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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 35,487
Hi there, I understand (to a degree) Pauli's exclusion principle in terms of electrons in an atom but I'm a little...
Sep7-08 01:22 PM
1 1,135
Hi, i'm working on Deutsch's problme and im given a table as followsrepresenting the possible choices of f x ...
Feb27-10 07:20 PM
0 1,878
hellow everybody i have a problem in styding the critical bihaviour of the tow dimensional ising model when i use...
Oct28-09 06:01 PM
0 804
Can anyone explain according to QM why do electrons move around nucleus....??? And how does QM explain electrons'...
Jul4-11 12:20 PM
15 2,503
Okay.....sorry for such a long post....please be patient... And help i have a question about the...
Jun27-11 09:55 PM
10 1,413
How are the two related mathematically ie QV is SpaceTime devoid of matter and has Zero Point Energy on one hand QF...
May11-14 09:22 PM
Simon Bridge
9 397
1. Is the root(det(q)) term in the Hamiltonian Constraint what makes it non polynomial 2. Is the motivation for...
Apr26-14 12:00 AM
1 221
Why is a covariant formalism preferred over a canonical formalism in loop quantum gravity, in simple layman terms
Apr26-14 02:50 AM
4 350
I know they must use some sort of wave equation to calculate the exact orbitals of an atom, but I'm interested how...
Jul4-08 10:19 AM
5 6,922
This might be a silly question, but do protons and neutrons have a wave function that they can be described by?
Jul5-08 12:56 PM
3 2,377
Whenever i read or watch something on entanglement all they seem to talk about is the spin states of electrons. And i...
Apr4-09 10:54 AM
1 798
My question concerns the orbitals in the atom (s,p,d, and f.) I know that each orbital shell is a probability density...
Apr4-09 03:04 PM
8 1,035
Do electrons in higher energy orbitals move faster than ones in lower energy orbitals?
Jun28-09 08:07 AM
35 7,963
This question is something that's been bothering me for a long time, there has to be a probability in this universe...
Aug18-09 12:38 AM
2 753
can anyone please explain in detail what the quantum theory is and how it is different from normal physics?
Dec16-08 01:03 AM
5 770
When something is frozen fully, and the temperature is absolute zero -there is no entropy - but does that mean the...
Apr27-11 09:51 AM
8 2,010
Hello! I'm having trouble understanding some of the terminology used to describe Misner (or Milne) Space. Some of the...
Sep1-09 06:35 AM
1 1,728
If using spherical coordinates (r, theta, phi) , what is the meaning of the canonical momentum of theta, phi? What are...
Nov29-06 12:17 PM
3 5,950
What is the definition of ionization? For example, in the case of Hydrogen atom, the Coulomb force is the long-range,...
Dec13-06 07:28 AM
23 8,471
I thought Statistical Interpretation of quantum mechanics is a very good alternative besides the orthodox...
Dec12-06 02:37 PM
49 5,082
Could anyone tell me what complex scaling is? Do the eigenfunctions of the complex scaled Hamiltonian form a...
Dec14-06 10:36 AM
Georgie Cartier
1 2,357
Particle-Wave duality and Hamilton-Jacobi equation According to Particle-Wave duality, an observer can't describe a...
Feb4-07 03:35 PM
75 8,725
I am just learning QED and could not understand the role of wave function. Is the basic equation in QED the...
Feb13-07 05:08 PM
67 9,258
According to Prof. Sir M. Berry's argument, the Quantum Mechanics transition to Classical Mechanics (when the Planck...
Oct1-07 05:05 AM
12 3,631
In Bohr model of Hydrogen, the electron will not slowly lose energy as they travel, and hence will remain in stable,...
Jan31-10 06:38 PM
10 3,807
What is the meaning of temperature in a quantum system? Surely temperature concerns lots of particles. (More is...
Jan26-07 10:00 AM
2 1,181
I am confused about the relation between condensed matter physics and Quantum field theory (QFT). Here are my "naive"...
Jan26-07 05:05 AM
Quantum River
0 3,252
Hi, everyone! I'm desperately trying to understand the "Adiabatic" Quantum Computing. I have papers but I need...
Oct20-04 11:17 AM
0 958
How does category theory apply in physics?
May16-07 11:30 AM
0 816
What is the classical analog for l=0 state? Angular momentum = 0 , what kind of orbits is that?
Aug22-12 01:40 AM
6 735
I was wondering what caused the observed effect of this experiment?
Jun6-06 05:45 PM
0 703
Hi, I should start off by saying that I am not physicist, nor am I a physics student, however I have lately been in...
Oct21-12 05:35 PM
8 1,224
Observing entangled particle not change partners state or states, only break correlation between the two. Many...
Jan25-09 07:28 AM
0 924
Hi i am student from India who has completed his Bsc degree and have applied to few Universities in Europe for Msc in...
Feb25-12 11:04 AM
0 1,825
(The following is a purely qualitative consideration of Quantum Mechanics) In a particular Quantum Mechanics text,...
Mar28-13 02:17 PM
4 666
If no human has observed the moon or been able to calculate its existence through studying its physical effects.......
Feb2-06 11:33 AM
96 10,845
Can anyone please tell me what energy is made of? If this is a really bad question please feel free to eliminate this...
May23-06 08:36 AM
Doc Al
36 30,695
I'm currently doing my Bachelor's in Physics(1st year). My textbooks aren't too clear on quantum mechanical concepts....
Jun9-14 11:41 AM
7 493
The Hamilton-Jacobi equation \frac{\partial W}{\partial t}+\frac{1}{2m}\left + V(x,y,z) = 0 It is said that this...
Feb21-11 05:25 AM
4 1,010
I have heard that quantized gravitational charge is given by \mu_q= \sqrt{GM}. Sean Carrol seems to define...
Mar1-11 08:38 AM
6 986

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