What is advice: Definition and 10 Discussions

Citizens Advice (previously Citizens Advice Bureau and also known as Cyngor ar Bopeth in Welsh) is an independent organisation specialising in confidential information and advice to assist people with legal, debt, consumer, housing and other problems in the United Kingdom.The twin aims of the Citizens Advice service are "to provide the advice people need for the problems they face" and secondly "to improve the policies and principles that affect people's lives". This research and campaigns agenda also known as "social policy" is more preventative in nature and designed to stop problems arising in the first place.
Citizens Advice organisations emerged in the 1930s linked to the emergence of a fledgling social welfare service and the outbreak of World War II. Public funding for the organisation was cut following the war but restored during the 1960s and a government grant in 1973 allowed the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux (NACAB) to expand the charity. Citizens Advice has grown to be the largest independent advice provider in the United Kingdom. There are also a number of Citizens Advice organisations that base themselves on the United Kingdom advice charity mainly in parts of the Commonwealth including Australia, New Zealand, and Gibraltar.In 2013 the Citizens Advice Adviceguide website was visited by one third of United Kingdom's online population and Citizens Advice's own research shows that four in ten of the British population contact Citizens Advice at some point during their lives. In 2014 Citizens Advice celebrated its 75th anniversary and in 2015 the charity was named Charity of the Year at the 2015 Charity Awards. During the ten year leadership of the former Chief Executive Gillian Guy Citizens Advice expanded its remit taking on the contract for the Witness Service and the face-to-face advice element of Pension Wise.

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  1. Q

    Needing advice for winning/doing well in a Math Counts competition

    Hello! I am a passionate math student wanting advice on how to succeed and go far in a math competition called Math Counts, a mostly word problem-based competition for grades 6-8. Anything helps! Thank you!

    Physics Need Career Advice for Specializing in Physics

    I’m in my 2nd year of a B.Sc. in Physics and unsure which field to pursue. I thought my next career would be based on what I'm interested in, but there are many fields in physics, and I don’t know where to start my self-study to explore them. What should I begin with?
  3. Syandan21

    Other Advice for a middle schooler interested in majoring in CS

    TL;DR Summary: I am interested in computer science and I want some advice for this amazing field. I am good at math and logic, and I think programming is a learnable skill. I want to go into AI development/Machine learning, or cybersecurity. I am currently learning Python and by the end of the...
  4. anim3t1ddy

    Studying Sophomore Undergrad Feeling Hopeless

    This is just meant to be a subtle energy releaser as I feel pent up about this situation. I have always been an A+ (B at my lowest) student and going into my harder physics classes has been proven a bit more difficult for me to adjust. I am retaking theoretical physics as I withdrew last...
  5. T

    Engineering Physics Major Needing Advice

    Hello, I graduated from UC Berkeley's College of Engineering with a degree in Engineering Physics in 2019. I performed extremely poorly academically, made no friends/connections, and have not been employed since then. I will be posting a more detailed post asking for some advice.
  6. Ali sulieman

    How Can I Stand Out in My Mechanical Engineering Major?

    Can you give me some advice about what I can do to be distinct in my university major "Mechanical Engineering" thank you
  7. Ali sulieman

    How Can AI Tools Benefit Mechanical Engineering Students?

    I started studying mechanical engineering, where I started thinking about things that might make me a successful and highly competent engineer in the near future. Then I started searching through artificial intelligence tools for useful sites for me as a mechanical engineering student, and your...
  8. A

    Studying Good resources to learn physics?

    Hi, I am a first year college student who is currently taking intro to physics course. With the way this course is designed, it is definitely not beginner friendly as I took physics for two years straight in high school and is still a little confused. To add to injury, I also just bombed my...
  9. C

    Programs What subject is better for an aspiring experimental physicist?

    I'm in my last 2 years of high school, and I have to pick a speciality to study before becoming an undergraduate and studying in college. In the future, I'm hoping to become an experimental physicist. My high school offers 3 specialities that are relevant to physics to pick from, all of them...
  10. opperator

    What Should I Do After Completing My Physics/Math Double-Major BS Degrees?

    Hi, I'm an undergraduate student in the US going into their 3rd year (of 4), and I can start to feel the weight of deciding what to do after my undergraduate studies. I'll break down the concerns into 2 main questions, and any advice is greatly appreciated! For context, I am on track to finish...