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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,455
This is not a homework problem, I hope im in the right forum. Suppose a magnetic field is applied long enough so...
Oct10-07 10:31 PM
7 1,596
Would a water wave leak just like an electron with a barrier?
Sep28-12 01:27 AM
5 1,160
Ok so I'm currently revising my quantum theory course from this year and I've reached the section on the postulates...
Mar20-13 09:06 AM
4 686
If the answer is no, why? Is it possible to show that, given the state spaces we have for individual particles,...
Oct6-08 04:18 AM
1 1,546
Heisenberg's uncertainty principle asserts a fundamental limit to the precision with which certain pairs of physical...
Feb22-13 04:56 PM
23 1,514
What is Quantum Entanglement, and what does it do? I attempted at learning via online articles.
Aug12-14 03:29 PM
17 469
Why is Schrodinger's Cat entangled? Or is it not? I recently saw a poster on deviantart that said this:...
Feb28-13 12:29 AM
3 551
Can somebody explain to me exactly what Virtual Particles are (Like the Higgs Boson) and their respective virtual...
Apr3-13 05:32 AM
3 734
Can someone please help me out with mass terms in the general case for a lagrangian? It is known that for n scalar...
Feb2-10 10:33 PM
0 1,968
Why is a solid state laser diode pen which emits eletromagnetic radiation in the form of a constant range of...
Feb6-05 10:07 AM
6 993
How you learn quantum physics I don't know. The math is complicated. I want to know a really hard equation that...
May12-05 09:52 AM
15 2,282
I was reading John Cramers column and came across the AAVP Effect. See references below. Basically, if you have...
Jan29-06 04:40 AM
0 901
If I set up an interference experiment and make one path much longer than the other would I still see an interference...
Feb9-06 05:53 AM
1 1,253
I was reading some some popular science rags and came across an article that espoused: But I didn't think all...
Feb12-06 04:07 PM
0 2,491
I'm working on a research paper on Quantum Entanglement and came across something I don't understand. (I assume this...
Dec17-09 11:21 PM
8 2,004
Feb14-13 02:39 AM
0 374
Before I make my post, I'd just like to introduce myself. My nickname is quantum_foam, as you can see (it's from the...
Nov8-03 11:35 PM
4 1,248
In F. Wilczeks book, The Lightness of Being he describes his theory on the origin of mass. He explains, in much more...
Jan10-09 01:56 PM
2 811
OK, I have a problem with the many-world interpretation, namely the quantum suicide experiment. My problem: How...
Jun28-06 11:32 PM
58 7,991
Imagine you have two plates which can either be perfectly conducting or perfectly insulating by changing some...
Nov5-06 07:34 PM
8 1,919
I am reading chapter three of Huang's Statistical Mechanics and I have a problem with equation (3.22). Having...
May19-12 08:03 AM
2 591
I am told that when an atom absorbs a photon, it jumps up an energy level, these are discrete levels of energy etc...
Apr7-11 07:41 PM
Einstein Mcfly
3 866
Hi, I have a ground state wavefunction, $$ \psi_0(\xi) = A_0\exp(-\frac{1}{2}\alpha\xi^2), $$ (##\alpha## is a...
Dec13-13 07:45 AM
0 387
Since it appears (so far) I am infringing no rule, here is another shameless copy/paste of a thread I started on...
Oct24-08 06:19 PM
1 1,177
Hi In double slit experiment our observe can change the past and in the entanglement our observe affact other...
Dec13-13 09:44 AM
10 756
Spin is a quantity of vector but I dont know how to add them ? Please be simple Thanks
Aug14-14 09:19 AM
2 166
I watched a video about particle physics and there I saw something strange(for me)...
Aug18-14 02:18 AM
6 372
Hi I am curios about something we know E2=(mc2)2+(pc)2 than Paul Dirac maid E2=(mc2)2 than we know he find antimatter ...
Aug29-14 01:41 PM
3 135
In particle physics we know that total angular momentum is conserved and its equal to orbital angular momentum plus...
Aug30-14 09:32 AM
2 228
Why is there no kinetic energy term in said hamiltonian? Suppose I take a magnetic dipole in my hand, and I throw it...
Dec24-05 11:17 AM
3 6,290
I've always wondered what is considered to be 1 photon. We always see things like "When two of these particle collide,...
Nov27-08 09:46 PM
34 10,895
I am reading the first chapter of Sakurai's Modern QM and from pages 30 and 32 respectively, I understand that (i)...
Aug11-06 03:21 AM
5 1,474
The SE is written in terms of a potential energy. It says, "given a particle in a region where the potential is...
Oct4-06 08:29 PM
4 1,955
How should \Delta E \Delta t \geq \hbar/2 be interpreted? When does it apply? Delta t refers to the time of what? etc....
May7-12 06:40 AM
10 8,326
In Reif's thermo book, one can read "Consider a substance which contains n magnetics atoms per unit volumes and...
Nov13-06 10:57 AM
5 5,095
In my thermo text, they consider a diatomic molecule that is rotating about the axis joining the two atoms (also the...
Nov14-06 09:42 PM
5 2,291
Hi, I have a problem with the very nature of time dependant perturbation theory (TDPT). In TDPT, we consider a...
Mar16-07 02:23 PM
3 1,496
Hi, Is there an explicit formula for the eigenfunctions of the harmonic oscillator? By explicit, I mean "not...
Mar27-07 03:30 AM
8 4,078
As I understand (from reading p. 2-06 of Marle's 1975 text on geometric quantization available on the french wiki page...
Mar25-12 09:37 AM
9 1,412
I have been reading about some quantum gravity topics, and am wondering: how many different modifications to the...
Nov7-08 03:09 AM
3 1,163

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