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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,463
i do not believe that there is an answer, though i wish to be sure weather or not there are any semi-valid atleast...
Jul5-05 07:53 PM
10 1,389
there are many small womholes that are continuously created throught time, they may not remain open for long enough...
Jul7-05 10:30 AM
Zygotic Embryo
3 801
i eventually wish to learn all that i possibly can, though atm i have only recently bothered with qm much at all. I...
Dec1-05 07:48 PM
6 1,308
I don't know much about brackets and Hamiltonians, but there is a much simpler aspect of the time / energy uncertainty...
Jun12-12 01:46 PM
0 761
Greetings, I'm an undergrad physics student currently taking a course in QM. There is, however, something that's...
Sep14-07 05:28 PM
19 3,439
I'm trying to wrap my brain around the notion of tunneling and am hoping somebody could be of assistance. I'm...
Oct27-08 12:23 PM
8 1,761
I am reading both Griffiths and Gasiorowicz and I can't get either of them to tell me why the continuity of the...
Oct20-09 09:43 PM
5 2,208
I've got three questions basically. Do photons actually have only an integer spin +/- 1, or do people really only...
May2-10 06:44 PM
5 2,288
Hello. On the "Ask an Astrophysicist" page on the NASA site, one can read the following: This raises three...
Feb5-12 02:08 PM
18 1,859
Hi, Can we know the Copenhagen interpretation, a result of uncertainty principle? If you don't agree with that,...
Jun25-07 07:16 PM
5 2,199
when I studied the Journal of Low Temperature Physics (number of 28 April), confronted an important case: the...
Jul27-07 12:15 AM
5 1,737
I got a e-book on QFT few months ago.but this one hasn't chapter 1 and title and index etc.i.e all the informations...
Sep25-10 10:31 AM
5 1,893
Question 1: The mean speed for escaping molecules from a hole is 1.88*(k*T)/m)^1/2 (Eq.1) The mean speed for...
Nov13-09 01:31 PM
0 4,697
Question 1: The mean speed for escaping molecules from a hole is 1.88*(k*T)/m)^1/2 (Eq.1) The mean speed for...
Nov16-09 11:25 PM
0 1,366
To Anyone, Note: This is not homework. These are questions that I have come up with during independent study at my...
Nov19-09 12:24 PM
0 1,159
Hello, Quick question: Will radioactive particles give interference pattern if there is no measuring device?
May17-11 12:25 AM
San K
12 1,870
What is QFT ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
What is quantum field theory and why was it developed? What is its relation to quantum mechanics?
Mar26-04 04:28 PM
60 4,516
Hey guys, I study biophysics, so maybe this is a sophomoric question. I've done a cursory, albeit fruitless search...
Feb13-14 03:00 PM
20 985
Hi everyone! I will very thankful to whom can suggest me some texts or webpages where I can find a demonstrated...
Jan4-11 04:56 AM
13 2,015
Hi to everyone! I'm reading an example of atom radiation interaction (more precisely, an atom emits a photon which...
Feb4-11 11:23 AM
1 1,049
Hi everybody! I'm studying this paper "Unambiguous discrimination among quantum operations"...
Feb27-12 03:47 PM
0 948
HI I don't understand why cadium or other elements have different zeeman effect because of their electron...
Dec12-11 04:42 AM
1 1,253
I'd like to know a few things: Are there different explanations of this experiment, and if so – which are the most...
Jan22-13 01:56 AM
9 1,264
I have seen the mathematical proof of how can a particle tunnel through a barrier of higher potential energy but I was...
Feb19-07 04:21 AM
10 1,854
what is exactly meant by wave nature,does the particle move like a wave or it moves along path of a wave or something...
Jul30-10 08:44 AM
10 1,011
position,velocity cannot be found simultaneously with appreciable accuracy,why is it so?
Jul31-10 08:00 AM
6 1,306
I have a simple question on double slit experiment, In double slit experiment, after the light rays pass through the...
Aug19-07 09:53 AM
25 4,616
I'm teaching basic chemistry and got a question that I found very interesting. All text books we use depict hydrogenic...
Jul17-09 11:15 AM
0 596
I have not started studying quantum mechanics in depth (so I don't know too much of the math behind it). But I read...
Jun4-12 11:29 AM
A. Neumaier
17 3,513
okay, here goes. Electron A moves through a vacuum. There are quantum fluctuations ocurring all the time, some...
May9-13 10:25 AM
15 1,203
correct me if im wrong but there are fundamental fields that are responsible for the forces and properties. A) how do...
May7-13 07:44 PM
3 553
I was just doing some last minute review for my physics final tomorrow, and I have a few question about the Bohr model...
Nov8-06 10:50 AM
4 4,588
I'm reading from an introductory text on quantum physics, and came across this sentence: It's the second...
Mar13-11 05:58 AM
19 3,565
I am currently reading section.36 of Srednicki's QFT, In the context he said that the term \partial^\mu \psi...
Dec19-09 08:26 AM
0 885
A particle is subject to V(r)= V0 if r>r0 and 0 if r<r0. What's the value of V0 if there are exactly 2 bound states?
Mar2-10 12:36 PM
0 781
So, I'll be taking pchem 1 this semester and it has been 2.5 years since I have done any calculus and it's foggy at...
Aug16-13 03:46 PM
0 459
I was wondering how exactly a single photon is polarized. In the case of an electromagnetic wave in theoretical free...
Jun22-09 12:56 PM
Bob S
3 1,180
My textbook had a section where a particle beam was going over a barrier where E > U and then right after that had a...
Jan7-14 03:54 PM
2 367
My textbook says the ground state energy of the QSHO is given by 1/2*h_bar*w and that this is the minimum energy...
Apr5-14 01:37 PM
1 225
So my professor said that the Kinetic energy of the particle in a 3D infinite well is dependent on position where in a...
Apr17-14 12:18 PM
2 345

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