What is inhibition: Definition and 11 Discussions

Social inhibition is a conscious or subconscious avoidance of a situation or social interaction. With a high level of social inhibition, situations are avoided because of the possibility of others disapproving of their feelings or expressions. Social inhibition is related to behavior, appearance, social interactions, or a subject matter for discussion. Related processes that deal with social inhibition are social evaluation concerns, anxiety in social interaction, social avoidance, and withdrawal. Also related are components such as cognitive brain patterns, anxious apprehension during social interactions, and internalizing problems. It also describes those who suppress anger, restrict social behavior, withdraw in the face of novelty, and have a long latency to interact with strangers. Individuals can also have a low level of social inhibition, but certain situations may generally cause people to be more or less inhibited. Social inhibition can sometimes be reduced by the short-term use of drugs including alcohol or benzodiazepines. Major signs of social inhibition in children are cessation of play, long latencies to approaching the unfamiliar person, signs of fear and negative affect, and security seeking. Also in high level cases of social inhibition, other social disorders can emerge through development, such as social anxiety disorder and social phobia.

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  1. I

    Transcription Factor Inhibition vs. Gene Methylation?

    I may mess up this question, and this is not my strong field of knowledge. I am wanting to understand different ways of genes not expressing themselves. So far I have come across two ways this happens (perhaps there are more?) - "transcription factors that inhibit gene transcription" - "genes...
  2. H

    Steric inhibition of resonance

    Is there steric inhibition of resonance effect acting on acetate ion of acetic acid by which it breaks the equivalent resonance of COO group and destabilize the acetate ion? Please help me to understand this
  3. Vishesh Jain

    Steric inhibition of protonation in o-substituted anilines

    Homework Statement According to my textbook (Organic Chemistry by Solomon & Fryhle) "When an o-substituted aniline is protonated (at the N), increase of H-N-H bond angle leads to steric hindrance with the group at the o-position. This makes this protonated conjugate acid unstable and makes the...
  4. D

    Mixed Inhibition: Finding Ki & Ks Relation

    Homework Statement I have this mixed inhibition, and knowing that it is a thermodynamic cycle i am asked to find the relation between the different Ki and Ks...
  5. jaketodd

    Electron excitation, and inhibition with EIT/CPT?

    It it being debated whether Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT)/Coherent Population Trapping (CPT) can stop a molecule from gaining an electron. I want now, in this thread, to turn to the possibility of creating transparency/trapping in a molecule that would either suppress...
  6. F

    Medical Low Latent Inhibition, Discussion/Question

    Good day to everyone, I was reading up earlier on Low Latent InhibitionMy question is does anyone have any idea or knowledge of a test available at the moment. They have already tested students from Harvard Here's the source...
  7. M

    Quick question about enzyme allosteric inhibition

    lets say an enzyme is inhibited by something binding to its allosteric site. what effect would this have on the enzymes Km and Vmax?
  8. S

    Is Oligomycin Used in Commercial Products?

    In reference to the inhibitor oligomycin from the electron transport chain, is this chemical found in any commercial products? Thank you.
  9. honestrosewater

    Medical Latent inhibition v. negative priming

    Can anyone explain the difference between latent inhibition and negative priming - in the context of psychology and learning, not neurobiology? I can't find much information on either, but I can hazard a definition of latent inhibition: when pre-exposure to a non-reinforced stimulus retards the...
  10. G

    Questions on Female Hormone Stimulation & Inhibition

    Just a few questions on female hormones: 1) When an egg is fertilised, Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) is released by the placental trophoplast, but what exactly is the stimulation for the secretion? (e.g. secretion of oestrogen is stimulated by LH and FSH) 2) Similarly, which hormones...
  11. Monique

    Knocking Out Genes with dsRNA Inhibition in Eukaryotic Organisms

    An interesting concept worth sharing: knocking a gene out in an organism.. how to do that.. now, dsRNA is used in the process. Eukaryotic organisms don’t have dsRNA (double stranded) only ssRNA. Some virusses though, DO have dsRNA. A eucaryotic organisms reacts to dsRNA by inhibiting the...