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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 35,411
According to Debroglie Eq λ=h/mv λ and v inversely proportional to each other.But according to eq v=f*λ they seem to...
Jul5-12 07:41 PM
13 1,374
Are we living in a simulated(computer) reality?is that true until we observe things,they are not there? if so,any...
Jul5-12 04:27 PM
28 2,411
Perhaps the term "spooky action at a distance" when referring to "quantum entanglement" is not so spooky after all if...
Jul5-12 12:21 PM
31 3,251
It's impossible that the higgs boson was the only scalar boson in nature. Could quantum-nonlocality be mediated by...
Jul5-12 10:14 AM
1 556
Somebody help me, pls. I have some questions about quantum kinetic and Boltzmann kinetic. - The limitations of...
Jul5-12 09:22 AM
0 442
As the poll on this forum from 2011 that has recently been resurrected shows, there are a portion of the users here...
Jul5-12 09:12 AM
7 2,175
a basic problem but i have no idea how to measure it
Jul5-12 07:08 AM
1 438
Hi My current understanding is of a water molecule able to absorb radiation by a transition, a change in the...
Jul5-12 07:01 AM
0 398
I have only heard about the use of ladder operators in connection with the harmonic oscillator and spin states....
Jul5-12 06:54 AM
2 628
Just a thought. In the double slit experiment, is it possible that the particles don't actually interfere with...
Jul5-12 02:28 AM
Simon Bridge
1 556
Hi, In Griffiths QM, it is claimed that to solve the Schrodinger Equation, we take the solution wavefunction...
Jul4-12 11:54 PM
7 1,121
I am relatively new to QM and so have a couple of basic questions for you all. I understand that the double slit...
Jul4-12 11:14 PM
13 3,087
I can't remember what the experiment is called, but it was to test for virtual anti-pair particles, and two plates...
Jul4-12 08:44 PM
4 1,030
Is double slit experiment the only proof for quantum particles' superposition??
Jul4-12 05:35 AM
2 869
I am a UG student and want to ask about the current state of quantum gravity research. Is quantum gravity a...
Jul3-12 11:04 PM
1 777
"The characteristic feature of the first (often called ‘dynamical’ or ‘environmental’ decoherence) is the study of...
Jul3-12 10:44 AM
al onestone
13 1,515
Im sorry, I accidently edited my opening post instead of posting a new one.. The question was regarding the statement...
Jul3-12 10:36 AM
4 1,086
How did someone came up with the idea that , an outcome doesn't exist until we really observer it? How did that...
Jul3-12 10:11 AM
al onestone
25 1,735
what is the difference between first- and second-type bessel functions?
Jul3-12 08:48 AM
Simon Bridge
1 428
when a wave-function splits into two paths (such as in a double slit or a mach-zehnder) how does the Schrodinger...
Jul3-12 07:06 AM
Simon Bridge
10 1,136
Had some questions about wave-functions. Some of the questions might be invalid due to limited knowledge of the OP. ...
Jul3-12 07:04 AM
Simon Bridge
21 2,570
In single particle interference experiments: what, besides probability amplitude, splits at the slits? don't...
Jul3-12 06:53 AM
2 685
wave-function is a probability amplitude in quantum mechanics describing the quantum state of a particle and how it...
Jul3-12 06:27 AM
Simon Bridge
1 483
Hi everybody, I apologize for my trivial question, I'm reading a paper by Freedman and Kitaev and, when describing...
Jul3-12 02:43 AM
2 1,842
1) What is mean by fermion with half integer spin and boson with integer spin Is that fermion, 1/2,3/2... boson,...
Jul3-12 01:19 AM
4 906
Quantum laser diodes. How does light escape? I recently became very interested on the functioning of these amazing...
Jul2-12 10:18 PM
3 1,804
hello i have question : how the superposition principle proves continuity of ψ in potential barrier
Jul2-12 08:18 PM
5 632
Hi, I've been reading a QM book and it mentions that particles can be represented as a wave packet, which provides...
Jul2-12 04:24 PM
3 559
Is there some way to approximate the density of entangled particles in space?
Jul2-12 12:32 PM
0 246
Hi I would like to know if I have a system of coupled harmonic oscillators whether the standard position operator...
Jul2-12 07:42 AM
0 405
For the photoelectric effect, when light hits a metal, and the frequency is above the work function, electrons are...
Jul2-12 03:48 AM
M Quack
2 576
It is said that the solutions of the Klein-Gordon equation cannot be interpreted as probability densities since the...
Jul2-12 02:38 AM
2 496
I'm looking for the BEST and most COMPLETE book describing - The quantum mechanics of the hydrogen atom (working...
Jul1-12 05:03 PM
2 611
I am having hard times, trying to find out how the FermiDirac and BoseEinstein distributions give you at a limit the...
Jul1-12 02:19 PM
1 426
When a photon has a wavelength close to the energy needed for an electron jump in an atom, the atom will absorb the...
Jul1-12 01:08 PM
2 642
Does Pauli's exclusion principle apply to superposition or only collapsed states? I.e. could a particle be...
Jul1-12 11:58 AM
7 777
A particle in the ground state of a potential well can only gain energy by making a transition to one of the higher...
Jul1-12 07:39 AM
5 888
Can someone please elaborate these lines: "Causality applies only to a system which is left undisturbed. If a...
Jul1-12 12:52 AM
San K
13 2,719
What is the difference between eigenfunction and wave function? I'm always get confused when i am asked to write...
Jul1-12 12:38 AM
Simon Bridge
4 1,030
Almost everyone is familiar with the sentence "accelerated charges radiate em waves". Nevertheless, if you are...
Jun30-12 08:56 PM
6 1,009

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