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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,378
Hello, I need a help for making a short visual presentation of superposition and wavefunction collapse. It will be a...
May2-12 04:30 PM
0 686
I'm doing an exercise regarding the spin-orbit operator and the Dirac equation/particles, and I'm having trouble...
May2-12 12:57 PM
1 651
In principle, what is the absolute simplest arrangement to cause decoherence? In other words what constitutes a...
May2-12 10:05 AM
9 1,148
HI, I am looking for the ''Physics of Quantum electronics vol.8 chap.5'' I could no where find this book /journal...
May2-12 10:04 AM
1 746
How to sum in phase space with discrete energy? We have a question that needs to calculate Edp^3. If energy E is a...
May2-12 08:12 AM
0 307
One of the more common ways of showing that a Hamiltonian with periodic potential commutes with the translation...
May2-12 04:03 AM
2 1,237
Greetings! I have a question about the current interpretation of the laws of nature which, according to what I...
May1-12 11:40 PM
3 3,740
Well I'm trying to understand the double-slit experiment (and quantum mechanics), so could you tell me if this is...
May1-12 05:27 PM
ace frehley
2 760
Hi! In Weinberg's book "The quantum theory of fields", chapter2, it states that the transformation of a massive...
May1-12 03:18 PM
1 678
Hey I been reading about an experiment that took place involving two metals plates in a vacuum, of which they are...
May1-12 02:12 PM
3 842
Please teach me this: Despite perfect theories(e.g quantum theory) we never have a absolutely fitted between...
May1-12 01:53 PM
7 1,166
Wave functions and their exp(-ipx) are base of quantum mechanics and QFT. But how to derive them the most simply that...
May1-12 01:51 PM
6 2,335
Entangled particles are used in various experiments for example: DCQE (delayed choice quantum eraser) Bells tests...
May1-12 10:48 AM
San K
2 745
I came across this statement from James Hartle on Stephen Hawking's website, and...
May1-12 07:54 AM
3 2,095
Is the following the definition of wedge product in tensor notation? Let A \equiv A_i be a matrix one form. Then...
May1-12 03:47 AM
1 1,064
Hi, I am trying to figure out the following integral. I have two normalized 1D harmonic osccilator wave functions...
May1-12 01:17 AM
5 959
Quite often one can see descriptions saying that the coherence time of single photons corresponds to the length of the...
Apr30-12 10:26 PM
Bob S
5 1,661
I was wondering about a system, specifically quantum, though classical solutions are still welcome, which was...
Apr30-12 05:22 PM
0 588
Hello...sorry about the vague nature of the question..but I am trying to learn in an 'economical' sort of way. That is...
Apr30-12 12:25 PM
Mark M
1 624
Hi, i have a few questions about these two processes. Now, im only 16 years old, in my last year of school, so im not...
Apr30-12 11:37 AM
Bob S
3 907
Hi there. I found a paper ( ) which states that has derived the Born Rule....
Apr30-12 10:14 AM
0 587
I have a homework problem which asks me to compute the second and third excited states of the harmonic oscillator. The...
Apr30-12 06:24 AM
8 2,089
Hi, can anyone explain to me, how the Feynman-Kac formula is used to obtain the following expression for the...
Apr30-12 04:10 AM
0 847
I want to know if a quantum computing model exists where you can prepare two different states on n qubits and...
Apr30-12 01:41 AM
1 715
Please teach me this: We know that orbit angular momentum is the product of coordinate operator vector and momentum...
Apr29-12 11:27 PM
5 1,535
I've been studying the path integral approach to QM on my own, and trying to draw some analogies between the partition...
Apr29-12 04:28 PM
0 635
Hi all, I've recently been reading about the Unruh effect, and there are a few things that I'm not very clear on: ...
Apr29-12 03:33 PM
8 1,399
My question concerns the 1/2 factor in the exponential of Eq. (3.49) of Peskin and Schroeder. This equation...
Apr29-12 02:17 PM
2 880
In nuclear physics, when two nucleons (e.g. a proton and neutron) fuse together, they release binding energy. There...
Apr29-12 12:59 PM
1 1,045
I tried to solve a time independent schroedinger equation with a finite potential well today by solving it in 3...
Apr29-12 09:52 AM
2 457
Special relativity gives that time for a (traveler on) photon do not run. It also gives that every moving elementary...
Apr29-12 08:20 AM
6 921
Hi there, I have a short thought that I want to share with all of you and see if there has been something written...
Apr29-12 06:41 AM
Jano L.
1 554
Hello, I have a question about Schrodinger's equation and the finite well. It isn't so much as a math question but...
Apr29-12 05:36 AM
2 817
Consider classical electron theory. Distinguish between the mechanical, electromagnetic, and observed electron mass....
Apr29-12 05:07 AM
Jano L.
1 668
the hotter an object is, the bigger it is. So, what is happening with atoms? Do they get bigger or are they any...
Apr29-12 02:32 AM
3 629
Since the issue of deriving the Born rule comes up from time to time in the forum and I'm always a little mystified by...
Apr28-12 10:05 PM
10 1,235
When we use polarisation rotators to measure certain polarisations for entangled photons, the photon usually meets a...
Apr28-12 03:23 PM
2 711
Suppose it is known that a photon has diagonal polarisation (e.g. it has just passed through a diagonal slit), then...
Apr28-12 08:44 AM
sweet springs
2 721
I'm currently in the midst of a QED course which presupposes a lot of relativistic QM, which I never saw in depth. I...
Apr27-12 03:25 PM
sam guns
0 670
The following comes from Landau's Statistical Physics, chapter 32. Using a Hamiltonian \hat{H} = \hat{H}_0 +...
Apr27-12 09:48 AM
2 715

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