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    Proof involving linear algebra

    Homework Statement Hi, I'm supposed to solve the following question using proof by induction, and am very confused with it. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me solve this problem: Let an = 2 and an+1\frac{4a_n -3}{a_n} for n >=1. Show that 1\leq a_n \leq a_(n+1)\leq3 for...
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    Problem with Sets

    Hi, I'm having a lot of trouble with the following question: Homework Statement (a) Let x,y ∈ Z. Prove that if x>0 and x+y <xy, then y>0 Homework Equations x+y <xy, then y>0 The Attempt at a Solution I am very confused with this problem, and am not even sure on how to start...
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    Finding Ordered pair question

    Hey, thanks for the help. So after this step, do we use trial and error to find the correct solution. I am getting one ordered pair, (9,9), and (-9,-7) after all the math(since x, and y can only be integers). I would really appreciate it if you could confirm this. Thank you
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    Solve the equation

    Homework Statement Hello, I'm having some trouble with the following problem: Solve y = x+\frac{1}{x} for 0 < x \leq 1 Homework Equations y = x+\frac{1}{x} for 0 < x \leq 1 The Attempt at a Solution I am not sure on how to start. I've spent a lot of time thinking about how to...
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    Finding Ordered pair question

    Homework Statement Please find all ordered pairs of integers (x,y) such that x2 + 2x + 18 = y2 Homework Equations x2 + 2x + 18 = y2 The Attempt at a Solution Im not sure on how to begin. I tried square-rooting the expression, to solve for y, turning it into y = \sqrt{x + 2x + 18}. I would...
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    Trigonometric equations question

    Yes, this is precisely where I'm stuck. I'm not sure on how to proceed after this step.
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    Trigonometric equations question

    Yeah, sorry, my mistake I did actually try tan x = \frac{cos x}{sin x}, and tried to solve for a common denominator, cos (x), but am still very confused.
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    Trigonometric equations question

    Homework Statement Solve for x for 0\leq x\leq 2 \pi in the following equation: sin x tan x + tan x - 2sinx + cos x =0 Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution I tried making tan x = \frac{cos x}{sin x}, but did not have any luck, and am very confused on how to solve the...
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    Trig derivative applications answer check!

    Homework Statement The base of an isosceles triangle is 20 cm and the altitude is increasing at the rate of 1 cm/min. At what rate is the base angle increasing when the area is 100 cm^2? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Im very unsure about my solution method. I have attached...
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    Plane Intersections-Answer check

    Homework Statement Find the equation of the plane that passes through the line of intersection of the planes x - 3y - 2z - 1 = 0 and 2x + 4y + z - 5 = 0 and parallel to the x-axis. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Find the line of intersection for the two...
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    Schools University of Waterloo

    thanks for the link...looks impressive (especially the part that microsoft hires most of its employees from Waterloo)..
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    Velocity/acceleration using derivatives (answer check)

    ok, how could I find the speed..would I need to divide it by 4s? yes, thats a typo. is the answer 4.875 correct? But is my assumption correct? should I just put down that the object is moving away from the origin at t= 3? Thanks!
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    Schools University of Waterloo

    Hey everyone! I got accepted to the university of waterloo for computer science honours (BCS), and was wondering about the university's reputation. I know that its considered to be a very good school in Canada (one of the best), but what about international reputation? is it known to be a...
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    Velocity/acceleration using derivatives (answer check)

    Homework Statement An object is traveling along a linear path according to the equation s(t) = 4t^3 - 3t^2 + 5 where t is measured in seconds and s(t) measured in meters. 1. How fast is the object moving at t = 4 seconds? 2. What is the position of the object when it stops...
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    Planar Intersections (Answer Check)

    Thank you. Just one more question: when it says to interpret the result geometrically, do I have to graph it? or is it just stating the facts that we discussed above?