What is Online course: Definition and 24 Discussions

Educational technology (commonly abbreviated as EduTech, or EdTech) is the combined use of computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning. When referred to with its abbreviation, EdTech, it is often referring to the industry of companies that create educational technology.In addition to practical educational experience, educational technology is based on theoretical knowledge from various disciplines such as communication, education, psychology, sociology, artificial intelligence, and computer science. It encompasses several domains including learning theory, computer-based training, online learning, and m-learning, where mobile technologies are used.

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  1. E

    Online course for probability and statistics with emphasis on python

    I have been looking for a way to learn probability and statistics online and have searched but found nothing yet. I am looking for a course on probability and statistics that will not only teach me the basics but all there is to know about the subject. I would love it if the visualizations are...
  2. MountEvariste

    MHB Free online course in Algebraic Geometry by Ravi Vakil

    Ravi Vakil is teaching an online course in Algebraic Geometry over the summer due to COVID-19 for free. It's based on his Foundations of Algebraic Geometry notes (for Math 216 at Stanford). It's starting soon. https://math216.wordpress.com/
  3. A

    Solid State What is the best online course that follows Kittel for solid state physics?

    Hi, I am currently studying solid-state physics course from Charles Kittel's "introduction to SSP" I searched more on youtube to get lectures to follow the book of Kittel but failed. Really I would appreciate if anybody advises me online source which can help me to comprehend the contents of...
  4. R

    Video lectures or online course in thermodynamics

    Hello, I am beginning a course in thermodynamics in which we will be using the textbook "Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics" (Moran, Shapiro Et al.). Does anyone know of a video series which covers similar topics as in textbook? I have the textbook, I am just looking for a supplement...
  5. Marco Masi

    Courses Best free online calculus course for physics self-learners?

    I'm wondering if and how to establish an online community of people who would like to self-teach physics from the bottom-up without direct involvement in academic institutions. The idea is to structure it in a flipped teaching classroom format where students first follow a video course and/or...
  6. Andy_K

    I Special Relativity Course at World Science University by Brian Greene

    Dear All, Just wanted to share this excellent free Special Relativity online course I came across by Brian Greene, which I believe is one of the best around. Not sure if it's been shared before here. Special Relativity — World Science U, by Brian Greene...
  7. LadyAkatosh

    Courses Calculus 2 Online Course Required

    Hey everyone! I started back at my university after a 3 & 1/2 year break and changed my major from Journalism to Physics last May. I am coming up on my finals in a couple of weeks for the Spring Semester and then I will be taking a class over the summer and doing research. My grades are great...
  8. K

    How much does a Coursera certificate weigh?

    Now a days coursera and edx courses are becoming popular. I too did few courses. I am just curious how much the Universities consider these courses as supplements with college regular degrees for admission for Ph.D or getting into Postdoc.
  9. Abhishek anand

    Stepping into the physics world at a late age?

    Hello, I`m an Indian citizen 27 of age. I was enrolled for an undergraduate course in Electrical engineering but due to the financial turmoil in my family i had to drop college and start working in a BPO industry.But something good happened while working in this industry,i got to interact with...
  10. E

    What Are the Best Online Physics Courses for College Students?

    Hi, I joining the forum today. i am studying the college in mathematics. Any one please help me for online course in physics.best online course site share with me...
  11. B

    Guidance for online BSc in Physics

    I currently have a undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering and I would like to take up physics along with my current employment position. So I am looking for a online course of BSc in Physics. But I am not sure what university to choose and where the online courses are best. I...
  12. A

    Which online course is the best for learning QFT?

    I'm looking for a good online introductory course in QFT for physiscists (i.e. at university level, for someone who already has the basics of CM, QM and relativity, but for one reason or another worked in completely different fields). I see there are several courses online, but it is not so easy...
  13. LarryS

    Need QFT Book or Online Course?

    I'm looking for a book on QFT that is both introductory and somewhat rigorous. I have Zee's book but for me it is kind of hard to follow. I would prefer something that is more like a textbook introduction to the subject - not necessarily covering the whole subject but logically rigorous for...
  14. D

    Free online course in Nuclear Science and Engineering on Coursera

    For those who are extremely interested in nuclear technology like me. I'm happy to inform you about the starting of a new online course today from the University of Pittsburgh by prof Larry Foulke. The course could be done on Coursera. Doing that course and receiving a certificate of...
  15. Greg Bernhardt

    Duke University Astronomy 101 Online Course

    Duke University is hosting a free course (video lectures) on "Introduction to Astronomy" by Ronen Plesser. Starts Nov 27th. Free to sign up! https://www.coursera.org/course/introastro
  16. S

    Quantum Computing Free Online Course

    Hi, I found this great free online class about Quantum Computing on coursera.org. The class is called "Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation" taught by Umesh Vazirani. - https://www.coursera.org/course/qcomp - *Umesh Vazirani is the Strauch Distinguished Professor of Electrical...
  17. 1

    Taking an Online Course on Health and Execise and it's crazy difficult

    I'm taking a bio + lab, a chemistry, math, and business elective... and... with 3 credit hours left, I registered for "HPED 252" Intro to Physical Education, Exercise, and Sport. I have an 85 in this class. I have 95+ in everything else. Literally, the hardest exams I have ever taken...
  18. J

    Courses Can you recommend a good online course ?

    I came across this site while doing some algebra searching and I hope this is the right place to post my question, but if not then please move or delete my post. Q: I would like to take some online math classes and would like to hear if you have any recommendations. My background is this...
  19. M

    Courses Online Physics Course: 2 Month Short Course UK

    Hey, Well the summer is coming up, and as usual I do not have a lot planned really, other than a few days in Switzerland, and my sporting commitments. I am located in the UK, and I am looking for a short course that can be done online in Physics (I would have completed my AS levels). I do...
  20. T

    Exploring Finite Elements: A Practical Approach for Engineers

    Hi, I am taking FINITE ELEMENT METHOD and NUMERICAL METHOD in this semester of my college and I am looking for any ONLINE COURSE on them, if available, at reasonable price (or student price). If anybody here can suggest me about it then it would be appreciated so much. I wonder if there...
  21. R

    Online Course Work Question - Dynamics

    Hello everyone, I'm sorry if a question like this has been posted before, but I am trying to get my online work done for tonight and I have come across two problems that I just can't get past. I have gotten far into the problems but the website I enter values in on says theyre wrong. I...
  22. marcus

    Smolin video LQG online course

    http://streamer.perimeterinstitute.ca:81/mediasite/viewer/FrontEnd/Front.aspx?&shouldResize=False scroll down the side menu to "Introduction to Quantum Gravity" L.S. announced posting this course on Woit's blog
  23. C

    Online course on drawing the structure given the IUPAC names

    Does anyone know a good website that gives info on drawing the structure of organinc molecules? Or can anyone teach me?
  24. E

    Physics woes - online course - Rotation

    Hi, i am glad i have found this site. I am taking an online physics course, the kind where you read the book, work the problems, and take the test. Needless to say it has been very hard on me. I must be really dense at physics because i have purchased supplemental books but to no avail. I have...