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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 35,477
Does anybody know an example for a uncountable infinite dimensional Hilbert space?(with reference or prove).i know...
Nov14-11 10:27 AM
30 9,460
I just had a weird thought. One qubit is a 2-d complex vector space which is isomorphic to a 4-d real vector space. ...
Jun10-11 09:17 AM
4 953
In quantum mechanics, why does the Fourier transform f(x) = \int_{-\infty}^\infty F(k) e^{ikx}dk represent...
Jun11-09 05:28 AM
4 1,765
I have a question about an expirement that i saw yesturday in my physics class. They were shooting electrons one at a...
Apr3-06 01:04 AM
35 2,468
This is my first post by the way. Im hoping to be accepted here and not considered a "n00b". RELATIVE Let me begin...
Aug11-09 10:10 PM
1 961
Forgive my ignorance if I'm missing something obvious; although I try to stay informed my interest in physics is...
Apr22-08 07:43 PM
7 2,294
My knowledge of QM is far from great, but I can't figure out what I'm missing here. When looking for e.g. an...
Aug13-08 07:02 PM
3 1,023
So say for example: Somehow you were dislodged from time so whenever you made a decision you never knew what reality...
May24-12 01:23 PM
2 803
Hello, Lately, I have been thinking about the uncertainty principle (UP) and how it applies to the nucleons. Now, I...
Jun26-06 11:45 PM
1 1,093
Hi, I've been trying to understand the Stern-Gerlach experiment. I've been reading this book which explains how to...
Feb15-09 09:17 PM
7 2,705
Hi quick question, is there a reason that the eigenvalues of Jz, Lz and Sz are all denoted m? Are they the same?...
Feb17-09 08:53 AM
1 1,154
Please help! OK so when we looked at the Zeeman effect, we used the states |n, j, l, m> where these are the...
May15-09 05:48 PM
1 900
Hi, quick question: I have been told that the weak field regime is when the spin orbit interaction dominates over...
Jun7-09 09:16 PM
1 1,649
question about the double split experiment. So detectors placed at the slits create the wave function collapse of...
Jul7-10 06:50 PM
8 1,605
EDIT: This may be better in the Chemistry forum, I'm really not sure. I'm just doing some basic qualitative MO...
Jul15-09 08:52 PM
2 1,016
I have a question about expectation values in quantum mechanics. When calculating <x>=\int\Psi*x\Psi does x always...
Sep18-11 09:23 AM
1 812
Ive been reading lately about the Planck constant and have been trying to learn more about it if possible. The way...
Jul14-13 02:54 AM
6 820
Greetings, I'm trying to illustrate how nuclear fusion would "look" from the perspective of two nuclei that are...
Apr4-08 11:16 AM
9 2,034
I would like to know what are some examples of what two nuclei would have to experience in order to become entangled....
Apr10-08 07:27 PM
12 1,700
Ok so I am trying to expand my understanding of these two concepts. Here is what I understand so far. There are very...
Dec4-04 06:58 PM
1 2,001
In Sakurai: The state ket for an arbitrary physical state can be expanded in terms of the |x'> |\alpha>=\int dx'^3...
Jan23-06 10:15 AM
4 1,093
I've been hearing a lot about "loop gravity" latey. I am not even sure if I am under the right title "quantum...
Jun21-04 07:02 PM
2 1,142
In the famous thought experiment of Shroedinger’s Cat, we never consider the cat itself as an observer. The cat would...
Sep22-04 03:04 PM
8 3,268
How can a particle be in two places at the same time? Is time and space an illusion? Does quantum nonlocality imply...
Dec15-04 07:56 AM
6 1,248
I originally posted this under philosophy and someone suggested I go here though it may be a little speculative for...
Dec23-04 01:41 PM
1 1,487
Is the universe an unbroken whole as David Bohm suggest? Is framentation an illusion of the discriminating mind of...
Jan24-06 06:42 PM
0 2,208
Does the collapse of the wave function really happen when someone observes it or is collpase a fluke of measurement?...
Feb26-06 12:14 PM
18 2,407
Can blind people collapse the wave function or is the wave collapse restricted to the sense of sight? Can other senses...
Jun25-10 03:43 PM
Dr Chaos
24 3,295
The title says it all. I'm sorry if you get annoyed because of my "noobishness", but I'm still a physicist in training...
Oct1-13 02:32 AM
6 1,121
I need some help with a problem that involves the concept of quantum superposition. Suppose you have a nucleon...
Sep21-05 07:16 PM
6 2,340
In reading D. Bohm "Quantum Theory" (1979), on p. 625 he makes the statement..."without appeal to a classical level,...
Sep25-05 07:28 AM
7 1,303
In reading about Bell tests I found this link:, which has discussion of...
Sep26-05 10:28 AM
36 3,575
At this link: is a recent paper by Carlos Castro on a new...
Nov20-05 02:16 PM
2 1,494
I have a question, would QM predict an entanglement of heat and cold wavelengths made available to an observer ? At...
Dec3-05 12:44 PM
0 928
Suppose an experiment was published next week in Science that conclusively falsified quantum mechanics, how would the...
Jan18-06 11:10 PM
23 3,146
In another thread, PF member "SelfAdjoint" made the following comment: ...and indeed you see papers suggesting...
Jan23-06 05:54 AM
3 1,083
I would like to better understand the apparent controversy between the theories of QED (quantum electrodynamics) and...
Jun17-06 07:26 AM
0 1,765
Does the newly discovered crystalline structure of high pressure oxygen reported in Nature falsify QM theory at...
Sep23-06 05:33 PM
0 1,176
I have read the following claim (where is not important): ...the Schrodinger equation provides no rational basis...
Sep2-07 10:00 AM
1 1,339
Have fun--play it loud--if you work in area of QM, perhaps this song about you: ...
Oct4-07 10:58 PM
0 1,167

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