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Rigid block between two cyllinders Ansys apdl

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    i want to analyse a two cylinders of different materials between which a rigid block of certain width exists. I am using CE command to connect the nodes of both the cylinders and the constant in Ce equation denotes the width of the the rigid block. When i solve the above problem , stress continuity is not maintained in both cylinders.that is, the stress at the outer radius of the inner cylinder is not equal to the stress at the inner radius of the outer cylinder.
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    Have you considered using a contact condition instead of directly connecting nodes? If it is a tangent condition it may be only a single node will be connected, which will result in a stress discontinuity due to the infinitesimal contact area.
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    I am using CE so that i can implement the following condition:
    analytically i only want displacement discontinuity but when Implement CE ,the stress also becomes double . I want to maintain stress continuity but want displacement discontinuity.
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