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    MATLAB Matlab - plot pressure distribution around a circle

    Thanks :) I never did figure it out, so it was helpful to know in case I have to do it again.
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    FEA (hand calc) - beam buckling

    Homework Statement Homework Equations KQ = PKGQ where K = stiffness matrix, Q = displacement vector, P = buckling load, KG = geometric stiffness matrix det(K-PKG)=0 The Attempt at a Solution Elements 1 (A-B), 2 (B-C) and 3 (vertical) each...
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    MATLAB Matlab - plot pressure distribution around a circle

    I'm trying to plot the pressure distribution around a cylinder in a uniform flow field, so that the graphic is a circle with the pressure curve around it, like in the image below. [Broken] Uploaded with I have the...
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    Root loci - transfer function

    That's right so far. With your first question, they might want you to rearrange your complex poles. To do that, you'd just expand (s+7+j5)*(s+7-j5). Otherwise, you'd be correct in using those as part of your denominator to have it as (s+3)*(s+6)*(s+7+j5)*(s+7-j5) How do you know that that's...
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    Streamlined section - using equations to find the dimensions

    Homework Statement I need to find the values of thickness (t), mean diameter (D) and mean length (L) that will give the minimum area for the streamlined section, given that it's moment of inertia is 5.42 in^4. Homework Equations (the I's and A's after all K's here are meant to be subscripts...
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    System Dynamics and Control problem - finding the block diagram from given equations

    I'm having a little trouble using the Latex thing so I've only used it for some of the equations. Homework Statement Elevation control of a tracking antenna. Equation of motion for the system J\theta^{..}+B\theta^{.} = Tc+w ... Equation 1 (those dots are meant to be above the thetas, but I...