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Micro organism brought back to life after 30 years

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    Sorry if this is the wrong place for this post am only posting to get a few good responses if possible :).

    Is there any way we could extract the properties in the gnome of the tardigrade and genetically engineer them inside of our own gnome ?

    Nanotechnology could be instructed to implement the genes ?. If we could we could probably stay alive through space travel.

    If anybody is doing there A-Levels don't listen to what I am saying.
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    We currently have decent technology to insert foreign DNA into the genome of human cells (the newly developed CRISPR technology), so no need to turn to nanotechnology. However, understanding which genes allow the tardigrade genome allow it to survive extreme conditions and whether these traits could be transferred to other organisms with very different biology is not clear. Not all of biology is modular and can easily be transferred between organisms, especially properties that rely on the system-wide function of the organism.

    Tardigrades are not the only organism to be revived after long periods of time, so there may be different ways of achieving such properties. For example, plants have grown from 30,000 year old seeds: http://www.nature.com/news/wild-flower-blooms-again-after-30-000-years-on-ice-1.10069
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    I'm not a tardigrade expert but I believe their hardiness stems from their ability to dehydrate their cells.
    Modifying humans to do the same would likely require a complete overhaul of the genome, and may not even be possible in the case of neurons. It would be an interesting experiment to see if the tardigrades retain learning after being frozen/desiccated.
    In sum, I don't think it's necessarily impossible but there's probably far easier ways to put somebody 'on ice' for space travel.
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    Fervent Freyja

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    Highly improbable.

    Are you implying that someone "doing there A-Levels" couldn't answer the question, or that they couldn't ask a better question than you have up there? Confused here.
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    Not implying any of those things, my first post on here was speculative and I was told people studying use this forum for tangible research. Basically saying this isn't tangible just a thought. I only have a A-Level no higher :).
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    Genome not garden gnome haha
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