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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,204
Initial assumptions : 1. An unpolarised photon has 50% chance of being transmitted through a linear polariser. 2....
T 02:11 PM
7 157
If I had a factory that produces pairs of gloves. And I packed one box with the left glove and another with the...
T 02:02 PM
128 1,562
Just curious what folks think will be the ramifications of this latest finding from the time-symmetric quantum...
T 01:55 PM
4 81
Hi, I'm relatively new to QM so just a basic explanation of my problem would be amazing! I'm doing some internet...
T 01:48 PM
Meir Achuz
2 74
Hello. From Schwartz QFT BOOK, How could Eqn 5.26 can be Eqn 5.27? d \Pi_{LIPS}=(2 \pi) ^{4} \delta^{4}(\Sigma p)...
T 12:51 PM
9 128
Good afternoon : I now what I've written here : in the first...
T 12:05 PM
7 177
Hi guys, I thought that |psi|^2 was a probability density function and that when integrated over a region this would...
T 10:53 AM
17 312
Recently, the properties of nonequilibrium many-body quantum systems have aroused great curiosity of physicists....
T 09:15 AM
1 95
I got some questions about QM (not well organized) There is wave-particle duality. To my understanding, particle...
Y 09:43 PM
Simon Bridge
5 164
I got confused when in my book they went from one form of schrodinger equation to another. It doesnt make much sense...
Y 09:08 PM
2 105
So did anybody have figured out why did OPERA experiment failed?? Does any one know why neutrinos appear to travel...
Y 07:17 PM
5 189
- - -
Hi everyone. I can not remember if, in 3D, the higher it is the energy level, the higher it is its degeneracy. With...
Y 01:20 PM
2 153
- - -
Hi everyone, Recently I read an introduction to quantum information and got interested to begin a research work on...
Y 04:36 AM
4 246
As far as I can understand, quantization of a system is to take poisson brackets to commutators. i.e.\{something\}\to....
Y 03:42 AM
9 332
What is your thought s about quantization and discontinuity in possible?......if yes then How?
Y 01:31 AM
4 149
- - -
Hi, I would appreciate suggestion which chapters from French's "Waves and Vibrations"...
Aug20-14 10:39 PM
13 225
Are lower energy electron orbitals always closer to nucleus than higher energy orbitals? Is this energy proportional...
Aug20-14 09:51 PM
18 534
In Quantum Mechanics, why do the dynamical variables become operators? What is the justification or motivation, if any...
Aug20-14 08:15 PM
2 181
I know how the canal rays are produced. As I looked from wikipedia; "The process by which anode rays are formed in...
Aug20-14 04:28 PM
0 114
Is there any difference between Hamiltonian operator and E? Or do we describe H as an operation that is performed over...
Aug20-14 02:03 PM
2 147
Hi, can smart people please assist me with understanding something: why doesn't the "final" observation at the back...
Aug20-14 12:57 PM
7 229
Having just watched Prof Carl Bender's excellent 15 lecture course in mathematical physics on YouTube, the following...
Aug20-14 10:32 AM
0 94
Am I the only one who sees the resemblance between these two identities? Schouten: <p q> <r s> +<p r> <s q>+ <p...
Aug20-14 07:29 AM
0 144
I am referring to the section The Harmonic Oscillator in Griffiths's introductino to quantum mechanics (the older...
Aug20-14 07:12 AM
6 213
Im somewhat new to modern physics, had one introductory class in my university and because it fascinated me so much,...
Aug20-14 06:39 AM
8 895
(I am referring to section 3.1 in Burkhardt's "Foundations of Quantum Physics", if you happen to have the book.) In...
Aug20-14 04:50 AM
0 169
In quantum mechanics, POVMs can be considered more fundamental than PVMs because PVMs can be considered a special sort...
Aug20-14 02:40 AM
15 371
if photons bounce into each other at a frequent rate, and photons bouncing off of each other may result in large...
Aug20-14 12:54 AM
4 245
Author: ZapperZ Originally posted on Jun16-14 Strangely enough, QM's formalism isn't any more difficult than other...
Aug19-14 04:04 PM
102 2,723
Assume that I have a sample of an element which is electrically neutral, I want to know the number of protons, and...
Aug19-14 03:38 AM
2 275
Why do alpha ray tear out neutron in Be, but dont do such thing in Au?
Aug18-14 11:00 PM
7 218
If you have a momentum integral over the product of propagators of the form \frac{1}{k_o^2-E_k^2+i\epsilon} , why are...
Aug18-14 09:25 PM
5 346
Hello In the usual Hibert-space formulation of quantum mechanics, to each physical system is attached a separable...
Aug18-14 11:36 AM
4 263
Hello, I'm taking a break from school this semester to work and pursue interests that I have let fall to the...
Aug18-14 09:44 AM
1 264
I always thought that magnetism was the exact same thing as electricity because of SR. That's probably why I am...
Aug18-14 02:20 AM
4 338
I watched a video about particle physics and there I saw something strange(for me)...
Aug18-14 02:18 AM
6 327
I don't know much thing about rays. When I was studying Rutherford experiment, I saw that nucleus scattered the alpha...
Aug18-14 12:08 AM
2 159

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