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    IHC detection of proteins in mitochondrial matrix

    I'm specifically wondering: Can proteins in the mitochondrial matrix be detected by immunohistochemistry? I am familiar with the general techniques required for IHC, and I believe the procedures vary depending on what you're looking for. I do think that IHC can stain within the mito-matrix...
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    Bio in the news (journal articles)

    check out
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    Sensory adaptation, how exactly does this occur, also @mtc1973?

    Until then, #1 Threshold potential is the same, but the stimulus will have to be greater to achieve threshold, because there is inhibition. #2 Check out the ball and chain model of sodium channels. It is literally a ball and chain domain that acts to block the channel. #3 It happens very...
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    Spiking neuron models (ion current models)

    I cant see how the pumps are included mathematically. But they fit the description "intrinsic" "passive" and "global" so I thought I'd mention it. "What came first, the coupling constant or the current?"
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    Spiking neuron models (ion current models)

    In the Kavasseri paper, I thought it was interesting that by making the coupling term (gs) greater than .5875, the neurons will fire, even when Iext=0. I had trouble visualizing where gs fits in to a natural system. I think that it relates to things like width of synaptic cleft and density...
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    How to affect action potential

    I dont know anything specifically about planaria in regard to the resting potential of their neurons, but I'm guessing it's on the order of milli-Volts. Voltage clamping is one technique that is exactly the kind of electrical stimulus you're talking about, or what I think you are trying to say...
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    Biology research - do ppl have to argue for how relevant+interesting it is?

    I'm still an undergrad, but from what I've seen, biological research is often motivated by health concerns, or with health related goals in mind. That is where tons of grant money comes from, when you are able to link research to possible health related benefits. So like you said, who cares...
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    Manganese toxicity

    I've done a bit of reading about manganese toxicity recently, and I was just wondering if anyone had anything to contribute about this topic. It seems evident from the research I've read that excess manganese (ingested or inhaled) is linked to problems in the nervous system similar to...
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    What if one species evolve throughout time without interruption?

    As I see it, you envision an environment that is truly stable and occupied by ONE species. Will this species evolve intelligence? Possibly, in time, but it is just one possibility out of many. Consider this though; What if the original species (think humans) is already a sexually reproducing...
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    Enzymes contribute energy to a reaction?

    Man I just flipped through my copy of "Principles of Biochemistry" by Lehninger et. al. and it appears very vague concerning the actual contribution of energy from enzymes to catalysis. What it does say (and what you probably already know) is that enzymes bond to the substrate to from an...
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    Why do apes believe in God?

    I'm sorry, I've never heard of Goedel before, and I can't quite grasp what the wikipedia is trying to say about incompleteness theorem. But how does that, "not allow for infinity within the human mind"? Are you saying that Goedel somehow proved we cannot comprehend infinity with a proof? Even...
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    Organic food is a topic for pseudoscience?

    Alchemy is a classic pseudoscience. Lots of material I imagine. Actually I second the Hollow Earth Society.
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    Why do apes believe in God?

    This needs to be moved to cultural studies or something, a worthy discussion of "How the idea of a higher being came about and evolved" could be had, and the aspect of biology could be worked in, but right now this thing is riding off generalizations and analogies. Anywho, my 2cents before...
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    Why do apes believe in God?

    I cant decide whether to write a book about it, or just give you scientific explanation. Now I'm stuck in purgatory-
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    Shape of the action potential

    Do our neurons care? I'd like to hear that discussion in full, but I'll just say yes, they do care and God created apoptosis for the ones who dont... Just to warn you, I have limited knowledge of the subject, (not familiar with Morris Lecar Model) but from how I understand it you are asking if...