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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Apr12-14 02:54 PM
59 45,672
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 22,209
Found this on Woit's: Authors: S. W. Hawking Report-no: DAMTP-2005-66...
Jul31-05 08:49 AM
10 1,965
Has anybody done something in the field, "Computer simulation of Polymer(organic) solar cells". I need facts to...
May7-09 01:54 AM
Gihan sky
0 1,964
Haelfix pointed out the paper "Quantum Topologically Massive Gravity in de Sitter Space", which calculates a partition...
Jun3-11 07:33 PM
mitchell porter
2 1,964
In Wilczek nobel acceptance talk on page 21 right under equation (2) the...
Feb17-05 03:50 PM
10 1,962
May28-07 07:52 PM
1 1,962
In string theory, a solution involving flat 10D space seems like a valid solution. The Universe could be described by...
Jan26-10 04:35 PM
2 1,962
i know that gravitons supposedley "transfers" gravity between two particles, but can anyone tell me how gravitons...
May11-05 03:48 PM
17 1,961
Is there any theory for which "elementary" particles are "small" black holes or/and for which the electron and the...
Feb25-12 03:13 AM
9 1,960
In ordinary GR geometry, the Higgs field cannot play the rôle of the inflaton, so to imagine inflation one has to...
Mar15-09 02:56 AM
8 1,959
Peter May and I are about to run a workshop on n-categories at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications: ...
Jun30-04 02:38 AM
10 1,958
I came across a curious site on this topic:...
Mar17-11 09:15 AM
Physics Monkey
3 1,958
Another silly question here :) What are some of the cosmological observations a TOE must agree with? (I'm making a...
Jun24-11 08:40 AM
7 1,958
This is an interesting hypothesis that doesn't seem to have been discussed yet. What are its flaws? Mark Hadley at...
Jul17-11 06:04 PM
3 1,958
several recent papers have cited Ashtekar and Lewandowski "Background Independent quantum gravity: a status report"...
Mar3-04 12:17 AM
7 1,956
First question: Since a neutral Higgs boson is its own anti-particle, and has zero spin, it appears to have zero for...
Sep18-08 01:19 PM
7 1,956
Hi, I have no knowledge of ST but have a probably simple question. I saw a program about how the extra dimensions of...
Mar23-10 05:57 PM
7 1,956
This is a proposal for a quantum theory of gravity and matter in which all physical parameters are determined and...
Nov4-10 05:24 AM
2 1,956
ok so in the cyclic model of the universe...two branes are colliding and this is causing big bangs every few trillion...
Dec21-10 05:03 AM
1 1,956
Hello, i am given an action (only scalars) and i want to make it supersymmetric. Any hints? Do i simply add...
Oct17-11 01:58 AM
5 1,955
Geometric Models: E8, SO(10), Which ansatzs will prove to be right by CERN? 1. Ali H. Chamseddine and Alain Connes ,...
Dec7-07 10:41 AM
5 1,955
This is my first post and I’ve got some questions in regards to our universe. From what I’ve been reading it is known...
Jan25-04 06:29 PM
28 1,954
Hi Experts, I have passed my MSc. Physics in 2000 from Punjab University Lahore Pakistan & working in Industrial...
Jan29-06 06:31 AM
Nasir Ali
0 1,954 This is an interesting development in String/M,...
Jan23-09 12:48 AM
1 1,954
As far as I know there is no firm prediction of any Lorentz bending derived from mainstream Loop. The authorities on...
Aug24-09 11:11 PM
16 1,954
This may seem like a naive question to some people. I had always heard that Lqg can easily incorporate...
Sep3-11 02:53 AM
3 1,953
New paper out today about supersymmetry in spin foam QG Spin foam is the leading non-string approach to quantum...
Oct20-07 02:05 AM
5 1,951
We have had some discussion of this in earlier threads. Alain Connes et al have been able to derive the standard menu...
Feb18-08 08:58 PM
2 1,951
Carlip has argued that the dimensional reduction in many apprroaches to quantum gravity is related to the BKL limit...
Apr5-12 05:00 PM
2 1,951
How do we describe vibrating strinGs and branes? Is this connected with vibration of circular or quadratic membrane...
Jul1-11 08:54 AM
3 1,950
I read in Elegant Universe there is a 5th force predicted by the string theory. Anybody know what it is ?
Apr19-05 05:25 PM
3 1,948
I have a few questions about something I read in the transcript of Stephen Hawking's talk at GR17. He says that it has...
Aug27-04 11:43 AM
3 1,947
My question is simple and straight forward - how does a 1-dimensional string "convert" to a zero-dimensional point...
Jan12-09 04:36 PM
3 1,947
How does LQG work? I know there are gravitons in it but how do they interact with spacetime? Why is it a theory of...
May2-10 11:51 PM
14 1,947
As I understand it, the spin of anything is with respect to the background spacetime. So I have to wonder if the spin...
Sep18-12 11:51 PM
16 1,947
I watched the first half of the TV series a few months ago, and watched the rest just last night. I also asked for the...
Jan4-05 10:53 AM
5 1,946
I have absolutely no idea how to do this, but tell me if it will theoretically work: Somehow 'slice' the membrane...
Jan8-08 03:10 PM
4 1,946
I have been recently reading a lot on Super Strings and M-Theory, and I discussed this with selfAdjoint earlier but he...
Apr17-04 02:17 PM
3 1,945
So the Hamiltonian of the wave-function of the universe is equivalent to zero. Am I correct in interpreting this as a...
Aug29-09 09:49 AM
3 1,945
Are there any news regarding twistor theory? The original ideas by Penrose to replace spacetime by its "dual...
May27-11 06:29 PM
9 1,945
Is somebody here involved with the causal set approach to QG? is a nice...
Sep27-09 09:56 AM
3 1,944

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