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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,462
In all the introductions to the Born-Oppenheimer approximation I've seen, they make the following claim: "If you...
T 09:06 AM
15 332
I am not proposing a particular explanation and just in case you suspect I have something in mind, I must tell you...
T 05:34 AM
6 217
If the probability for a state α prepared initially to be in a state β at a later time is given by: S_{\beta...
T 03:46 AM
king vitamin
5 195
In probability theory a sample space is a set containing all possible outcomes of an experiment and an event is a...
Y 07:56 PM
11 338
If we suppose we have an entangled pair in position/momentum and, following the argument, we measure position of...
Y 05:59 PM
5 148
So I understand the commutation laws etc, but one thing I can't get my head around is the fact that L^2 commutes with...
Y 05:35 PM
29 475
We've been assigned Griffiths QM for undergraduate physics. I don't particularly like it, but anyway. It says that...
Y 05:33 PM
6 196
Ever since learning about atoms and molecules as a child I have envisioned substances (air, water, metal, etc) as...
Y 05:32 PM
11 255
I know I've seen a very short article (3-5 pages) with a proof of a spectral theorem for rigged Hilbert spaces,...
Y 03:47 PM
4 161
Hi, I wondered if it is theoretically possible that the vacuum energy produces an electron/positron pair which then...
Y 09:37 AM
3 147
Sometimes I see complementarity explained as being not able to measure any wave and particle property at the same...
Y 03:01 AM
4 155
Hi there I'm reading through Valerio Scarani's "Six Quantum Pieces" and have hit an exercise which requires...
Y 03:00 AM
23 807
Hey. Given that if you measure the energy of a wave function, the wave function must collapse to the eigenstate...
Apr22-14 10:13 PM
12 273
Hi to everyone! I'm searching information about evidences of photons existence. It seems like the photoelectric...
Apr22-14 02:56 PM
3 372
I read it some where that there is very small decoherence for photons. The reason being that photons do not interact...
Apr22-14 01:59 PM
10 374
I know how to get Von Neumann entropy from a density matrix. I want to get a real number from measurements that give...
Apr22-14 12:46 PM
7 383
Recently, I was reading about Hawking Radiation in A Brief History of Time. It says that at no point can all the...
Apr22-14 12:36 PM
6 225
Hi! In the description of the Stern-Gerlach experiment made in Sakurai's book the magnet is shaped to have a...
Apr22-14 12:29 PM
1 141
So what I do know about degeneracy is that it's the size of an eigenspace in a certain state. How would I go about...
Apr22-14 03:15 AM
7 274
Trying to get my head around this one. Given that you can have a proton and an electron in a hydrogen atom for...
Apr22-14 01:02 AM
7 213
Really don't like this book, he's crazy ambiguous, I've looked it up myself on the internet and it makes far more...
Apr21-14 10:21 PM
3 160
Hi, I was wondering if I could test my understanding on the S-matrix and its role in evolving initial states of...
Apr21-14 12:40 PM
"Don't panic!"
6 282
Just trying to get my head around undergraduate quantum mechanics and they throw a lot of stuff at you, so some help...
Apr21-14 01:46 AM
3 225
Photons propagate in a certain direction. When it encounters an atom on its way, and an energy of photon is equal to...
Apr21-14 12:23 AM
1 149
Given that the wave equation can be represented in complex form for simplicity sake, for normalising by multiplying by...
Apr20-14 08:49 PM
12 376
Hey. Trying to wrap my head around this maths. And given that the wave function is a superposition of a bunch of...
Apr20-14 08:47 PM
6 272
Observing which slit a photon or particle goes through in the two slit experiment results in the formation of a...
Apr20-14 07:54 PM
21 1,423
Am I correct to say that adiabatic switching and wavepackets are two completely different ways to derive the same...
Apr20-14 06:27 PM
10 288
Hi, I want to solve one dimensional Schrodinger equation for a scattering problem. The potential function is 1/ (...
Apr19-14 04:07 PM
3 276
Hi! According to quantum field theory, must the wave function of two different fermions be antisymmetric? If I have a...
Apr19-14 03:20 AM
0 176
I've heard some people say that the wave function and its first derivative must be continuous because the probability...
Apr18-14 08:04 PM
20 6,647
hi! i have a doubt, how can i know the total number of bonding and antibonding electrons given a diatomic molecule's...
Apr18-14 11:02 AM
3 206
If dark energy is caused by quantum fluctuations, where does this energy come from? Also according to string theory...
Apr18-14 01:59 AM
1 240
Hello, I am looking at the wave equation for the casimir effect and I was hoping if some could tell me what type of...
Apr18-14 01:57 AM
1 235
So my professor said that the Kinetic energy of the particle in a 3D infinite well is dependent on position where in a...
Apr17-14 12:18 PM
2 254
Hello, I have been working for a while in weak measurements and I have noticed that some physicists such as Aharonov,...
Apr16-14 09:55 PM
Rena Cray
1 320
I am aware that the most popular version of the quantum brain theory i.e. the Penrose and Hameroff version has been...
Apr16-14 07:27 PM
15 679
Hi all, I'm sort of struggling to understand the difference between active and passive transformations. I'm...
Apr16-14 06:24 PM
4 264
Sorry if this is not a very we'll written thread. I have already had to re-write this three times because of computer...
Apr16-14 05:37 PM
5 425
Hi , I was working on a group theory problem on CH3Cl( treating it as triangle group ). I could get the 1 electron...
Apr16-14 01:07 PM
0 195

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