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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,468
Exactly what the title says. I know that there exists a selection rule that ΔS=0, but I cannot find a quantum...
Aug8-12 10:01 AM
2 690
Hey guys! I am trying to show how singlet and triplet states mix via spin-orbit coupling, but I am having some...
Aug8-12 07:54 AM
5 1,078
One of the postulates of QM is that if the system is isolated from external interaction that its wave function will...
Aug8-12 03:27 AM
3 514
I read a short high-level article about the pilot wave interpretation of quantum mechanics and I have some questions. ...
Aug8-12 02:24 AM
159 19,600
Hi everyone, I'm trying to get my head around scattering still. The books I've been looking at derive it, but then...
Aug8-12 12:44 AM
5 1,148
I'm taking an introductoruy course on QM and qubits and my professor is frustrating me by using anthropromorphic terms...
Aug7-12 10:01 PM
3 668
I'm trying to get my head around exactly what this ultraviolet catastrophe is. So the early 20th century scientists...
Aug7-12 10:54 AM
10 2,667
Could someone explain what a gauge theory is, both in general and how it applies to physics? Please try to keep...
Aug6-12 06:26 PM
7 1,158
is it pauli or schrodinger? is there any original reference?
Aug6-12 04:02 PM
5 780
Hi I have a question regarding the Maxwell-Bloch equations, which I read about in a dissertation. I've looked...
Aug6-12 09:41 AM
10 1,108
Couldn't decide where to post... Chemistry or quantum mechanics... But posted here cause I wanted to know a...
Aug5-12 11:05 PM
11 1,489
I just read this as I was skimming over the preface of a relativistic QM book. My question is this; is it the case...
Aug5-12 09:21 PM
8 1,192
There exists Green's Functions such that the solutions appear to be retro-causal. The Klein-Gordon equation allows for...
Aug5-12 08:42 PM
1 550
I am doing a measurement in a system S with the apparatus A, in an entorn E. If the system is at t0 in Sithe...
Aug5-12 08:16 AM
2 560
Hi, I am trying to find a resource that can explain how σ and ∏ lines obtain their polarizations. I have not found...
Aug4-12 06:34 AM
4 1,163
When two wave functions are in perfect phase = constructive interference when the phase difference is half (the...
Aug3-12 08:01 PM
San K
4 1,996
Hi, I'm reading about the partial wave expansion in Shankar. In his method, we expand the incident plane wave (he...
Aug3-12 03:18 PM
5 916
Hello, Can anyone tell me how to go about studying Topological QFT. I am fine with QFT, Fibre bundles and currently...
Aug3-12 03:15 PM
1 598
General Relatitivity predicts Timelike curves and there are nonlinear extensions of mechanics which resolve the...
Aug3-12 01:30 PM
4 1,226
Hi I was reading Feynman's third book and I don't understand why, with bosons at low temperatures, 'there's more...
Aug3-12 11:27 AM
1 493
Hello! Im trying to read Georgi's book on Lie algebras in particle physics but am confused about the start of chapter...
Aug2-12 04:49 PM
king vitamin
3 1,018
Hi all, I'm doing a practice question in which we have a hydrogen atom in the state: \psi = (2\psi_{100} +...
Aug2-12 01:49 PM
12 1,432
Hi, Look at \begin{align} & \int d^4 x d^4 x_1 d^4 x_2 d^4 x_3 d^4 x_4 \exp \\ & \times...
Aug2-12 12:05 PM
3 594
Hi all, On p.327 in my second edition of Peskin and Schroeder, I have an expression for the one loop correction to...
Aug2-12 09:47 AM
0 691
Came across this nice list I had never seen before: List of mathematical topics in quantum theory ...
Aug2-12 07:36 AM
0 559
I am unsure how to (mathematically) do the partial trace of a density matrix so that I can find the expectation value...
Aug2-12 07:30 AM
0 1,059
Feynman's Lectures on Physics has an interesting graphic in volume 3, page 7_3, "Fig. 7-1. Relativistic transformation...
Aug1-12 10:16 PM
Simon Bridge
4 1,046
Photon Entanglement Question Polarize a string of photons vertically. Make the polarized photons into two streams of...
Aug1-12 02:10 PM
1 698
Hi there, I learn from the text that the exponential of an operator could be expanded with a series such that ...
Aug1-12 01:05 AM
3 874
How can you tell if the Klein-Gordan Hamiltonian, H=\int d^3 x \frac{1}{2}(\partial_t \phi \partial_t...
Aug1-12 12:45 AM
1 580
Can we measure the spin of a particle by measuring the force on a Magnet? I wish to consider a modified stern...
Jul31-12 11:29 PM
15 1,524
On page 237, Weinberg checked eq. (5.7.23) with an example when \mathbf p is along the three direction. Below that...
Jul31-12 10:31 PM
0 497
I take it that it would be ok that in the classic demonstration of Lenz's law with the falling magnet, to replace the...
Jul31-12 09:16 PM
4 895
Does anyone know how to write the classical solution to the Klein-Gordon equation in NON natural units? Where do all...
Jul31-12 07:01 PM
7 841
So, you got n,l,m_l,m_s. If you have two hydrogen atoms on opposite ends of the universe, it seems to me that the...
Jul31-12 04:16 PM
9 1,062
So as I was taught in Modern Physics virtual particles are allowed to exist in virtue of "borrowing" energy from the...
Jul31-12 08:27 AM
28 2,861
From the thread on Nick Herbert's proof: harrylin: The more I become aware about the tricky details and the...
Jul31-12 03:45 AM
60 6,028
Do share your thoughts on this statement.
Jul30-12 06:50 PM
14 1,810
Hi, My understanding that one of the postulates of quantum mechanics is that the vector describing the quantum...
Jul30-12 02:04 PM
1 639
I was learning about indirect band gap and it says that when the electron comes down from upper energy level to lower...
Jul30-12 10:20 AM
1 843

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