What is Cherenkov: Definition and 42 Discussions

Cherenkov (sometimes spelled Čerenkov or Cerenkov) is a common Russian surname, which may refer to:

Andrei Cherenkov (born 1976), Russian professional football manager and former player
Andrew Cherenkov, a fictional character in the video game Xenosaga Episode I
Fyodor Cherenkov (1959-2014), Soviet and Russian footballer
Pavel Alekseyevich Cherenkov (1904–1990), Soviet physicist and a recipient of the Nobel Prize in physics in 1958

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  1. .Scott

    I Why is Cherenkov radiation blue? And what about refractive index?

    I got this question from my son last night. If you Google "Why is Cherenkov radiation blue", you get this: Somewhat more substantial is the Wiki article on the Frank-Tamm formula. That formula ties the Cherenkov radiation wavelengths to the transmission characteristics at any specified...
  2. P

    B Cherenkov Radiation -- How does this not break causality?

    Hi, I want to try to solve this puzzle in my head. They say that faster than c travel would break causality. And yet particles can travel through a medium faster than light can in that medium. But surely if that can happen then a particle can arrive at a place faster than information about the...
  3. A

    I Building a muon Cherenkov detector

    So far I have an R928 Hamamatsu pmt from ebay, that I believe will be good since it has UV glass, and the majority of the photons should be in the UV range. I also have an old Brandenburg pmt HV power supply but need a BNC connector to use it. I already have a good rigol oscilloscope. Soon I...
  4. H

    Chrenkov radiation cone angle vs. the speed of the particle

    cos(theta)=c/vn cos(1.2 degrees)=((3*10^8)/v(1.03)) v=291262135.9 v/c=.971 so the particle is moving at (.971)c But mastering physics tells me this is wrong, and says that I'm not account for the angle. I am really stumped.

    B Cherenkov radiation double slit experiment

    If a double slit experiment utilized photons from Cherenkov radiation under water, Would we expect the same results?
  6. J

    Graviton Speed & Cherenkov Radiation Effects

    Hi All, Can somebody tell me what's the speed of the Graviton? As for Cherenkov Radiation, does exist a similar effect for Graviton? Thanks
  7. F

    A Photons per unit of Energy in Cherenkov radiation?

    If I have a beam of protons that go into a block of water, how can I know how many photons will be produced along the beam path?. I'm assuming all the photons have the same energy. I know that the energy deposition will follow a Bragg Curve, and I think that energy deposition is probably...
  8. R

    B Light cone and Cherenkov radiation

    Hi All I read somewhere that at close to C the light emitting from a regular light globe ie diffuse light in all directions, will form a cone. what is the thinking behind this and does anyone have a link where I can read about it ?
  9. A

    Cherenkov Radiation: Investigating the Angle

    Homework Statement [/B]Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I find something contradictory about the cherenkov angle for the above two image[/B]
  10. T

    Light from Cherenkov radiation

    What exactly is the physical origin behind light produced by Cherenkov radiation having a non-zero angle with the trajectory of superluminal charged particle? Why is the light simply not allowed to go in any direction? Also, is Cherenkov radiation observed for "uncharged" particles (e.g...
  11. ORF

    Gamma detection -- Cherenkov radiation in gamma-scintillator interaction

    Hello During a simulation of light in gamma-scintillator interaction, it seems that there are a lot of Cerenkov photons. I don't know their contribution to the final intensity (it will need a long time to compute it). The textbooks usually say that the gamma ray will produce secondary...
  12. EnumaElish

    How would Cherenkov radiation play into GR, the dolphins' version?

    If dolphins thought the universe was just a really big ocean, and if they had come up with the theory of general relativity, how would the fact that certain particles radiate faster than light through water shape their version of the theory? Would it be essentially the same with the human...
  13. Drakkith

    Cherenkov Radiation and Non-Dielectric Materials

    Cherenkov radiation is described as being generated by a charged particle moving through a dielectric medium with a velocity greater than c/n, where n is the refractive index in that medium. Since n varies with frequency, there is a cutoff where n drops below 1 and no radiation is emitted above...
  14. Garlic

    Cherenkov radiation from neutral composite particles

    Hello everyone, Can atomic or subatomic neutral composite particles that consist charged particles emit cherenkov radiation if they are polarised strongly enough (and are fast enough)?
  15. Garlic

    Cherenkov radiation emitted from dark matter

    Will particles that don't interact with normal matter (dark matter for example) emit cherenkov radiation (if light in that medium moves slower than that particle) ?
  16. 1

    Computing Cherenkov angle when only knowing n?

    Homework Statement If all we know is that the media is 1.001, how can we compute the Cherenkov angle and threshold momentum of electrons,muons, pions, and kaons?Homework Equations I know that cos(theta_c) = 1/beta*n, where beta = v_p/c and n=c/v_em, where v_p is the particle velocity and v_em...
  17. A

    Why Cherenkov light leave rings instead of full circles?

    If the image we obtain from Cherenkov light is actually the projection of a continuous wave front (Fig. 1) on a vertical plane, orthogonal respect to the direction of propagation of the incident particle, why we just see a ring (Fig. 2), instead of a full circle? Is it because Cherenkov light is...
  18. kq6up

    Cherenkov Radiation in a Vacuum Tube

    Someone on another forum shared with me that a 6L6 vacuum tube exhibits a blue dot when in operation that is supposed to be Cherenkov radiation. I say nay, as I have worked out the relativistic velocity using $$KE={ m }_{ 0 }{ c }^{ 2 }\left[ \frac { 1 }{ \sqrt { 1-\frac { { v }^{ 2 } }{ { c...
  19. BeBattey

    Undergrad Research - Parabolic Cherenkov Detector

    So I'm a senior at a lesser known university, I 'believe' I did very well on my PGRE though I don't have my scores yet, and I've maintained a 3.7 average in my physics courses. The only thing holding me back from admission into a fantastic grad program is my complete lack of research experience...
  20. R

    Testing Book for Cherenkov radiation problem in Physics GRE

    This is GR9277, Problem 69. I know nothing about this thing. At 'http://grephysics.net/ans/9277/69' someone said it's about Cherenkov radiation. I think this is about interaction of charged particles with matter. In what course is this covered? What book do you recommend for studying this?
  21. J

    Cherenkov radiation - phase velocity not group velocity

    Why must the charged particle that leads to Cherenkov radiation travel faster than the phase velocity of light not the group velocity of light? One of the sides of the triangle that is used to define cosθ is v=c/n i.e. the phase velocity. I don't see why it's one rather than the other. Thanks!
  22. M

    Conditions for Cherenkov Radiation

    As far as I know, Cherenkov radiation occurs when a charged particle travels through a medium at a greater phase velocity than the speed of light in that medium. Molecules in that medium are polarized and after de-excitation emit radiation. But there are a couple of things about Cherenkov...
  23. H

    Cherenkov radiation Why the EM waves are constructive

    I was reading an article about Cherenkov radiation in wikipedia. If the electron moves slower than light the EM waves in the medium are destructive and if they travel faster than light waves are constructive .Why so?When the electron travels faster than light the radiations cannot interfere...
  24. R

    Can neutrinos cause Cherenkov radiation?

    If I'm correct, Cherenkov radiation is caused when particle moves faster than light in a certain medium. Can neutrinos, say, traveling through water, cause Cherenkov radiation then? Or is there a property of neutrinos which prevents that?
  25. E

    Cherenkov Radiation in Vacuum: Can Superluminal Particles Emit Light?

    Hello! The question refers to the supposed tachyons. Many experiments have been conducted based on cosmic ray studies with the following assumption: " If particles with u>c exist then they should emit Cherenkov radiation in vacuum. Thus... Let's detect it!" How can this argument stand...
  26. C

    Question about cherenkov radiation

    If I had 2 charged slabs that were moving together at relativistic speeds would both slabs emit cherenkov radiation. In each of the rest frames of the slabs the other slab is approaching it at a speed that is faster than the group velocity of light in its material.
  27. Drakkith

    Neutrino's and Cherenkov Radiation

    Do neutrinos passing through matter emit some kind of Cherenkov radiation like charged particles do?
  28. edguy99

    Stargazing World’s largest Cherenkov telescope opens

    http://www.innovations-report.de/html/berichte/physik_astronomie/inauguration_ceremony_h_e_s_s_ii_telescope_203113.html?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=Innovations-Report World’s largest Cherenkov telescope opens. Does anyone know what it is meant to study and what it expects to see? I felt...
  29. S

    Cherenkov radiation detection

    For a ground-based Cherenkov radiation detection, what are the theoretical/practical constraints on the gamma-ray energies we can detect? Simply speaking, if we have something like an IACT observatory, how do we know it's low and high energy detection limits? Is the higher one due to Cherenkov...
  30. C

    Cherenkov Radiation: Can Neutrinos Emit Light?

    I was watching a video about Cherenkov radiation, and they had these big water filled detectors. They said they were used to study neutrino interactions. But only charged particles or particles with a magnetic field can emit cherenkov light. So the neutrinos can't emit Cherenkov light, they are...
  31. H

    Cherenkov detector on a venus orbiter (Venera 9)

    questions about the Soviet's Venus missions I was reading about the Soviet Union's Venus missions and they equipped Venera 9 orbiter with cherenkov detector. So it detects particles traveling faster than the speed of light in a given medium What was this Cherenkov detector used for? It...
  32. B

    What causes cherenkov radiation?

    If you get an electron going faster than the local speed of light i know that it starts emitting light, but why does it do this?, furthermore, In a theoretical material with an infinite index of defraction (a.k.a light is stopped within it), wouldn't that cause the system to quickly go to near...
  33. G

    Calculating Cherenkov Radiation Energy & Intensity

    How we can calculate energy and intensity of Cherenkov radiations ? Answer with number will highly be appreciated.
  34. vhbelvadi

    Clarification regarding Cherenkov radiation

    I only recently began reading about Cerenkov radiations and I've got so far as reading how the photons are emitted (which I think isn't very far!) Now I have a few questions from that point on: a. I take it the charged particle that zips through the dielectric polarises the atoms and when...
  35. K

    Cherenkov Radiation for lighting

    After writing a physics paper on carbon nanotubes, I've been constantly wondering about a theory I invented and investigated in it, the theory being that because the electrons in carbon nanotubes travel closer to the speed of light when under the effects of any potenital difference than most...
  36. Z

    Cherenkov radiation in Jackson

    Homework Statement Determine how many quanta with wavelengths between 4000 and 6000 angstroms are emitted per centimeter of path in Lucite by a 1-Mev electron, where the index of refraction for Lucite is 1.50 in this range. This is question 14.16 in Jackson's Classical Electrodynamics...
  37. T

    Duck on a pound VS Cherenkov radiaton cone

    Here are two pages showing examples of the Cherenkov radiation: http://physics.syr.edu/hep/rich.html http://www.iss.infn.it/webg3/cebaf/hadron.html I don't understant why the cone is ahead of the particule path. I thought that the cone of light formed behing the particule path (like the...
  38. F

    Is the aurora (as in borealis ) caused by Cherenkov radiation

    Is the aurora (as in "borealis") caused by Cherenkov radiation... ...or something else? thank you. -- faye kane, idiot savant
  39. ideasrule

    Why Does Cherenkov Radiation Form a Ring in a Concave Mirror Setup?

    Homework Statement See here: http://www.jyu.fi/kastdk/olympiads/ (year 2008, theoretical question set 2, question 2) Let us consider a beam of particles moving with velocity v>c/n, such that the angle θ is small, along a straight line IS. The beam crosses a concave spherical mirror of...
  40. C

    How is Cherenkov Radiation created and what experiments produce it?

    Ok, so I've heard of Cherenkov Radiation and its azure bluish glow but how is it created? What experiments produce it?
  41. R

    How does Cherenkov radiation work?

    Hi. The way I understand it, if a charged particle passes through a medium, it disrupts the EM field in that medium. And that causes the medium's electrons to emit photons in order to restore equilibrium in the positions of the disrupted electrons. Right? However, I'm not sure where the fact...
  42. Zefram

    Subluminal Cherenkov radiation

    Does anyone have any more information on the following (I haven't looked yet)? http://www.physicstoday.org/pt/vol-54/iss-3/p9.html