max height

  1. Jregan

    Rocket engine question.

    21.1*50=1055 1055m/s is the velocity when the engine fails. I don’t know what the time should be in the second equation.
  2. AntSC

    B Modifying Newton's Kinematic Equations for High Altitude

    I recently watched a video on youtube where a guy fires a 50 cal. rifle straight up into the air and measures the time of flight at about 100s. It got me thinking about what altitude the round reached. So I used the kinematics equations and obtained a value of 12.25km. Amazing, but I wondered...
  3. Techno_Knight

    "Vomit Comet" SpaceCraft (0)-V & H at Max Height

    1. Homework Statement Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 8th Edition, Ex. 47 M4 A spacecraft flies from 24.000 ft to 31.000 ft, in which it enters a parabolic trajectory with a velocity of 143 m/s at an angle of 45, above the horizontal. It exits with a velocity of 143 m/s at an angle of...
  4. K

    Conservation of Energy - Max height WITH Air resistance

    1. Homework Statement A ball (m=0.7kg) is dropped from a height (h=30m). The air resistance force is given by the formula F=kv^2 where k=0.0228 and v is the ball's speed. The ball bounces after a perfectly elastic collision. Calculate the maximum height the ball reaches after the collision...