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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,791
what do we mean by spin of a particle when we say it a point particle?how do we measure spin experimentally and give...
Aug21-12 12:01 AM
16 2,986
Is quantum entanglement unaffected by fields/forces? Forces = the, yet known, four fundamental forces i.e. Is...
Aug20-12 07:39 PM
4 1,663
Hello, I'm interested in (typically topological) QFTs arising from Lagrangians which are pure constraint, ie. of...
Aug20-12 05:24 PM
0 324
Consider the simplest of all possible atoms: A hydrogen atom with only a proton as its nucleus. According to...
Aug20-12 08:43 AM
4 898
Alice and Bob build a quantum entanglement experiment with the help of a lab technician. The experiment runs and a...
Aug20-12 08:15 AM
5 1,042
do the photons have mas???or just the momentum???or both??
Aug20-12 01:34 AM
1 361
This topic has been extensively discussed on this forum during the last few years, but I don't see much discussion on...
Aug19-12 07:23 PM
2 1,655
I'm self-studying Griffith's Intro to Quantum Mechanics, and on page 100 he makes the claim that the eigenfunctions of...
Aug19-12 10:39 AM
5 692
this is from Omnes' book Understanding QM Has this problem been resolved or is it still outstanding?
Aug19-12 06:11 AM
7 768
I was reading this article,, and it was talking about...
Aug19-12 12:58 AM
2 575
I finally got an answer to my question by a poster on this site, and my thread gets removed. I broke no rules, so it...
Aug18-12 10:37 PM
1 540
We know the universe is not in a supposition state, so the wave-function of the universe must have collapsed at some...
Aug18-12 09:13 PM
5 973
Does FTL transmission of information (via 1 entanglement or 2 any means) violate causality? FTL = faster than light...
Aug18-12 07:09 PM
22 6,898
Hi, I'd appreciate your help about this: Is someone capable of explaining how attractive forces work in three...
Aug18-12 06:00 PM
2 561
For a particle to travel from point A to point B at the smallest scale, is there a distance in which the particle has...
Aug18-12 03:36 PM
3 658 what does Re refer to? I...
Aug18-12 04:06 AM
2 474
Does anyone have a calculation that can calculate a particle wave function over 1 planck time interval?
Aug17-12 10:18 PM
3 1,432
Hi, I am was reading about a double well potential. I came across the word "quantum tunnel splitting". Can anyone...
Aug17-12 04:36 PM
1 1,079
halfway page 41 Bohm obtains for the action variable J = 2\int_{a(E)}^{b(E)} dq \sqrt{2m} Then he obtians the...
Aug17-12 02:33 PM
2 496
What is the relationship between a-causality and randomness? Let's look at the argument below: For something to...
Aug17-12 02:01 PM
49 3,901
Hi, I am trying to study Quantum Field Theory by myself from Mandl and Shaw second edition and I am having trouble...
Aug17-12 05:09 AM
8 1,291
Consider two Hermitian operator A, B; Define =iC, then operator C is also Hermitian. we calculate the...
Aug17-12 04:45 AM
7 1,103
Hi friends I am trying to drive constraints of a Lagrangian density by Dirac Hamiltonian method. But I encountered...
Aug17-12 12:14 AM
3 659
I am aware that physicists are trying to derive born rule from unitary evolution. Has there been any success? What is...
Aug16-12 06:48 PM
7 1,097
We know that momentum is proportional to k so by adding more waves to localise our particle we are adding more waves...
Aug16-12 12:19 PM
Sam Wong
4 1,268
Doesn't the Bohr model use standing waves as a reference? Before De Broglie's hypothesis, how did Bohr manage to...
Aug16-12 11:11 AM
2 1,004
significance of commutation of operators? how do u show that the position and momentum operators do not commute?
Aug16-12 07:40 AM
Simon Bridge
3 573
difference between eigenvalue and an expectation value of an observable. in what circumstances may they be the same? ...
Aug16-12 06:34 AM
1 2,448
I need a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-comprehend example of a POVM measurement, which is not a projective...
Aug16-12 05:11 AM
6 1,116
i was going through the diffraction experiment and had a question that i would like to ask: suppose i am performing...
Aug16-12 04:18 AM
4 740
why is only one component of angular momentum is quantised, and what determines which component is quantised?
Aug16-12 12:44 AM
3 789
The Quantum Theory of Fields, Steven Weinberg, P.120 above 3.3.24, it says, If the matrix elements of W between...
Aug15-12 11:56 PM
Sam Wong
3 668
Does anybody could help me to state if the following particles experience strong interactions, weak interactions, both...
Aug15-12 11:47 PM
5 962 I don't see how they know...
Aug15-12 11:22 PM
2 779
Hi all my interest in Physics is purely a hobby and I have to say I have gaps in my knowledge but even then I have a...
Aug15-12 06:40 PM
3 711
how is the wavefunction of 1-D infinite well modified by the application of an electric field to the well.
Aug15-12 10:12 AM
2 614
Aug15-12 09:04 AM
2 475
How can one operate the deltas of the uncertainty relation? I know they're supposed to be the standard dev, but how...
Aug15-12 09:00 AM
3 628
I'd like to find out more about A. Neumaier's interpretation of quantum mechanics. How?
Aug15-12 08:46 AM
3 694
are observables only those quantities which commute with system's Hamiltonian ?
Aug15-12 07:58 AM
10 1,402

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