What is Block diagram: Definition and 49 Discussions

A block diagram is a diagram of a system in which the principal parts or functions are represented by blocks connected by lines that show the relationships of the blocks. They are heavily used in engineering in hardware design, electronic design, software design, and process flow diagrams.
Block diagrams are typically used for higher level, less detailed descriptions that are intended to clarify overall concepts without concern for the details of implementation. Contrast this with the schematic diagrams and layout diagrams used in electrical engineering, which show the implementation details of electrical components and physical construction.

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  1. bob012345

    Analog Circuit for Mathematical Pendulum

    This is an analog circuit block diagram of a mathematical pendulum which solves the equation $$ \ddot{\alpha}= -\frac{g}{l}sin(\alpha)$$. I need some help following the signals into and out of the blocks. I think the input to integrator #1 must be ##\frac{g}{l}sin(\alpha)## as well as...
  2. A

    Oven controller block diagram, transfer function and temperature calcs

    FIGURE 5 shows an electrically heated oven and its associated control circuitry. The current, I, to the oven's heating element is fed from a voltage-controlled power amplifier such that I = EK1. A voltage, VD, derived from a potentiometer, sets the desired oven temperature, TD. The oven...
  3. B

    Block diagram showing how to turn white noise into rain

    So I have been looking and trying different thing to synthesize rain noise like this: https://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/campingRainNoiseGenerator.php but I cannot get it. and the graph that this sound makes did not help at all: can some make a block diagram of how to do this?
  4. icesalmon

    Engineering Determine the transfer function of the block diagram

    Step 1: I first started by reducing the inside of the block diagram of picture "bd" (the portion with G1 and the negative feedback G2) I obtained G1/[1 + G1G2] I'll call this term "F" Step 2: Then I'm left with two terms feeding into a summing point: F - G3 I'll call this term "K" I can...
  5. Elias_HH

    Engineering How to draw a block diagram of a discrete element with its impulse response

    Hello friends, I have a problem with a exercise sheet. Given is the impulse response of a discret element. The task is to draw the block diagram. But I think that the solution in the sheet is wrong. Because based on the difference equation (Exercise.pdf) there should be 3 delay elements. I have...
  6. A

    Engineering Transfer function to block diagram

    I am given the following two equations: and where E_1 is an output with corresponding input e and theta_o is an output with corresponding input E_3. The solutions that I was given are as follows: Unfortunately, I do not understand at all how to work out the block diagrams from the equations...
  7. H

    What is the Well-Known Feedback Expression for Block Diagram Manipulation?

    Hello I hope someone can help me, as i am kinda stuck for the moment. As you can see, the assignment states that I need to find the poles from the closed loop transfer function. I plan on doing so, by using block diagram reduction method. This is as fare as I've come, and can't come...
  8. H

    I Pole Identification Using Block Diagram Reduction

    Hello I hope someone can help me, as i am kinda stuck for the moment. As you can see, the assignment states that I need to find the poles from the closed loop transfer function. I plan on doing so, by using block diagram reduction method. This is as fare as I've come, and can't come further...
  9. EastWindBreaks

    Why is the output in the middle of the block diagram?

    (mentor note: not really a homework as the OP seeks understanding from an article) 1. Homework Statement I saw this on https://www.electronicshub.org/open-loop-system/, I thought the dry clothes should be the output, and heating the cloth should be the plant/process, I am so confused...
  10. J

    Control System: Find the Transfer Function From Block Diagram

    Homework Statement Homework Equations To find Ca / Rb we take Ra = 0 --- is this right? I used mason's formula P1 = -G2 G1 H1 Loop = G1, G2, -H1, -H2 Using Mason's Gain we get: Delta1 = 1 Delta = 1 - G1G2H1H2 Using Mason's Gain TF = -G1G2H1 Divided by ( 1 - G1G2H1H2) But substituting the...
  11. S

    Simplifying transfer function block diagram

    Homework Statement Simplify the block diagram. I uploaded a single image as it's the easiest way to do this problem. Homework Equations None at this stage. The Attempt at a Solution Please see the image.
  12. kostoglotov

    Viscous drag parallel to the axis of rotation: Control Systems

    Homework Statement https://i.imgur.com/WPAKuf4.png seeking G(s) = \frac{\theta_2(s)}{\tau(s)} Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution What does it mean when the viscous drag is parallel to the axis of rotation?[/B] It also turns out that this system needs two equations. I can sort...
  13. M

    Control systems: Simplifying block diagram

    Homework Statement How to show a block diagram can be simplified to a standard first order form for the diagram shown in the image attached and the question is shown in 1.a Homework Equations Standard first order form K/(1+tD) where K gain and t is time constant The Attempt at a Solution...
  14. M

    A block diagram reduction [sign error]

    I try to solve a block diagram reduction example but when I did the operations, sign of one operation is incorrect. I tried to understand why it is so? Would somebody like to help me. (1) First I carry the feedback into the parallel line. (2) I add +1/G1H1 in the parallel line because I...
  15. nothing909

    Pin configuration & Internal block diagram of an optocoupler

    Homework Statement In that pin configuration, what does the triangle and rectangle in the middle represent?
  16. M

    Can I Simplify a Block Diagram by Making Multiple G5 Blocks?

    I would like to ask why cannot I think G5 in series with G3(G4+G6G7) and then after muliplying them why I cannot think of G5*G3(G4+G6G7) in parallel to G2 so sum G2 and G5*G3(G4+G6G7) ? Thank you.
  17. G

    What is a feed through term in block diagram?

    I`m reading some paper about control engeneering. But I don`t know what is feed through term exactly. Is it a connection between some point in one circuit?
  18. thegreengineer

    Control theory: block diagram, problem (detailed below)

    I´m taking a course on control engineering and I have a test next Tuesday so I need to study the basics which are: Laplace transform, simplification of block diagrams, and analysis of transient and steady state responses. Right now I am dealing with the second one. I know the basic rules of...
  19. M

    Block Diagram Reduction - Control Systems Engineering

    Homework Statement Determine the closed loop transfer functions of the systems shown below: Homework Equations Standard block diagram algebra. The Attempt at a Solution I've moved the take off point such that the diagram now looks like: I am having difficulty determining G1(s). The...
  20. J

    How do I reduce the outer loop in the first question with 3 inputs?

    Homework Statement I have got 2 questions like this and I'm struggling any help would be much appreciated please. Thanks Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  21. G

    Finding Impulse Response from Block Diagram

    Homework Statement Where $$v = y - bu$$ It's given that the transfer function is $$h(t) = b u(t) + v(t) = b \delta(t) + e^{at}b \mu(t)$$ Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I can't seem to figure out how the impulse response above was found. I understand that the impulse response is y...
  22. P

    Help on simplifying block diagram

    Homework Statement I am trying to understand the simplification between these two block diagrams Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I understand the 2s+1/s has been moved past the summing junction, resulting in the 2s. But I don't understand where the s/2s+1 block comes from
  23. T

    Transfer Function of Block Diagram

    Homework Statement The block diagram of a PM DC servo motor with current loop feedback is shown below: If Ki is adjusted such that J(Ki+R)2 >> 4KTKbL, show that the transfer function may be approximated by G(s) = (1/Kb) / (τms+1)(τes+1), where τm = J(R+Ki) / KTKb τe = L / (R+Ki)The...
  24. L

    How Does Moving the Summation Block Affect the Equation in Control Systems?

    Hi there, I am struggling to understand how moving the summation (with H3) to before G1 will cause H3 to have to be divided by G1. I tried writing down how the equations would work to make sense of it but I still can't see how it works out. Please can someone explain this to me? Thanks, Laura...
  25. R

    Control systems block diagram reduction

    Homework Statement Hi I am having trouble simplifying the attached diagram with respect to the return summing blockHomework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution there shouldn't be any superposition since there is only one input signal, in the attached file I've simplified A to Be: G3/(G2-G2G3G4)...
  26. J

    Get transfer function from block diagram

    Hello guys! 1 & 2: I would like to get some help to take everything in A and find transfer function at B and C. I can't find these answer... 3. I know how to go from b) to c) .. we only multiply by E(s) and B(s). But I can't find b) at first. Thanks so much! JPGraphX
  27. D

    MHB Interpreting a Block Diagram: How Should it be Read?

    How do we interept what is going on in the block diagram? We have u going in and being added or subtracted from noise but we arent giving the plus and minus to determine which it is. Then there is a branch off u going straight to the Kalman filter. Then y comes from the plant and is added or...
  28. H

    RFID and Block Diagram Questions, help please

    Questions are shown on the pictures. For the block diagram, I know (1) error signal (5) output (7) feedback signal What are the (2), (3), (4) and (6)? Besides, how to answer the RFID questions? Ans. 1. For example, mall card? Ans. 2. Ans. 3. Ans. 4. Ans. 5. Please help!
  29. C

    Convolution exercise with block diagram and cases

    1. First of all, a block diagram is given where x(t) is the input and y(t) the output.The y(t) is asked when given the h(t) and x(t).We have in parallel h(t) and δ(t-1)*h(t) and those 2 go through a summer (the second one with minus and the first one with a plus) and give y(t). 2. I know from...
  30. R

    Simplify Block Diagrams: Finding Overall Transfer Equation for Homework

    Homework Statement finding the overall transfer equation Homework Equations not sure which equation to use The Attempt at a Solution unsure how to solve this, don't know where to start off from
  31. HelloCthulhu

    Node Analysis for LM2577 Block Diagram

    Greetings Members I'm a chemistry student doing some research [this is not homework!] on boost conversion and I need help discerning the node analysis for this step-up voltage regulator. I've found pretty decent tutorials on elements such as the comparator, npn transistor, and oscillator. But...
  32. M

    How to Simplify a Block Diagram to Obtain Y/R?

    I am having trouble trying to obtain Y/R from the block diagram below: the only thing i understand so far is that the bottom right loop is a feedback loop and can be simplified to 1/(s+a1). i know b1s can be obtained from the right loop, but i am having trouble getting to that point. i know it...
  33. E

    Interpreting a signal block diagram to form transfer funciton

    Homework Statement Given the following block diagram. Calculate the transfer function H(z) and find \theta (f=\frac{f_{s}}{6}) Homework Equations H(z)=\frac{Y(z)}{X(z)} The Attempt at a Solution Ok So I know i need to find my y(k) output equation from this. I can then rearange the...
  34. W

    Control Engineering: Block Diagram

    Hi guys, this is quite an inbetween question , not really homework but still theory. http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/1290/81696653.jpg Came across this diagram and was wondering if the arrow (in blue box) can be ignored ? Quite irritated by it now since I can't be sure how I should...
  35. R

    How to Model Complex Equations in Simulink?

    [b]1. I am working on a project to achieve maximum power output from a motor using the MEPT (MAximum Energy Power Point) algorithm for a small scale compressed air energy storage system. In the equation to attain efficiency, I am using simulink. I am not able to form the equation for this part...
  36. A

    Fully labelled block diagram of 3-bit ‘Flash Encoding’

    Homework Statement Draw a fully labelled block diagram of a 3-bit ‘Flash Encoding’ analogue to digital converter (ADC) and explain how the device converts an analogue voltage into a 3-bit binary number. The Attempt at a Solution anyone know how to do this or have any sources would be...
  37. C

    Block Diagram Reduction: Steps to Find Closed Loop Transfer Function

    1. Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations I need to reduce the above block diagram to find the closed loop transfer function This is my solution to the reduction part of the problem: i) Add the feed forward paths; (10 + 10) ii) cascade G(s)2 x G(s)3 , {G(s)2 = 1/1+12, G(s)3= 20/s}...
  38. E

    HELP Control Systems Engineering: Block Diagram Reduction Problem

    Help! I'm a third-year chick in engineering, stuck on a block diagram reduction problem for my control systems engineering course. Please email me and I'll send you a screenshot of the problem! kati@sidwall.com Thanks a mill. K xo
  39. A

    Help Block Diagram of viscometer?

    Help! Block Diagram of viscometer? Homework Statement Anyone know how a viscometer function? i mean not how to use it, but the mechanism of the viscometer to operate. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I had goggle but unable to get the answer.
  40. J

    Block Diagram of Transfer function

    Homework Statement Simplify the block diagram in figure and obtain the closed-loop transfer function. The first attachment is the question and the second attachment is the first step to the simplification of the block diagram.Homework Equations What i don't understand is how do you get rid...
  41. S

    Tracking Antenna Elevation Control: Equation to Block Diagram

    I'm having a little trouble using the Latex thing so I've only used it for some of the equations. Homework Statement Elevation control of a tracking antenna. Equation of motion for the system J\theta^{..}+B\theta^{.} = Tc+w ... Equation 1 (those dots are meant to be above the thetas, but I...
  42. F

    A four bit adder logic circuit block diagram

    pretty new to this whole computer architure thing, so i appreciate the answers given to my previous question, went through a lecture today in class, came out pretty clueless...what i would like to know is how exactly would the block diagram for a four bit adder circuit look? thank you for...
  43. K

    Signals and Systems: Deriving differential equation from block diagram

    Homework Statement Consider the block diagram below. Find the differential equation of the system. Homework Equations None, other than understanding how block diagrams work. The Attempt at a Solution My attempt is posted below, as an image. The reason I am having such trouble is...
  44. M

    Differential equation from the block diagram

    Hi How can I obtain differential equation of the block diagram below ? Thanks in advance Moses
  45. S

    How Does Z-Transform Multiplication Relate to Block Diagrams in Control Systems?

    Hi this is a general question about z-transform and block diagram: Suppose Y(z) is the output, U(z) is the input, and H(z) is the transfer function, then: Y(z) = H(z) U(z). Suppose we start with an open-loop transfer function G(s) under unity feedback, then to go from s to z, say we assume a...
  46. E

    Transmultiplexers block diagram TDM

    Homework Statement Hi I had a simple task at school : Construct a transmultiplexer for converting two CEPT into one super group It was easy for me ,, the answer is : http://img383.imageshack.us/img383/6150/transmultiplexerswl3.jpg But there is another problem i couldn't solve...
  47. P

    Mastering Block Diagram Reduction: Tips and Techniques | Transfer Function Guide

    Hi, I'm having some trouble reducing a leapfrog block diagram shown in the attachment. I want to find the transfer function but I don't know how to reduce the portions which "leapfrog". I can reduce the feedback loops G1 and G4 but not too sure on where to go from there. Any help is...
  48. S

    Difference between Block diagram, Flowsheet and Flow diagram

    I want to know the difference between Block diagram, Flowsheet and Flow diagram (in process engineering, especially in chemical engineering). Also could anyone link me to some useful websites where I can get more details about all these? Thanks in advance.