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In physics (specifically in electromagnetism) the Lorentz force (or electromagnetic force) is the combination of electric and magnetic force on a point charge due to electromagnetic fields. A particle of charge q moving with a velocity v in an electric field E and a magnetic field B experiences a force of

(in SI units). It says that the electromagnetic force on a charge q is a combination of a force in the direction of the electric field E proportional to the magnitude of the field and the quantity of charge, and a force at right angles to the magnetic field B and the velocity v of the charge, proportional to the magnitude of the field, the charge, and the velocity. Variations on this basic formula describe the magnetic force on a current-carrying wire (sometimes called Laplace force), the electromotive force in a wire loop moving through a magnetic field (an aspect of Faraday's law of induction), and the force on a moving charged particle.Historians suggest that the law is implicit in a paper by James Clerk Maxwell, published in 1865. Hendrik Lorentz arrived at a complete derivation in 1895, identifying the contribution of the electric force a few years after Oliver Heaviside correctly identified the contribution of the magnetic force.

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  1. giodude

    MIT OCW 8.01 PS10.6: A Massive Pulley and a Block on an Incline

    Set up the force equations: (1) ##mgsin(\beta) - T = ma_{1}## (2) ##TR = I_{s}\alpha_{1}## Multiply (1) by ##R## and isolate ##TR##: ##R(mgsin(\beta) - T) = R(ma_{1})## ##mRgsin(\beta) - TR = mRa_{1}## ##TR = mRgsin(\beta) - mRa_{1}## Plug ##TR## into (2): ##TR = I_{s}\alpha_{1}##...
  2. giodude

    I Using Linear Algebra to discover unknown Forces

    In classical mechanics, it seems like solving force equations are a question of finding a solvable system of equations that accounts for all existing forces and masses in question. Therefore, I'm curious if this can be mixed with reinforcement learning to create a game and reward function...
  3. A

    Block and pulley on movable incline

    This was the question: I derived the equations as mentioned in the relevant equations. But I could not solve the equations to find the answer. I realise with respect to inclined plane the acceleration must be a since string cannot slack. With respect to ground, the acceleration of incline is...
  4. F

    I Special Relativity & Non-Instantaneous Force Equations

    In classical mechanics, the gravitational force is described by the equation: F = Gm1m2/r^2 What would this equation - or other similar equations - look like in special relativity? This equation cannot be correct because it implies that the force acts instantaneously.
  5. K

    How Can You Derive the Sine of Alpha from Two Inclined Plane Equations?

    Homework Statement "Combining the x-direction conditions in Equations 1 and 2, please show that $$sin ∝ = \frac {m_1 + m_2} {2M}$$" The two equations below are describing two different setups of an inclined-plane system with a block of mass M attached to a hanging mass of ##m_1## in setup 1...
  6. C

    Tug-of-war with competing decay of force equations

    Homework Statement Two frats compete in a tug of war. Each team has 5 players of mass 80kg each. Each person is capable of pulling with 100N of force. The force of one team decays according to F(t) = F0(e^(-t/2)) and the other, F(t) =F0(e^(-t/1)). What is the position of the (very lightweight)...
  7. R

    Did I make a mistake in my balance force equations for homework?

    Homework Statement Given: a=10m l=18m P=18kN angle alpha = 35 deg The task is to calculate the base reaction forces on A and on B Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution This is my attempt on creating the balance equation system.[/B] When replacing the variables with numbers, and...
  8. R

    Force equations: Force on ground by angled supports

    Homework Statement [/B] P=60kN angle alpha = 45 degrees angle beta = 20 degrees The task is to calculate the force on the base A and C, and to draw vectors that represent those forces. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I did similar examples at the class, but when I had to do this...
  9. S

    How to setup linear force equations

    A planter of mass M=3kg is hung from a rod of mass m=1kg (3/4) of the way to the end. There is a horizontal wire attached to end of the rod pulling on it with tension Ft. The botom of the rod is hinged to the wall making an angle of 60 degrees with the wall. The assembly is to remain at rest...
  10. M

    Can one derive all of physics from the 5 fundamental force equations?

    If one knew the equations for the 5 fundamental forces, would that not explain the entirety of all physical phenomenon in the universe? (Presuming there were not undiscovered forces?) Or would something like quantum mechanics not be explainable via those interactions? Does the nature of the 5...
  11. B

    Newton's Second Law force equations help

    I'm just uncertain (haha), what IS Newton's Second law exactly? F=ma, or F=dp/dt, aren't these defining equations for F itself? what is a force? what would you mean a "force" acts on a object, would it be equally probable to define say, d^3Q/dt^3 = m dx^3/dt^3? does Newton's second law have...
  12. D

    Force Equations: All Variables Given in Pictorial Form

    Homework Statement All variables are given in the pictures. Homework Equations Nothing more than simple force equations. The Attempt at a Solution I attempted it on my own, but I don't know if the answers are right.
  13. H

    Finding acceleration using FORCE equations

    Homework Statement A 12 kg box is pushed along a horizontal surface by a 24N force at 40 degrees. The frictional force (kinetic) acting on the object is 6 N. What is the acceleration of the object?Homework Equations Ff= uFn Fn= Fg + Ft ??The Attempt at a Solution My Fn = 136 N Ff = 16.3 N ma=...
  14. P

    Please help - magnus force and drag force equations

    Hello everyone, i have a question, please help me with equations for magnus force and drag force...i have found an equations for drag force it's, Fd=1/2 * density * v2 * A * Cd . but i can't find equation for magnus force...can anyone tell where i can find it, or if somebody know, let me know...
  15. V

    Maxwell's equations VS. Lorentz & Coulomb force equations

    I find Maxwell's equations insufficient and superfluous having the Lorentz & Coulomb's force equations. As far as I see magnetic (Lorentz force) and electric (Coulomb's force) interaction is best defined by these two equations themselves, and although Maxwell's equations can describe quite a few...
  16. KleZMeR

    DSolve; Lorentz Force equations of motion

    Hi, I am trying to use DSolve in Mathematica, in order to find equations of motion (x[t], y[t]) from second-order differential equations. I have looked through much documentation, and attempted numerous codes to figure this out, but get many errors or the same answer every time. This...
  17. L

    Impulse and Net Force Equations

    I have a problem in trying to express a net force equation for a falling elastic object when collision ensues. For instance, you drop a spring with a spring coefficient k. the spring compresses a distance x after a time t for a maximum time of tf and distance xf. the spring has a weight W...
  18. O

    Force Equations and Final Speed

    Homework Statement A 7.0-kg rock is subject to a variable force given by the equation F(x) = 6.0N - (2.0N/m)x + (6.0N/m^2)x^2 If the rock initially is at rest at the origin, find its speed when it has moved 9.0m. The Attempt at a Solution \sum F_{x} = 6 - 2x + 6x^2 ma=6 - 2x + 6x^2 a =...
  19. R

    The Four Fundamental Force Equations

    So, here is what I have: Gravitation F = -G\frac{m_{1}m_{2}}{r^{2}} Weak Interaction ? Electromagnetism F = -\frac{q_{1}q_{2}}{4\pi \epsilon_{o}r^{2}} Strong Interaction ? I'm thinking of all of these things as actual calculable forces; but I cannot...
  20. A

    Using force equations and kinematic equations

    Homework Statement A 1.0kg wood block is launched up a wooden ramp that is inclined at a 38 degree angle. The block's initial speed is 14 m/s. (Use uk = .20 for the coefficient of kinetic friction for wood on wood.) a.) What vertical height does the block reach above its starting point...
  21. M

    Understanding Force Equations: Solving for Weight, Normal, and Pulling Forces

    Hello everyone, I have a physics test coming up and am working on the Pre-test however I have run into a problem and cannot find the proper equations anywhere to solve this... Box B has a mass of Mb=35.2kg and moves with a constant velocity along the x axis. The track has a friction...
  22. A

    Velocity based frictional force equations

    Im doing a problem with variable frictional forces. My main equation is -mkv^2=F . We are to assume the force driving the object remains constant, kinda like a boat on the lake full bore. So, I set my F=ma equation up. -mkv^2=m(dv/dt) Next I removed m and inverted both equations to...
  23. R

    Where can I find the equations for the strong nuclear force?

    Where can I get the equations that describe the strong nuclear force between quarks/protons/neutrons? Are they not freely available? Thanks.