am facing a problem playing around with some operators and Kets, would like some help! I have \langle...
Aug28-14 07:28 AM
3 248
I am not sure this is the right place where I should post, I hope I've chosen the right section. I'm studying...
Aug28-14 05:15 AM
3 193
In a paper entitled "Nothing happens in the Universe of the Everett Interpretation":
Aug28-14 02:02 AM
15 437
The wave function solution psi is a function of time and position. Hence the integral of its square over all x will,...
Aug27-14 08:31 PM
3 226 It seems an experiment was performed...
Aug27-14 04:14 PM
2 290

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