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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,192
So in the infinite well Energy is proportional to 1/L^2, so i'm assuming in the finite well there is some sort of...
Mar30-14 02:47 PM
1 286
My textbook says the ground state energy of the QSHO is given by 1/2*h_bar*w and that this is the minimum energy...
Apr5-14 01:37 PM
1 221
So my professor said that the Kinetic energy of the particle in a 3D infinite well is dependent on position where in a...
Apr17-14 12:18 PM
2 342
I'm doing a research paper on the deutsch problem in QC. My google inquiries have turned up numerous papers on...
Mar2-06 03:17 AM
3 3,397
Did you guys get this link yet? Simply amazing.
Oct1-06 06:58 PM
5 1,179
A friend of mine wrote a paper on entanglement, measurement, and simultaneity. the professor provided an...
Mar29-07 12:25 AM
George Jones
5 1,376
Is this right? To calculate a scattering amplitude for a certain scattering event, you take the term in the wick's...
Nov27-09 12:12 AM
0 1,223
I have not had any luck in finding out how much is known about the actual positions of quarks in protons and neutrons....
May2-10 01:46 AM
1 869
Would the following explanations suffice to explain why the photoelectric effect shows the particulate nature of...
Nov12-12 09:53 PM
2 664
hi is there any way we can find \Psi(x,t) for a given \psi(x,0) ????? i got stuck with schrodinger...
Feb12-10 02:13 PM
5 894
Hi, I need to calculate the energy levels for a generalised potential, which forms a double well, on Matlab as part...
Nov6-08 01:48 PM
0 3,102
Brian Greene describe an experiment in his book "The fabric of the cosmos" pretending to illustrate the Bell test...
Apr10-12 04:38 AM
17 3,308
I have seen similar posts, but I haven't seen what seems to be a clear and direct answer. Why do only a certain...
Aug2-14 06:58 AM
9 328
I have trouble understanding the concept of imaginary time. As I understand it (by reading other online sources),...
Aug14-09 11:57 AM
0 1,187
Hello, I would like to re-open a topic raised by Si in 2003. I agree with Si that Weinberg's vol.1 is a...
Oct12-09 07:45 AM
0 500
Let's have a theory involving Dirac field \psi. This theory is decribed by some Lagrangian density...
Apr28-08 07:02 AM
11 2,057
Hi, Just wondering, can we prove that there is a maximal complete set of commuting observable?
Mar1-11 10:03 AM
A. Neumaier
3 835
My own question, carried to a new thread as not to derail another:
Aug22-07 03:51 PM
1 1,007
In lecture today, we were going through Griffith's QM, Chapter 7, The Variational Principle. The particular case...
Feb23-08 05:54 AM
0 1,195
I've gained interest in the LHC being built at CERN, which has led me to the LHCb experiments, which pertain to...
Mar8-08 08:55 AM
2 1,150
Is Spacetime Smooth? Smooth: infinitely differentiable If there were a limit to the differentiability of...
Aug3-11 11:37 AM
99 14,775
I've been told recently that the vacuum permittivity, given a sufficiently strong electric field, is not a constant,...
Oct13-09 09:30 AM
6 1,665
I'm assuming the standard reductionist viewpoint: that chemistry is simplified quantum physics. Of the four...
Dec26-09 08:29 AM
6 5,335
My QM is undergrad level and I don't keep up on recent breakthroughs. I'm curious what the status is on space...
Mar20-11 05:06 AM
1 782
I'm learning about Schrodinger's equation in my general chem class right now, so obviously I'm doing a little...
Oct29-09 04:33 AM
2 1,387
This may be a basic question; I'm not sure because I'm just getting into quantum theory. As I understand it, the...
Oct31-09 04:31 PM
Bob S
8 886
I'm learning how to solve the Schrodinger wave equation and I know that the solutions are of the general form: ...
Nov2-09 09:24 AM
2 1,130
Quick question about how Schrodinger constructed the momentum operator. I understand that \widehat{H} in the wave...
Nov23-09 05:04 AM
3 708
The rms EM field within a cavity resonator, excited in a single resonant mode by a current probe of fixed rms...
Nov30-11 07:46 AM
6 2,987
I'd like some informed opinion on the following scenario, which in a certain article forms the basis of a...
Jan27-11 12:48 PM
2 859
more... susceptible to ionization? Basically so that less energy is required for ionization.
Mar25-08 01:50 PM
6 1,293
Hi! I am having some difficulty in finding a definition about some kind of reverse operation (integration) of a...
Feb23-12 08:16 PM
9 1,520
Ok, if a particle is a wave and can diffract (e.g. through graphite sheet), I mean does the particle split into two or...
Nov7-09 12:27 PM
4 1,522
Using the meager physics knowledge I've scrapped together over my 19 year life span I've arrived at the following...
Jul8-09 10:39 AM
2 747
I don't understand how in quantum mechanics we have discrete and exact energy states for electron orbits but then at...
Oct1-09 07:08 AM
3 1,085
To solve the the blackbody radiation Planck had to solve the partition function or average energy for a harmonic...
Nov29-10 03:16 PM
21 5,266
So for the phase velocity of a massive particle we have Vph = Vg/2 for non-relativistic case Vph = c^2/Vg for...
Mar7-13 05:15 AM
1 630
Hello, Can someone explain to me- in a conceptual manner- why when Special Relativity and QM are combined (ie Dirac)...
Nov29-10 10:12 AM
8 1,323
I was talking to my professor about what constitutes as a measurement and the topic of the Stern-Gerlach experiment...
Dec1-10 02:43 AM
8 1,206
Hi, I have a question about a statement I've seen in many a Quantum Field Theory book (e.g. Zee). They say that the...
Apr14-05 10:53 AM
2 4,634

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