What is Introduction and thanks!: Definition and 13 Discussions

"Introduction to Finality" is the twenty-second and final episode of the third season of the American television series Community and the third season finale. It originally aired on May 17, 2012 on NBC. This was the last episode to air with series creator Dan Harmon as showrunner before he was fired, though Harmon would later return as showrunner for the fifth season.

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  1. rnevels

    Just an ole puncher looking for answers

    Thanks for the PF connection!
  2. Dave Gungan

    B How many nuclear weapons are needed to make a wormhole?

    Hi guys! After many years of lurking quietly I finally have a question that I'd like to know, please. I'd like to know how much energy is needed to make a wormhole in terms of our current nuclear weapons, or how much mass is needed to turn into pure energy, maybe via antimatter annihilation...
  3. Ale_Rodo

    How Can an Engineering Student Enhance Their Physics Knowledge Through Forums?

    Hi everybody, my name is Alessandro and I'm a new member here (you might already had guessed that from the title, right?). I'm an engineering student which would really like to know physics better than we are taught, so here I am registering to a physics forum ready to ask question and provide...
  4. Amblambert

    Struggling with Physics and Math? Check out these helpful resources!

    Good evening, I am an undergrad biochem student who is probably struggling more with physics and math than an undergrad should. This is my first time on a physics forum, but certainly not my first time on a forum at all, and I generally love the feeling of community that we have in here...
  5. Kochia

    Introducing a New Member Interested in Nuclear Science and Data Science!

    Hi everyone! I am a researcher in nuclear science. I just found this very cool forum and thought I should register. My interested topics are physics, nuclear engineering, and data science. I hope I can learn something new and communicate with everyone here! Thank you! Kochia
  6. A

    Can computer science and physics intersect to create innovative solutions?

    Hi, My name is aghbar and I currently live in germany and study computer science. Glad I joined here :) BR, aghbar
  7. Stephen Garner

    Can anyone become proficient in math and physics with hard work and dedication?

    Hello I am Stephen and I am trying to become proficient at the maths and physics. I need lots of help. I am not naturally gifted in the math department, although I have come a long ways. I should state that I am 32, although I feel as though I am smarter now as opposed to 15 years ago.
  8. A

    Can Self-Taught Physics Enthusiasts Find Community Online?

    Hi, I’m 28 years old and live in Minnesota. Most of my knowledge about physics is self-taught. (I love knowledge but don’t tend to thrive too well in academic settings for a number of reasons. Kind of like how some people are spiritual but don’t care for organized religion). Anyway, thanks Greg...
  9. Okinawa Rikenata

    What is the Role of Geophysics in Understanding Earth's Processes?

    Hello, my name is Okinawa Rikenata Aida Islamiyah. I'm now currently studying Physics especially Geophysics in Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology Surabaya, Indonesia. Now I'm working on my final project for my bachelor degree.
  10. C

    What are the career prospects for a medical physicist?

    Good morning to all, My name is Christian Luca. I have a B.S. in chemistry (chemical physics track) from Stony Brook University in NY and a professional science master's in health physics from IIT. I enjoy physics, as well as history, mathematics, chemistry, foreign languages (speak...
  11. T

    Exploring Cavitation in Blood: Understanding Vapor Pressure and Its Implications

    Hello everybody I am a medical scientist, more medical and less physicist. I am doing research on cavitation in blood. I have questions on vapor pressure in blood. This is why I am happy to join the group.
  12. C

    What Can I Expect in My Second Year of IB?

    Heyyy I am new to this forum even though I have been browsing it from almost the middle of my IB year 1. It is really fun browsing this, and the discussions are very helpful, too! Now that I have problems with my Physics EE I have decided to join this forum. I hope that I will get helped and I...
  13. V

    What Physics Topics Will I Learn on PhysicsForums?

    Just a quick post to introduce myself and to say "Thanks!" for all the answers I have stumbled upon via Google searches. I am retired and spending much of my time reading physics, from Newton's Principia to Susskind's Theoretical Minimum. I look forward to learning with all of you.