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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,338
Why is a photon considered to be its own antiparticle? What distinguishes a photon from an antiphoton? When photon and...
Feb3-10 02:20 AM
25 9,566
Do positively charged holes have any other quantum numbers assigned to them? What are the similarities and differences...
Feb3-10 02:59 PM
29 2,905
Heavy particles produced in high energy collisions in accelerators are 'hidden' in normal low energy conditions. Might...
Mar28-10 02:58 PM
3 831
In QM, particles are treated as either waves or particles, a duality exists. A test particle in freefall is used in...
Jun22-04 05:14 AM
4 1,342
Here is a proposal that comes right out of Star Trek! ...
Feb2-04 11:54 AM
0 1,520
This paper is really thought provoking in its reasoning behind the HUP and how it imposes upon Maths and Physics. ...
Feb27-04 08:33 AM
3 2,991
Is there such a thing as a Law Of Observation? How would one define this Law? If yes please state if this has its...
Mar11-04 12:09 PM
15 4,532
Can Dirac equation be used for many particles (fermions) system (i.e. a nucleus with many electrons)? And in this case...
Feb17-10 05:09 PM
8 3,069
Problem: ----------- I’m trying to understand how to generally find Eigen functions/values (either analytically or...
Jun4-11 10:38 PM
3 1,322
Suppose you have a container with perfectly reflecting walls, containing electromagnetic radiation that is not in...
Feb13-12 04:27 PM
12 2,238
Looking at the Sackur-Tetrode equation for the entropy of a mono-atomic ideal gas: S=kN\left S is entropy, V is...
Mar7-12 01:26 PM
18 2,852
Hello Friends, About Dirac's postulation about non conmutative operators and the scalar function with 4 elements,...
Feb16-05 05:19 AM
4 1,193
Dear Friends, Just adjoint a link to a page (finally and pourly translated to english) about the Schrödinger...
May14-05 03:34 AM
1 907
I have been trying to understand the field theory from the basics and have come across a few things I have not...
Mar7-11 11:32 AM
0 1,187
I found this in Srednicki's QFTbook. I don't know what ↔ means. Help me, please
Jun12-13 12:45 PM
3 357
there is potential V(x). If at some point x=a wavefunction have some energy eigenvalue, then Is it guaranteed that...
Sep24-13 08:42 AM
4 469
E is finite and V is infinite, So T should be negative infinite
Sep29-13 03:33 AM
29 1,367
Is there a way to know qualitative information about energy spacing of bound state energy? Infinite square well....
Oct6-13 11:38 PM
Simon Bridge
7 644
Background. I recently started reading A Quantum Mechanics Primer by Daniel T. Gillespie. I'm up to the section on...
Jun25-11 12:31 AM
4 936
I'm reading Daniel T. Gillespie's A QM Primer: An Elementary Introduction to the Formal Theory of QM. In the section...
Jul7-11 06:44 AM
8 1,683
I've been reading Ballentine, Chapter 1. Have I got this the right way around? Taking our inner product to be linear...
Jul25-11 04:59 PM
10 2,286
Rafael de la Madrid writes: - de la Madrid (2005): "The role of the rigged Hilbert space in Quantum Mechanics"...
Jul31-11 03:58 AM
28 3,207
i've seen both: ΔxΔp >= h/2 and ΔxΔp >= hbar/ 2 used, and i'm not sure which is correct. my physics...
May31-12 07:11 AM
3 1,076
Hello, First I want to apologize for this FAQ-like question, but I couldn't find the answer anywhere here. so...I'm...
Oct29-04 03:22 AM
17 3,142
Hello, I was wondering about the Biefeld-Brown effect. It is the force towards the (positive) smaller pole of an...
Dec9-04 05:18 AM
0 3,336
I had read that Roger Penrose and others (like Hameroff and Chalmers from Arizona) have been studying the possibility...
Jun30-10 02:59 PM
62 7,921
Mechanically speaking, where is the photon emitter aimed when there are 2 slits? If the experimenter was using an...
Mar16-10 01:49 PM
17 1,556
I'm taking an introductoruy course on QM and qubits and my professor is frustrating me by using anthropromorphic terms...
Aug7-12 10:01 PM
3 556
I'm trying to learn here. After all, you all know more about this stuff then I do. If you were to take a given mass of...
Mar31-13 10:43 AM
3 414
In the 2 slot experiment, I always see the slots side by side. The electron seems to know if the second slot is open...
Apr1-13 11:27 AM
2 566
We know the universe is not in a supposition state, so the wave-function of the universe must have collapsed at some...
Aug18-12 09:13 PM
5 829
I finally got an answer to my question by a poster on this site, and my thread gets removed. I broke no rules, so it...
Aug18-12 10:37 PM
1 497
I've been told time and again that any beam of light (think laser) exhibits divergence no matter how perfect. This...
May29-10 02:08 AM
17 2,241
An electron travels as a wave. But what kind of wave? Sound waves are longitudinal, light waves are transverse, but...
May27-10 09:32 PM
3 1,499
What is pure energy? Is it equal to radiant energy? What does that E in E=mc^2 stand for?
Apr21-05 01:51 PM
2 3,067
Would someone mind opening his or her Shankar page 153 and tell me what (5.1.10) and (5.1.11) exactly mean? Does...
Sep5-05 08:23 AM
7 2,016
As I read in my quantum mechanics book the delta function is sometimes called the sampling function because it samples...
Nov11-05 12:46 PM
3 1,426
I read somewhere that quantum field theory does not allow calculations and predictions of bound states in a...
Dec28-05 09:09 AM
5 2,871
1. I found a nice site. 2. I also found a nice quote. "All the...
Mar22-06 06:51 AM
25 2,704
The angular momentum is the generator of spatial rotations. Are the commutation relations for angular momentum the...
May1-06 06:44 PM
Physics Monkey
1 962

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