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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 34,159
The title says it all. I'm sorry if you get annoyed because of my "noobishness", but I'm still a physicist in training...
Oct1-13 02:32 AM
6 1,043
I need some help with a problem that involves the concept of quantum superposition. Suppose you have a nucleon...
Sep21-05 07:16 PM
6 2,329
In reading D. Bohm "Quantum Theory" (1979), on p. 625 he makes the statement..."without appeal to a classical level,...
Sep25-05 07:28 AM
7 1,300
In reading about Bell tests I found this link:, which has discussion of...
Sep26-05 10:28 AM
36 3,557
At this link: is a recent paper by Carlos Castro on a new...
Nov20-05 02:16 PM
2 1,488
I have a question, would QM predict an entanglement of heat and cold wavelengths made available to an observer ? At...
Dec3-05 12:44 PM
0 917
Suppose an experiment was published next week in Science that conclusively falsified quantum mechanics, how would the...
Jan18-06 11:10 PM
23 3,098
In another thread, PF member "SelfAdjoint" made the following comment: ...and indeed you see papers suggesting...
Jan23-06 05:54 AM
3 1,082
I would like to better understand the apparent controversy between the theories of QED (quantum electrodynamics) and...
Jun17-06 07:26 AM
0 1,756
Does the newly discovered crystalline structure of high pressure oxygen reported in Nature falsify QM theory at...
Sep23-06 05:33 PM
0 1,160
I have read the following claim (where is not important): ...the Schrodinger equation provides no rational basis...
Sep2-07 10:00 AM
1 1,330
Have fun--play it loud--if you work in area of QM, perhaps this song about you: ...
Oct4-07 10:58 PM
0 1,164
this thread, because IMO they go far beyond the original thrust of that thread.] :confused:But we read below from...
Aug3-08 12:55 PM
Count Iblis
35 5,103
Well, it has been ~ four years ago now I request help with this question in another thread, long dead, so I thought I...
Apr11-09 04:09 PM
4 1,257
Hey, How would you compute the probability of measuring a specific value of an observable (resp. range for...
Apr23-12 07:00 AM
1 537
Hi, so first post on this forum so I hope I'm doing everything good-as-gold! I've been twisting my head around a...
Mar30-10 02:45 PM
0 797
Are the Feynman diagrams still applicable to more than two particles interactions? This would be very helpful in...
Feb4-12 07:35 AM
3 864
Hi everyone, first post here :) Someone told me that information could be transmitted faster than light using quantum...
Feb8-10 04:28 PM
Frame Dragger
25 4,216
Ok, so I just found out that gravity travels at exactly the speed of light. I had previously thought that it must...
Dec18-04 01:48 PM
Louis Cypher
4 2,320
Is there some type of exception to the singularity for gravitons? And if not gravitons then what? I understand the...
Mar18-12 03:49 PM
6 1,303
Are there any good online quantum mechanics intros?
Feb13-07 03:23 AM
2 4,198
In the page below a formula for the Ai(z) function is given in 0F1.
Mar3-12 01:07 PM
0 1,013
Hello there forum! I would like to present a paper on quantum computers. Idk where to start from. I have high school...
Jul24-11 05:25 PM
1 998
I am just starting an introduction to quantum mechanics this semester, and it's hard for me to do some of my homework...
Sep20-07 08:54 AM
40 6,167
I actually have a homework problem on this; but I don't want help specifically with that. What I'd like to know is,...
Sep21-07 02:44 PM
7 2,214
in what scale can we consider the uncertainty principle?can it be considered in the non atomic scale?
Oct13-10 02:04 PM
5 1,013
I have concocted a rather simple description that (surprising to me, at least) describes two wholly unconnected (I...
Dec16-10 02:05 PM
rai linga
0 1,388
Give one practical application of quantum mechanics and write about it in 4 to 5 sentences.
Jun7-08 04:27 PM
5 6,760
hi, i want to make kinetic energy matrix representation in ellipsoidal coordinate, but i dont know how can i have a...
Feb22-09 01:24 PM
0 762
Hello I am looking for websites/online lectures about Feynman's Path Integral formalism. I have Feynmann and Hibbs...
Nov10-09 07:36 AM
2 775
Hi, Can someone explain to me how to write a matrix as a sum of outer products like...
Feb21-10 11:31 AM
9 6,175
Hello, If the dynamics of the system are descibed by a Hamiltonian, H please could someone explain when should I be...
Apr18-10 11:19 AM
3 655
Hi, I am looking for an experiment I heard about where observing the system alters it because you have gained...
Apr18-10 11:21 AM
0 634
A few months ago I wrote this line down, but it does not seem to follow any more. Am I mistaking a mistake now or when...
May21-10 05:42 AM
3 814
Hi All, If there is something fundamentally wrong in my understanding of quantum mechanics, pardon me for I have just...
Dec13-12 12:35 AM
7 983
HI,all This is rajasekhar , Please guide me how to solve below problem. An electron moves in a one-dimensional...
Oct8-09 12:32 PM
1 1,045
I have written a code which is something like that clc X = input('Molefraction of Al in system:'); n=input('no...
Dec22-11 04:17 AM
1 1,737
If we can record an particle disturbances, isn't it is equivalent to particle actual motion. The disturbance can be...
Feb29-12 03:10 PM
0 725
In this experiment there are two wall. The first wall has two slit through which the electron passes and hit the...
May14-12 10:42 AM
0 623
I am not an expert in physics. I just wanted to know. Quantum outcome is said to be uncertain. Could this be the...
Jun8-13 09:24 AM
1 474

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