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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,935
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Sep15-14 12:03 AM
72 67,948
can string theory ever be proven wrong? will or do we have the equipment to find out?
Sep5-11 02:13 PM
yoda jedi
51 18,268
For those who are interested in QG, but find it a bit daunting , here is a nice read: ...
Sep3-11 12:43 PM
6 18,074
After the resuscitation of triality in Baez's commentary of Garrett Lisi work, it seems worthwhile to open a separate...
Sep20-11 08:03 AM
14 4,077
Quantum mechanics does not take gravity into account at all. So when the energy levels of the hydrogen atom are...
Sep16-11 01:11 PM
10 4,355
Is Ads/CFT correspondance the same as gauge /gravity duality?
Sep20-11 05:17 AM
4 2,108
Hi, Can someone please tell me if current versions of string theory assume (or perhaps result in) a conservation of...
Sep1-11 04:06 AM
11 3,520
Or do we have no idea?
Sep15-11 01:46 PM
19 5,607
What is a non-unitary CFT? Why are Euclidean CFTs allowed to be non-unitary? I assume the opposite of Euclidean...
Sep6-11 09:30 PM
mitchell porter
7 3,784
I am not quite sure wheather this is the appropriate section. (since the question is about an experiment). I...
Aug28-11 01:43 PM
yoda jedi
6 2,571
Hi, I have a question about the static gauge in string theory, in which one sets \tau = X^0 I understand...
Aug25-11 09:27 PM
3 2,867
Interesting posts from Georg von Hippel at Monday, July 11, 2011 Lattice 2011, Day...
Aug29-11 10:11 PM
1 2,333
Hi, I am interested in grand unification with extra dimensions. Especially the case when extra dimensions are...
Aug24-11 08:50 AM
4 2,493
If spacetime is composed of tiny quantum "grains," the gamma-ray photons' polarization should change from random...
Aug27-11 09:02 AM
11 5,185
Hello, like I said in the topic title I am interested in what mathematics is needed for string theory to be...
Aug30-11 06:10 AM
13 4,971
If the Higgs is not discovered with the present generation of machines then would that really be an important...
Sep6-11 08:44 PM
3 2,665
I have formulated an equation for time . Equation is Time=mass*gravitational const/(speed of light)3 If this is...
Aug29-11 07:43 PM
2 1,679
arXiv:1108.6005 (cross-list from gr-qc) No quantum gravity signature from the farthest quasars Fabrizio...
Sep4-11 03:16 AM
13 3,330
In recent months, the possibility of a dS/CFT correspondence, analogous to the famous AdS/CFT correspondence, was...
Sep11-11 05:29 AM
mitchell porter
5 3,387
Researchers failed to find evidence of so-called “supersymmetric” particles, which many physicists had hoped would...
Aug31-11 02:16 AM
4 2,361
Here are video lectures I found just today, here's the syllabus:...
Aug30-11 09:49 AM
0 2,153
Im just starting to learn about super symmetry and I have a question. If super symmetry says ever boson has a fermion...
Aug30-11 11:02 AM
1 1,762
In polyakov action , 2 terms can be added tto the action ,a cosmological term and gauss bonnet term . Can someone...
Sep2-11 04:48 PM
0 1,307
When I look for it, the best I can come up with are things related to making calculations simpler. But I would like...
Sep2-11 11:10 PM
5 2,169 I found out about this clever short animated movie from twitter:...
Sep2-11 11:21 AM
0 1,466
This may seem like a naive question to some people. I had always heard that Lqg can easily incorporate...
Sep3-11 02:53 AM
3 2,133
Is anybody here familiar with Asselmeyer's work on exotic smoothness and quantum gravity?
Sep13-11 02:10 PM
20 3,965
Today one tries to find indications for quantum gravity indirectly via low-energy effects induced by "foamy" or...
Sep5-11 01:23 AM
0 1,037
Is there any good arguments or reasons for why it seems the general consensus is that the linear Schroedinger...
Sep7-11 09:42 PM
2 1,967
I am a physician not a physicist, but I read Brian Green, Susskind, Thorne, Gamow, etc. I recently learned of the Blue...
Sep6-11 08:28 PM
0 1,446
Recent searching of the light from the quasars indicate lack of the quantum fluctuation of the spacetime. ...
Sep7-11 10:20 AM
2 1,911 Linking covariant and canonical LQG: new solutions to the Euclidean Scalar...
Sep8-11 01:57 AM
0 1,165
Rhody raised this question. Garrett tweeted that he had talked with 't Hooft about unification and that 't Hooft likes...
Sep20-11 08:29 AM
15 3,399
The 2nd law and observed expansion implies that the initial condition of the big bang had zero entropy, which implies...
Sep9-11 06:36 AM
0 1,278 Gauge Theories Labelled by Three-Manifolds Tudor Dimofte, Davide Gaiotto, Sergei...
Sep12-11 04:16 AM
mitchell porter
1 1,649
I heard in a conference that gravity forbids to construct local gauge invariants like Tr-\frac14...
Sep11-11 09:10 AM
1 1,699
Hi all, I'm very curious about the current attempts to discover a theory of everything, and therefore naturally...
Sep13-11 03:05 AM
2 1,759
Why does Banks liken holographic spacetime to take-away :confused: Is dS/CFT then the restaurant at the end of the...
Sep14-11 08:39 AM
2 1,404
Hi, I have a fairly simple question, in particular for the Nambu-Goto string, S = - T \int d^2 \sigma...
Sep18-11 03:31 AM
10 2,560
If a point particle is a string viewed end on in three dimensions, or is a zero brane, isn't this merely a...
Sep20-11 02:53 AM
mitchell porter
3 1,979
what means simetry Z2 in brane world?? why in randall sundrum model ds^2 = A(y) dx^udx^v + dy^2 and A(y) =...
Sep17-11 07:07 PM
0 1,792

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