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  1. Bartellj

    Any advanced physics students/academics that have failed?

    Hello, I'm new here, and really just looking for a community/advice. I'm a physics major at Grand Valley State University, and I studied at the University of North Dakota for two years prior to this. I decided that I wanted to major in physics after a lot of thought, the catch is that I am not a...
  2. crimeanwarcrimes

    Rigorously covering mathematical prerequisites for Graduate courses

    I am a high school who will be graduating next year. I am almost done with Purcell and Morin which I worked through in my past holidays. However, I am still not proficient in various topics like Linear Algebra, Basic Analysis, and I quite often encounter various new things that I haven't even...
  3. sleepinginsomnia

    Physics Considering a Physics PhD and my future

    Hi all. I'm having some trouble formulating my thoughts and what I should consider for my future going forwards. I'm a Mphys graduate and my masters project was in Astrophysics.(FYI im in the uk and cant leave Leeds for a few years because of family issues) So I graduated from uni back in July...
  4. N

    Suggestion for a gas discharge lamp

    There is a physics event being organized in my college for which I had planned to make a muon detector. I have the circuit ready which brings 240 volts ac mains source down to 80 volts dc supply. But now, I am facing a serious problem. I have been unable to find a neon glow lamp. Basically, mý...
  5. N

    Studying Self-Studying Electrodynamics- Am I doing it correctly?

    So I am self-studying electrodynamics using Wangsness' Electromagnetic Fields textbook. Now, I have completed till chapter 21 (Maxwell's Equations). From the electrostatics part, out of the total end chapter problems for each chapter, I was able to solve all excluding 2 or 3. That is, if there...
  6. SuchBants

    How to allocate study time in physics?

    Hi, I'm a 3rd year (Scottish so a 4 year undergrad degree) student doing Physics. Obviously many of you will have been through a Physics/Maths degree and this question is for you. I'm finding that the volume of content this year is so much that I spend all my time keeping up on course notes...
  7. W

    Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

    Hello all! I am currently in my fourth year of an undergraduate physics degree. I am enrolled in a Bachelor of Science plan with Astrophysics/Astronomy and Computer Science minors. I just picked up the computer science minor this past summer so I am starting fresh in programming 1 right now...
  8. T

    Physics In retrospect, are you glad with the choice to have done a postdoc?

    Hi all, I'm entering the last year of my PhD on the interface of quantum optics and condensed matter (theoretical) in Europe. At this point, I am happy to have started it and now love doing research (even when being stuck on a problem-because this usually means something interesting will appear...
  9. N

    Prerequisites for General Relativity (Advice needed)

    Summary: At this point, I am thorough with single variable, multivariable calculus, differential equations, linear algebra and basic concepts of point-set topology and tensor analysis. To learn General Relativity along-with its mathematical rigor, what are the topics I should first be thorough...
  10. D

    Engineering Mechanical or electrical engineering

    How to know if I’m more inclined towards mechanical or electrical engineering?
  11. D

    Physics Inventor and physicist, what to study?

    I want to be an inventor that focuses on physics, I have the chance to study university but I don’t know what is the best career. I know inventing is much more than a degree, but I wanted to know which degree or degrees would help me more?
  12. M

    Foundations How to effectively study a mathematics textbook?

    Hello I am looking to find advice on the most optimal and efficient way to properly and deeply study a mathematics textbook, such that I completely understand everything and thus giving me good foundations for future study of more advanced mathematics. However, I want to change my ways of...
  13. A

    Admissions Think I made the wrong choice of PhD

    Hey folks. I could really use some advice as I'm in a bit of a situation... I graduated in 2018 with a 1st in Theoretical Physics from a well respected UK uni, and at the time I was fairly sure that I wanted to pursue a PhD in HEP. I had tailored my final year MSci modules to reflect this, and...
  14. Zack K

    Other Best way to get research experience for astrophysics?

    I'm currently studying in a Canadian University(SFU). I've come to notice that the astronomy/physics portion here is lacking. There are a few astrophyics/cosmology research teams but they are small and encompass a few graduate students. I'm a first year, I really want to get involved in research...
  15. P

    Bachelor's thesis: Theoretical vs Experimental

    Hey PF, In 1 month I am going to start my Bs.c thesis. I already "have" a mentor that is willing to supervise me and a topic. The topic is Bohmian Mechanics. I know its disliked, but thats not why Im asking this question. Tbh I'm not a great student, if I dont like something I will put...
  16. A

    Programs Medical physics vs theoretical physics

    Is medical physics as informative as normal physics in terms of the courses I'll do in the University and can it be used as a pathway into medicine and surgery?
  17. L

    Courses Help with a motivation problem

    I realize this isn’t really the place to ask for this, but I’ve kind of hit a wall. I came into physics grad school intent on doing theory, and I’ve hit a brick wall in my first semester. I got B’s in Classical mechanics and Quantum mechanics, which looks really bad for trying to get into any...
  18. topologyfreak

    Studying Should I start with a basic physics book without calculus?

    Hi, I want to start learning physics as I have never studied it in my life but have now taken an interest towards it. I have quite literally zero knowledge on physics, so assume I haven’t taken middle school or high school courses on physics, as I haven’t. I’m 17 currently, but that shouldn’t...
  19. Zack K

    Testing I did terrible on my Midterm exam

    So I need a bit of advice because I feel like crap right now. I'm a first year student right now majoring in physics, and I happen to be taking a criminology course as a breadth/elective course. I barely studied for the midterm exam because I thought it would be easy. Lo and behold I got 50% on...
  20. topologyfreak

    How to learn physics if I know calculus but zero physics?

    Hi, I have decided I like to learn some physics as I know absolutely zero physics and also including chemistry or biology, and I’d like to learn a bit of all 3, to the high school level perhaps. It seems that from, what I’ve read if I want to learn chemistry, I’ll first have to know physics, and...
  21. T dawg

    Courses Which course should I take?

    I'm an upper division physics transfer student and currently deciding on whether I should take a course in numerical methods for physical modelling or basic into to analogue circuits course. Here are there descriptions: math 174 - Floating point arithmetic, direct and iterative solution of...
  22. Y

    Other Metrics on fields in physics with funding/activity?

    Are there any metrics that show which areas in physics have lots of funding and activity at this present moment? Of course it would vary by location as well. I'm mainly interested in Europe. I am basically trying to figure out if Quantum Information/Quantum Computing is a good field to...
  23. ANewPope23

    Studying Learning the non-physics part of Statistical Mechanics

    Hello, this is my first question on PhysicsForum. I am primarily interested in statistics/machine learning. I have recently discovered that many of the ideas used in machine learning came from statistical physics/ statistical mechanics. I am just wondering if it's a bad idea to attempt to learn...
  24. G

    Studying How to improve in engineering exams

    I don't know if this is the right place to put this, but here it goes... I'm here to ask you what advice can you give me to achieve better results in engineering. I'm currently on my 5th semester and I'm still not managing to get good results. I really put effort on things, prepare myself...
  25. B

    How hard is it to get a job in astrophysics?

    im trying to become an award winning physicist (I know, im ready for the grind, im 15 and ready to start) how hard is it to first get a job in this area right out of college after a phd? any way to make 70-80k and go up to make 6-figure salaries in research for the government or in a lab? again...
  26. F

    Admissions Grad Application: GPA low due to disability

    Hi everyone. I am looking for some advice on how to go about writing grad school applications next year. My freshman year (Fall 2011) I developed a brain disorder that, while untreated, dramatically reduced my cognitive ability. I took two years off of school starting in 2013 came back in 2015...
  27. M

    B Spending lots of time writing notes for trivial explanations

    Hi, possibly a weird question, I am looking for advice or suggestions. Currently I am going through the prealgebra art of problem solving book as I’d like to start using that series of books and may as well start with the basics to get a thorough understanding (I understand algebra and basic...
  28. itsarah55

    Other Industry Jobs for a Planetary Scientist

    I am recent undergraduate with a B.S in Astrophysics. I was looking at getting a PhD in planetary science, but curious what type of industry jobs are available. I'm not interested in working in academia.
  29. M

    Programs Best complementary degree for computer science?

    What would be the best degree to have along side a degree in computer science? I am thinking it is either physics or mathematics. My interests involve, robotics, artificial general intelligence, 3D graphics, computer vision, neural nets, file compression and aerospace engineering(It’s an...
  30. M

    Schools Which field of study has the highest professor employment?

    Hi, I was wondering what stem field has the greatest likely hood to employ one as a professor at a university. I am deciding between mathematics, physics and computer science. My father is a professor in computer science but I am not entirely sure which field I want to become a professor in(or...