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    Citrix Metaframe App Server

    I'm not sure, to tell you the truth. I do know they have no server-based licensing scheme, which sucks. That would solve all my problems... So I'm stuck buying $900 creative suite licenses for 40 users - which was already planned for, but it would've been nice to pare that budget down some...
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    Citrix Metaframe App Server

    Any Citrix/Terminal Services gurus around? In an effort to cut costs and boost ROI, I'm thinking about introducing a Citrix box (or just using Windows TS) to load a few applications on for our LOCAL users to access - as in they will have a connection to the box at GigE speeds. The applications...
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    Short Question

    If you're talking about the string that you can pass to the modem when dialing, it sets certain preferences for operation, such as the modem's speaker volume and the like.
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    When I type in

    It's part of google's new personalized page feature - I get that now that I have a gmail account and I'm cookie'd.
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    What do you think about the Mac G5

    I won't disagree with that, Apple does slant results... just like other mfcs do. There will never be a day that I trust ANY mfc who says their own product is better than another mfc's offering. Wait for independent tests, I say.
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    Goddam Seagate Harddisk has bad sectors

    At our company, when we find a bad Western Digital drive, we just put the serial number in on western digital's website and wait for the replacement. Perhaps the same can be done with seagate?
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    What do you think about the Mac G5

    As a mac user, I think the computer itself looks ugly. IMHO. Plenty fast tho, with promises of 3ghz in 12 months...looks like apple is fighting back. PCs are still far better for games tho, simply because games are usually made for them first, then ported to the mac, if they are ported at...
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    SCSI vs IDE

    You can do that with IDE as well, Raid 5 - Stripe set. This feature is not a part of scsi hard drives, but may be a part of the scsi controller card depending on what you buy. I personally have not seen an IDE drive spinning at 10k rpm. 7200 is the fastest I have used. As far as the 4...
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    Goddam Seagate Harddisk has bad sectors

    If it is only 3 months old, it is prolly within it's warranty period. Just send it back and stay on the safe side...if you are seeing physical errors on the drive now, things will not get better, they'll get worse.
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    Voices in winamp

    I think pretty much the only way to do that is to obtain a studio cut of the song, before they have merged the vocal and instrument tracks. Once they are merged, I dunno what you would use to seperate them.
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    Computer Security

    Depending on your OS, you can also use policies to lock the system down. That is a complex topic, you would be better off searching windows help for "system policies" or "policy editor". As I understand it, computer mfcs just round out the numbers. IE, 1024kb = 1mb, but an mfc would just say...
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    Netscape 7.1

    I thought pop-up stopper didn't work for it tho? I thought I read something about Netscape having a built-in ability to block popups. I forget where I read that, however...
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    Popup stopper does not work in Netscape !

    Heh...Greg has a point there. In the computer world, if it don't work...just get a new one.
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    I'm Starting a Company Who's In?

    Net Admin here...I'll join your buisness venture ;) Course, in 5 years I'll (hopefully) be a graduated math major, with sights set on grad school, but hey, who knows.
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    I've Got a Problem with Windows XP On My Notebook Here

    Have you checked within the mouse software to make sure it is still configured correctly? I think I know the software you would be using, and normally you can set the amount/size of the scroll section of the touchpad, as well as the sensitivity. Sometimes fooling around with these options will...