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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,372
Am I correct to say that adiabatic switching and wavepackets are two completely different ways to derive the same...
T 09:34 AM
4 165
Hi! According to quantum field theory, must the wave function of two different fermions be antisymmetric? If I have a...
T 03:20 AM
0 93
Hi, I want to solve one dimensional Schrodinger equation for a scattering problem. The potential function is 1/ (...
Y 09:00 PM
mojtaba m
0 154
I've heard some people say that the wave function and its first derivative must be continuous because the probability...
Y 08:04 PM
20 6,474
Observing which slit a photon or particle goes through in the two slit experiment results in the formation of a...
Y 01:39 PM
19 998
hi! i have a doubt, how can i know the total number of bonding and antibonding electrons given a diatomic molecule's...
Y 11:02 AM
3 145
If dark energy is caused by quantum fluctuations, where does this energy come from? Also according to string theory...
Y 01:59 AM
1 164
Hello, I am looking at the wave equation for the casimir effect and I was hoping if some could tell me what type of...
Y 01:57 AM
1 165
So my professor said that the Kinetic energy of the particle in a 3D infinite well is dependent on position where in a...
Apr17-14 12:18 PM
2 185
Hi to everyone! I'm searching information about evidences of photons existence. It seems like the photoelectric...
Apr17-14 09:36 AM
2 252
Hello, I have been working for a while in weak measurements and I have noticed that some physicists such as Aharonov,...
Apr16-14 09:55 PM
Rena Cray
1 250
I am aware that the most popular version of the quantum brain theory i.e. the Penrose and Hameroff version has been...
Apr16-14 07:27 PM
15 561
Hi all, I'm sort of struggling to understand the difference between active and passive transformations. I'm...
Apr16-14 06:24 PM
4 194
Sorry if this is not a very we'll written thread. I have already had to re-write this three times because of computer...
Apr16-14 05:37 PM
5 362
Hi , I was working on a group theory problem on CH3Cl( treating it as triangle group ). I could get the 1 electron...
Apr16-14 01:07 PM
0 138
Hi there I'm reading through Valerio Scarani's "Six Quantum Pieces" and have hit an exercise which requires...
Apr16-14 09:43 AM
16 626
I believe I found a solution (or a negation) to one of temporal mechanics most enduring paradox: If you travel back...
Apr16-14 07:23 AM
3 200
If \hat{U}(r) = e^{\hat{A}(r)}, can we say \frac{d\hat{U}}{dr} = \frac{d\hat{A}}{dr}e^{\hat{A}(r)}?
Apr16-14 07:05 AM
2 140
Hi, My textbook describes Compton scattering the following way: " x-ray photon...has a collision with a...
Apr15-14 08:36 PM
10 301
Hi everyone. Consider the scattering amplitude and phase shift formalism for the study of scattering theory. One...
Apr15-14 12:25 PM
0 154
Can one deduce from Pauli's exclusion principle (through the Slater Determinant) that two electrons with different...
Apr15-14 06:41 AM
7 267
Any state analytic in energy (which includes most physical states since they have bounded energy) contains non-local...
Apr15-14 05:01 AM
0 160
Forming the matrix representation of say 1><1 is no problem but how does one calculate the matrix representation of...
Apr14-14 10:28 PM
5 392
Sorry if the question seems naive but if we have the Dirac delta function delta(x-y) is it the same as delta(y-x)?? Or...
Apr14-14 10:26 PM
7 296
I'm wondering how one solves for the quantum harmonic oscillator using matrix methods exclusively. Given the...
Apr14-14 09:37 PM
2 174
Does the quantum no-communication theorem apply to multiple particle entanglement as well? To illustrate the idea,...
Apr14-14 07:07 PM
4 292
Hi all, I'm trying to understand work functions and am working through a paper but keep coming up with the wrong...
Apr14-14 01:55 PM
1 138
I am not going to look up specific threads to support that assertion because I assume they have been seen by all those...
Apr14-14 03:16 AM
105 2,610
I guess this question can apply in all the generality of the 3D Schrodinger eqn. with a central force, the case I'm...
Apr13-14 11:32 PM
8 292
In an explanation to distinguish the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle from the Observer Effect, on p. 89 of "Quantum...
Apr13-14 10:57 PM
7 190
I can show that for a step potential and E < V, that the wave function is fully reflected and has no transmission into...
Apr13-14 07:31 PM
2 228
Hi all. At first, I'm not a physicist, I'm a programmer, and English is not my native language, that's why...
Apr13-14 05:10 PM
5 297
According to " .... based on the relativistic quantum...
Apr13-14 05:27 AM
10 300
In order to apply perturbation theory to the ψ_{200} and ψ_{210} states, we have to solve the matrix eigenvalue...
Apr13-14 04:56 AM
M. next
1 193
hello, I was wondering how the atomic radii where calculated. I have used the formula r=\frac{a_{o}n}{z*/n*} where...
Apr12-14 08:11 AM
8 438
Hey guys. I'm struggling to picture ultraviolet catastrophe. The graph tells me that at certain temperature, intensity...
Apr11-14 05:46 PM
3 402
I must admit that I have never had a great familiarity with the Dirac equation. No matter how many times I study it, I...
Apr11-14 07:45 AM
11 494
1. Why are there an unfixed number of particles? Texts usually present some hand-waving argument with bits and pieces...
Apr10-14 08:24 PM
5 591
I know how to get Von Neumann entropy from a density matrix. I want to get a real number from measurements that give...
Apr10-14 04:55 PM
4 315
Hello Everyone, General curiosity question. We start with a particle who is in superposition. We observe it...
Apr10-14 02:30 PM
6 283

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