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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,813
I know that the Sun radiates vast amounts of energy partly due to nuclear fusion. I've also heard that nuclear fusion...
Aug1-13 05:04 PM
8 1,344
I am reading David Griffiths' book on Quantum Mechanics, and he usually says that the general solution to the TDSE,...
Aug6-13 04:13 PM
4 593
I have a question: is there any way to accurately "visualize" the phenomenon of electron degeneracy pressure? I...
Oct14-13 09:02 AM
2 1,626
hi,if someone work in quantum gravity exactly in bohmienne quantum gravity then help me with documentations in the...
Mar18-10 03:31 AM
2 543
In my new found passion to understand the "inner meaning" of this thing called quantum theory, I've been trying to...
Jan8-09 12:08 AM
26 5,625
Can light travel through an atom? If yes, how will it emerge? If no, why not? Will it interact with any subatomic...
May25-09 07:36 AM
19 5,034
My guess is either 14 or 12. Which one is right? And please explain why.
Oct8-09 08:26 PM
2 1,605
Can someone give a simple explanation of what this is about: ...
Sep29-08 08:34 AM
1 1,048
Ok is this article as silly as it seems to me?
Sep2-10 02:06 PM
1 687
What is the relationship between quantum spin and classical spin? I have seen this question asked many times but have...
Jan23-05 11:19 PM
Hans de Vries
19 1,850
I was thinking about QM a few days ago and these are some questions which I finding difficult to answer based on what...
Jun30-07 10:51 PM
14 13,364
I was reading a paper on Loop Quantum Gravity, which stated something along the lines that the Immirzi parameter could...
Apr2-07 01:25 PM
0 1,233
We have a potential that is (1/2)kx^2 for x>0 and is infinity for x<0 ( half harmonic oscillator. Now i want to...
Sep24-08 09:35 AM
Count Iblis
2 3,213
I posted this in the calculus section...but no reply... I came across this while studying the most general noether's...
Feb11-09 11:17 AM
4 969
I am currently reading Dirac Equation from Peskin-Schroeder. In a particular para it says, "Now let us find Dirac...
Jan31-11 07:54 AM
A. Neumaier
8 2,269
I am having some trouble understanding the paragraph after eq (3.93) in Peskin Schroeder (Page 55). The chapter is on...
Feb23-11 07:41 AM
1 731
Can someone explain to me how the authors got the second equation of eq (4.19), Page 84, of Peskin Schroeder. The...
Mar30-11 06:16 PM
3 1,183
This doubt is about a text in Peskin Schroeder Pg 86. I reproduce it here. -------------------------------- U(t,t')...
Mar30-11 01:26 AM
4 1,396
Given a stationary state H \psi = E \psi \Rightarrow \left(-\frac{\hbar^2}{2m}\frac{\partial^2}{\partial x^2} +...
Oct18-12 03:33 AM
9 3,864
I was just wondering what the product for two grassmann fields f(x) and g(x) where x is position and is not a...
Nov14-11 02:11 PM
0 1,079
Is the following the definition of wedge product in tensor notation? Let A \equiv A_i be a matrix one form. Then...
May1-12 03:47 AM
1 1,192
So I want to calculate the quantum massless photon propagator. To do this, I write A_\mu(x) = \sum\limits_{i=1}^2...
Jun15-12 08:40 PM
0 798
So, in the calculation of D(t,r) = \left , where t= x^0 - y^0,~ \vec{r} = \vec{x} - \vec{y} you need to calculate...
Jun16-12 04:34 PM
0 563
Hello, this could be a basic question. I saw the link on one...
Nov16-10 01:42 AM
8 1,589
This is with respect to the Elitzur–Vaidman bomb-tester. Where the of wavefunction of photon is going to collapse is...
Nov2-10 03:17 AM
41 5,080
I have just completed Atomic Structure from my textbook. In that a Schrodinger Wave Equation is mentioned and after...
Jul30-11 12:51 PM
2 2,715
is zitterbewegung lyk phenomena real...wen dirac equation can be easily reduced to schrodinger pauli equation why cant...
Nov20-11 12:13 AM
0 641 In the link above and by searching net with...
Jan17-14 07:49 AM
136 17,604
Hi there everyone. I'll try to keep this short. I'm currently a sophomore at a local college. I'm in Honors...
Sep1-12 07:17 AM
3 750
Hi all, I would like to know what is the relation between charge and mass (of electron/proton/neutron). How far...
Jun14-11 05:25 PM
2 615
I had an argument with my Physics teacher. I know that light has been clearly proven to be a wave, because of the...
May9-07 07:42 AM
47 10,875
How does one solve bound state problems in QFT(like an electron positron atom)? How does one identify the space of...
Mar16-10 12:44 PM
1 988
I am looking for books or papers that explain conceptual ideas that underlie the study of quantum fields. I am looking...
Sep21-11 02:44 AM
3 1,131
Can we measure the spin of a particle by measuring the force on a Magnet? I wish to consider a modified stern...
Jul31-12 11:29 PM
15 1,551
I am aware that physicists are trying to derive born rule from unitary evolution. Has there been any success? What is...
Aug16-12 06:48 PM
7 1,098
Is work done by the external agency when an adiabatic change in the Hamiltonian is performed on some State ψ?
Aug26-12 03:03 AM
3 606
As the Title describes, Is the measuremet problem completely solved by the decoherence Program? In specific I would...
Dec2-12 10:12 AM
88 8,653
what makes a metal sheet to reflect light? why doesn't individual metal atom reflects light?
May18-10 09:00 AM
1 1,385
knowing the action S=\int_0^\infty dt'\left After the so-called wick's rotationt'=-i\tau with \tau being real, the...
Aug23-09 10:07 PM
5 986
A B are two-body and one-body operators respectively. Is the following equation correct? If so, Would you give me...
Aug29-10 03:50 AM
6 1,488

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