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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,477
Hi you guys! I am having a hard time understanding some stuff in this context. I was not able to find any guidance...
May6-12 09:07 AM
9 886
Hi, First of all i apologies if this topic already exists I was wonder how the partical model of light and wave model...
May5-12 06:53 PM
1 1,571
In regards to the attached image; If the input photons were, for input b = photon #2, and for input c = photon #3,...
May5-12 02:34 PM
4 951
I have been trying to find this information for years. I browsed, starting with Lisa Randall's book, and...
May5-12 02:11 PM
0 649
The Everett interpretation assumes that there is no wavefunction collapse - instead everything is unitary. I'm not...
May5-12 01:37 PM
0 574
I was reading about the two slot experiment and how electrons appear to be wavelike as well as particlelike. How can...
May5-12 01:17 PM
Adel Makram
1 591
Hello everybody, I've been trying to understand the CHSH proof as it is listed on Wikipedia:...
May5-12 11:02 AM
4 923
I am confused about the the notation |ab> for an entangled pair. Isn't this the same as the tensor product |a> \otimes...
May5-12 06:33 AM
0 467
First off let me state that I'm just a mechanical engineering student, so I'm not too savvy when it comes to quantum...
May4-12 08:02 PM
5 1,296
\{\vec{A},\vec{B}\}\cdot \vec{C}=\vec{A}(\vec{B}\cdot \vec{C}) \vec{C} \cdot \{\vec{A},\vec{B}\}=(\vec{C}\cdot...
May4-12 07:28 AM
3 736
Lets say you have a particle A, which then physically interacts with particle C and B to become entangled. Since A is...
May4-12 01:46 AM
3 708
The four vector J_μ is the source of the Electromagnetic potential four vector A_μ. If I wanted a source term for the...
May3-12 09:25 PM
2 975
There is something that has been bothering me recently: that is, the distinction between a separable state and being...
May3-12 04:21 PM
2 955
Hi, I started two months ago my course in QFT, and since I heard about the fact that the bare mass appearing in the...
May3-12 03:06 PM
3 709
Dear Physics Forum, I understand that forces between fermions are mediated by virtual bosons. My "sense" of it is...
May3-12 11:59 AM
a dull boy
0 691
the spin orbit coupling removes the degeneracy but not completely, should we still use the degenerate perturbation...
May3-12 11:54 AM
1 937
Weinberg in his 1st book on QFT writes in the paragraph containing 2.5.12 that we may choose the states with standard...
May3-12 08:21 AM
2 844
Hi! I've read a lot of posts about the photon wavefunction. I'd like to ask you if this statement is correct: "It is...
May3-12 06:35 AM
7 1,255
I have the fifth edition of 'Physics' by Halliday, Resnick and Krane. In the chapter 'The Nature of Light' it is...
May3-12 02:35 AM
soldier sunny
4 2,984
Hey all. I have posted a thread regarding this question a while back. I did get an answer and everything. (Here is my...
May3-12 02:16 AM
2 786
In another thread, we were discussing Zonde's and the De Raedt's model for simulating Bell tests using a purported...
May3-12 02:02 AM
82 10,512
How can i solve Schrodinger equation in 3dimension i want to know how can i deduce every equation ? and...
May2-12 06:11 PM
2 829
Hello, I need a help for making a short visual presentation of superposition and wavefunction collapse. It will be a...
May2-12 04:30 PM
0 689
I'm doing an exercise regarding the spin-orbit operator and the Dirac equation/particles, and I'm having trouble...
May2-12 12:57 PM
1 655
In principle, what is the absolute simplest arrangement to cause decoherence? In other words what constitutes a...
May2-12 10:05 AM
9 1,151
HI, I am looking for the ''Physics of Quantum electronics vol.8 chap.5'' I could no where find this book /journal...
May2-12 10:04 AM
1 751
How to sum in phase space with discrete energy? We have a question that needs to calculate Edp^3. If energy E is a...
May2-12 08:12 AM
0 310
One of the more common ways of showing that a Hamiltonian with periodic potential commutes with the translation...
May2-12 04:03 AM
2 1,248
Greetings! I have a question about the current interpretation of the laws of nature which, according to what I...
May1-12 11:40 PM
3 3,752
Well I'm trying to understand the double-slit experiment (and quantum mechanics), so could you tell me if this is...
May1-12 05:27 PM
ace frehley
2 761
Hi! In Weinberg's book "The quantum theory of fields", chapter2, it states that the transformation of a massive...
May1-12 03:18 PM
1 683
Hey I been reading about an experiment that took place involving two metals plates in a vacuum, of which they are...
May1-12 02:12 PM
3 844
Please teach me this: Despite perfect theories(e.g quantum theory) we never have a absolutely fitted between...
May1-12 01:53 PM
7 1,170
Wave functions and their exp(-ipx) are base of quantum mechanics and QFT. But how to derive them the most simply that...
May1-12 01:51 PM
6 2,339
Entangled particles are used in various experiments for example: DCQE (delayed choice quantum eraser) Bells tests...
May1-12 10:48 AM
San K
2 749
I came across this statement from James Hartle on Stephen Hawking's website, and...
May1-12 07:54 AM
3 2,110
Is the following the definition of wedge product in tensor notation? Let A \equiv A_i be a matrix one form. Then...
May1-12 03:47 AM
1 1,074
Hi, I am trying to figure out the following integral. I have two normalized 1D harmonic osccilator wave functions...
May1-12 01:17 AM
5 963
Quite often one can see descriptions saying that the coherence time of single photons corresponds to the length of the...
Apr30-12 10:26 PM
Bob S
5 1,671
I was wondering about a system, specifically quantum, though classical solutions are still welcome, which was...
Apr30-12 05:22 PM
0 590

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